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  • Save Time and Effort with Gyms in Garden Rooms
    suffers as a result Many of us start a routine with good intentions but the busy working week tends to get in the way We barely have enough time to work eat and relax before bed never mind squeezing in a gym session People with children will no doubt know this struggle all too well Whether you re a working parent or a stay at home parent your job still lasts all day and can hamper any chance of you fitting exercise into your daily routine Having children to look after makes it almost impossible to go to the gym since they need looking after and childcare adds another lump to the cost of gym membership One way to make fitting exercising in easier is a home gym since you cut out the time it takes to get to and from the gym and potentially also the time it takes to change in and out of gym clothes This also reduces the effort needed as it is a lot easier to simply exercise at home without having to venture out in what is too often cold and wet weather It also means that you can essentially look after your children at the same time as exercising as you are effectively just in a different room This can provide you with great peace of mind and eliminate the need for gym time child care When the children are old enough you could even get them involved too The one problem with home gyms however is that most of us simply do not have enough room in our homes Getting on the property ladder is difficult so the chances are our home is as big as we need it to be and no more Setting up temporary gyms in bedrooms or living

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/SaveTimeandEffortwithGymsinGardenRooms.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Why a garden lodge is a great halfway house for your teenager.
    so elsewhere Read on to find out more What is a garden lodge A garden lodge is a really useful space for your garden It can serve all manner of uses for example it could be a workshop a shed or an office But because they are so well made they can also serve as extra living accommodation for your home They could house elderly relatives or as is the theme of this article your teenager It s a brilliant way of creating extra living space in your home rather than incurring the costs of moving to a larger property How does it work for teenagers Teenagers love to have their very own living space and a garden lodge is the perfect solution They can come and go as they wish and because it s lockable and secure they can leave all their belongings in there with no worries However they are still able to access your house to join in with family meals and also to do their washing And because they are close by you can keep a subtle eye on them without prying too much into their life How do I get one There are loads of

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/Whyagardenlodgeisagreathalfwayhouseforyo.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Things to Consider Before Buying Garden Offices
    allow the convenience of home working but with the privacy needed for work Before choosing your garden offices however it s best to give the idea lots of thought as there may be some unexpected costs and inconveniences Power First of all you need to consider how you will get power to your garden offices An office is no use if you cannot plug in your laptop printer phone or other office necessities The easiest way to get power to your office is to get an electrician to run a cable from the main power supply This will obviously incur additional costs you may not have considered so you should research local electricians to get a rough quote Broadband Another thing to consider is getting broadband to your garden offices Internet connection is necessary in almost all businesses and you will almost certainly need a good connection This can be difficult however especially if the Wi Fi from your house doesn t reach the garden office Consider either running a network cable from your house or using a Powerplug Whilst running a network cable will be more reliable it could also prove more costly so consider carefully whether reliability or savings are more important If you already have a plug socket where the garden office will be perhaps there is a shed there then testing a Powerplug for its efficiency before the renovation would be a good idea Lighting and Heating Lighting and heating are also an essential consideration especially if the garden offices are also for use during winter Install lighting as you would in your home and position the garden office so it faces the most daylight to save lighting costs When choosing heating options consider your budget and space saving needs carefully Underfloor heating is a great

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/ThingstoConsiderBeforeBuyingGardenOffices.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Using a Garden Lodge as an Entertainment Area
    video games so it can be a good idea to move these activities away from the main home In fact a garden room provides an excellent play area for children and teenagers to relax and play their games in without disturbing others in the main home A Place for the Kids The quieter entertainment zone a lodge provides allows children to play loud games in peace and also provides teenagers with some space and privacy which they may find hard to achieve in the house As the lodge is just in the garden it also means it is easy for parents to keep an eye on the children giving peace of mind that they are safe in the lodge Of course adults will enjoy a garden lodge too and it provides the chance to relax in the evening with a movie in your own private movie theatre It is easy to convert a lodge into a place of entertainment This can be especially useful if you live in a semi detached property as there is no worry about disturbing neighbours through the walls of the property A Home from Home Of course outside lodges are not only great for practical

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/UsingaGardenLodgeasanEntertainmentArea.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden offices are the key to peace and quiet you’ve been craving!
    to recharge for the busy day ahead Here s why more and more people are seeking the solitude and tranquillity of garden offices A place to escape Garden offices are great because they provide a space for you to retire to and gather your thoughts When it all gets too much simply grab a cup of tea and head down to your little haven at the bottom of the garden Within minutes of sitting and observing the nature around you you will start to feel calmer and more refreshed You ll return to the house fresh and ready to tackle things head on again A place to work Garden offices are also a fantastic resource for those who work from home If you are one of the many people who conduct your business from home then you ll know just how difficult it is to shut off from everything that is going on around you in the house Having a dedicated space in which to work dramatically reduces tension while at the same time increases productivity You ll find that you get far more done in much less time when you head down to your garden office to work A

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Gardenofficesarethekeytopeaceandquietyou.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Expand your home with multi-functional garden rooms
    with the extra space you need to work from home or study away from the house Often this is helpful to separate work from home in order to relieve stress when in the main home This can also be helpful so you can have the peace and quiet you need to get your work done Living Garden rooms provide you with the extra space you need for a guest room chill room dining room or lounge Creating your own guest room with an en suite provides the ideal space for guests to stay so that both you and they can have privacy whilst they visit you Alternatively you could use the space to create a chill out room for older children and their friends Not only does this give them the extra space to hang out have band practice or study it also means that you won t be disturbing them and they won t be disturbing you Other uses could be to create a dining room or lounge Having a dining room separate from your house would be ideal for creating a romantic space where you and your partner can relax and take time away from day to day

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Expandyourhomewithmultifunctionalgardenroom.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Why garden offices make a great playroom for your kids!
    with some extra room away from the house in which to play Here are some reasons why garden offices can also provide the perfect play space for your children Space away from the house Children love to feel independent so when you provide them with their very own room in the garden they will thrive Having this extra play space outside will make them feel very grown up indeed and they will respond accordingly Giving them this extra element of trust and independence will help them learn how to fend for themselves a very useful life skill to acquire Keep clutter out of the house When you give your kids an outdoor playroom you can reclaim the house as your own No longer will you find that you have to step over toys play equipment and games everything can be housed in their play area outside Garden rooms and offices are often installed for this very reason You will find that it s far easier to keep your home clean and tidy when it s free of the children s belongings An outdoor space in which to thrive Children really benefit from playing outdoors because of all the extra fresh

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Whygardenofficesmakeagreatplayroomforyour.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Garden offices have a variety of uses!
    s a few to get you started An Artistic Retreat If you are a creative type then you will know just how therapeutic it is to flex your imagination and create something original Whether you favour painting drawing carving modelling you name it you ll be able to work in an inspired atmosphere when you use garden offices Being amongst nature and enjoying the sights and sounds of your beautiful garden will inspire you to create things beyond your wildest dreams A Musical Haven Perhaps you find your artistic side when you pick up a musical instrument Whether you sing or play any instrument such as drums guitar or violin you will find that garden offices are the perfect place in which to practise write and record Garden offices have the added benefit of being away from the house so that you can play away without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household Who knows you may come up with a top ten hit A Place to Write For some relaxation can be found in wordplay and these people find that garden offices are a great place to get away from it all and indulge in their writing Whether

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Gardenofficeshaveavarietyofuses.aspx (2016-02-09)
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