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  • Heating garden rooms - electrical sources
    used constantly all year round across the country day in day out but how do their owners heat them As is the case with a house the options for heating our garden rooms come in many forms If you wanted full central heating then that would be possible however installing a gas or oil fired boiler wouldn t be cost effective for anything smaller than a house As a consequence people tend to heat their garden rooms with electric heat sources of various forms The most common are wall mounted convector heaters above as come standard with our basic garden room s electrical pack These heaters give off a large amount of heat in a very short time span heating your garden room extremely quickly If your building is well insulated as all of our garden rooms are then a ten minute burst from a convector heater will keep your building warm for a very long period Other heat forms are more subtle in their nature Underfloor heating mats are becoming a more and more popular option for heating garden rooms With timber flooring often being the option of choice for most people within their garden room foil underfloor heating

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Heatinggardenroomselectricalsources.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Running a business - not just garden offices
    the work life balance Although perfectly designed for that purpose our garden rooms can be used for so much more than just garden office space Above are pictures of two garden rooms that illustrate this point The photo on the left is a garden room we installed at Ruxley Manor garden centre the details of which can be found here It is based upon one of our Walton garden rooms from the Thames range With thousands of visitors to the garden centre especially in the hot summer months it became apparent that ice cream sales couldn t keep up with the demand and were clogging the tills What better way to solve the problem than with a purposely made ice cream parlour in keeping with the gorgeous surrounds of Ruxley Manor That s where Wentworth Garden Rooms come in We took the basic design of the Walton garden room and modified it by replacing the verandah with timber posts and installed a serving hatch to the front with pressure sensitive lifting rods to hold the hatch open when serving customers Inside the fully decorated garden room was a kitchen workbench and electrics to allow the installation of the freezers As

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Runningabusinessnotjustgardenoffices.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden rooms to your designs
    ve seen elsewhere and think I wish it had gallows brackets and rounded tops to the windows It may be that they want a wet room with toilet but they d prefer to have the associated paraphernalia such as a hot water heater macerator and consumer units hidden away in a separate building to their garden room They may want their garden room to have underfloor heating recessed downlighters on dimmers inside and out and a fully plastered finish that s decorated to their tastes With all of these elements to a garden room including the building s base trenches for pipes and cabling and complying with any associated planning and building regulations their reaction may be I want someone else to project manage all of this for me and just hand me over the keys at the end Well all of this happened with the garden room shown above The customer loved the overall finish quality and attention to detail of our garden rooms but they had an idea in their mind that they wanted to bring to life for the minimum of effort and cost With all of our garden rooms we give the customer what they need

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Gardenroomsyourdesigns.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden Rooms, Restricted Access
    think apart from the fact that the garden room could only pass through a house via the basement out through a tiny back door and up steps to the garden As we make all of our garden rooms to order we were able to tailor the size of all of the components to fit through this narrowest of spaces No piece of material for the construction was greater in size

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Restrictedaccessgardenrooms.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden Rooms Factory
    Garden Rooms can now make your building even better with our brand new garden rooms factory With fantastic thermal efficiency the carbon footprint of all of our garden rooms are now even lower as well as keeping us toasty in winter to boot Plus being purposely kitted out for the production of garden rooms by our skilled in house craftmen we are able to provide you with the garden rooms

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/GardenRoomsFactory.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden room build demonstrations
    and is squared and levelled The floor s cavities are filled with insulation to create a thermally efficient garden room Housing grade tongue and grooved chipboard flooring is screwed to the garden room s floor The pre maunfactured timber frame wall panels are fastened with coach screws to each other and to the floor The garden room s walls are squared and levelled in order to take the roof The

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/TheDetails/AlnwickGardenRoomBuildDemo1.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden room design example
    can imagination it we can build it within the limits of physical possibility of course or 2 Pick any of the garden rooms from our range and add and subtract options to suit your needs For instance the garden studio shown is a 10 x 8 Chiswick all sizes of garden rooms stated are internal room dimensions This building comes with 3 casement windows and 1 single door as standard Simply take the windows and door from the basic garden room and add others to suit your tastes Here s an example Garden room shown is a 10 x 8 Chiswick 6995 and comes with 3 standard windows and 1 single door Subtract 2 standard casement windows at 375 each 750 Subtract 1 single door at 495 Add 1 sliding patio door at 995 Add 1 double pane picture window at 395 Add 1 single pane picture window at 285 6995 750 495 995 395 285 7425 Minus 10 sale discount 6682 All prices stated in the garden rooms price list include supply and installation to mainland UK excludes Northern Scotland and VAT at 20 Please refer to the Chiswick specification for a detailed description of the garden room Prices

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/OurPhilosophy/Gardenroomdesignexample.aspx (2016-02-09)
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