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  • Enve Wheels & Wheelsets from Wheelhub.co.uk
    More details Enve 3 4 SES Wheels More details Enve 45mm Wheels More details Enve 6 7 SES Wheels More details Enve 65mm Wheels More details Enve 8 9 SES Wheels More details Back to more brands in Wheels Rims Enve 1 25 Tubular Enve 1 45 Tubular Enve 3 4 SES Enve 45mm Wheels Enve 6 7 SES Enve 65mm Wheels Enve 8 9 SES Settings Login Newsletter Signup

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Enve-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • Fast Forward Wheels | Deals and Prices on FFWD Wheels at the Top Cycle Shops
    end racing wheels of carbon construction for track triathlon road and cyclocross Each wheel as they unique serial number and is hand built to exacting quality standards The very best components are incorporated into all the FFWD wheels and wheel sets including high tensile TC35 carbon rims and brass nipples as standard with the option of using DT Swiss 240 S or 190 ceramic hubs together with Aerolite spokes Technology in use by FFWD In terms of standing out from other wheel brands there are a number of specific design elements in use throughout the range of wheels Firstly there is the use of 20 spokes on the front wheels and 24 on the rear giving extra rigidity and strength where it is needed at the slight expense of some extra weight The wheels also have special carbon reinforcement around the rim nipple areas which allows the spokes to be installed with increased tension to give maximum responsiveness and to lessen flexing Recently Fast Forward has also introduced the DARC profile to their rims which uses a negative arc section in a design which is aimed to reduce air drag by using variations in air pressure Prices for FFWD wheels The different profile wheels from Fast Forward all have similar costs with the variations within each model making the main differences in price particularly with the ceramic DT Swiss hubs F2R This is the lowest profile FFWD we ll act a rim depth of 20 mm and is excellent for acceleration where a light wheel is needed typically on hill climbs and mountains F4R This wheel has a 38 mm deep rim giving slightly less drag and is a versatile wheel from Fast Forward excellent on hills under acceleration but also good on more constant speed rides It is available

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Fast-Forward-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • FSA Wheels & Wheelsets from Wheelhub.co.uk
    where to buy them FSA Road Wheels More details Back to more brands in Wheels Rims FSA Road Wheels Settings Login Newsletter Signup Register Wheelhub Blog Add to Favourites Quick Links Log In Settings Alerts Newsletter Signup Add to Favourites

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/FSA-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • Fulcrum Wheels and Wheelsets | Deals and Prices at the Top Cycle Shops
    rim height aero profile and machined braking surfaces Hubs are oversized flanged with sealed bearings Radial spoke lacing is used on the front and 2 to 1l lacing on the rear 1858g weight for the wheelset 2 1 and Maximum Compatibility Where to buy prices Fulcrum Racing 5 This is the mid range standard at a weight of 1755g for everyday use and training Hubs are oversized have flanges for blade hammer head spokes and have single piece body to reduce weight Radial spokes are used on the front wheel and 2 1 ratio for the rear with dynamic balance Where to buy prices Fulcrum Racing 3 With these wheels Fulcrum have provided something which can be used for training but also for racing with some of the technology from the Racing 1 and Racing Zero wheels incorporated at a weight of 1605g The rim is specially machined for lightness while not being drilled therefore adding to rigidity Hub bearings are adjustable steel spokes have an aero profile with the number reduced for front and rear radial at the front crossed at back with doubling of the right hand ones Also featuring dynamic balance 2 1 maximum compatibility and MoMag Where to buy prices Fulcum Racing 1 At 1550g these are suitable for training and also competitive racing Rims are triple milled with no holes in the bed and feature dynamic balance Spokes are variable section forged aluminium with aero design to reduce inertia and help acceleration The drive side of the rear wheel has 2 1 lacing and the hubs have adjustable bearings Maximum compatability is achieved with Campagnolo Shimano and Sram components They also incorporate MoMag technology You can also get a 2 way fit wheel in this model which uses the Ultra Fit technology Where to buy

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Fulcrum-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • Halo Wheels, Rims and Hubs from Wheelhub.co.uk
    Universal MTB front The universal is versatile More details Halo Rims Halo supply rims in the Combat Freedom SAS and Tornado models which are basically the same rims u More details Halo Wheels The Halo range of wheels include the Aerorage Combat Freedom and SAS models Halo Aerorage is f More details Back to more brands in Wheels Rims Halo Hubs Halo Rims Halo front and rear wheels Settings Login

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Halo-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • HED Wheels and Wheelsets from Wheelhub.co.uk
    FR Wheels More details HED Jet Wheels More details HED Stinger Wheels More details Back to more brands in Wheels Rims HED Ardennes HED FR Wheels HED Jet Wheels HED Stinger Settings Login Newsletter Signup Register Wheelhub Blog Add to

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/HED-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • Hope Wheels, Rims and Hubs from Wheelhub.co.uk
    Pro2 Pro3 and XC in different forms More details Hope Pro2 Wheels and Wheelsets More details Hope Pro3 Wheels and Wheelsets More details Hope Wheels Hope Hoops wheels listed here are the Pro2 Pro3 RS and Pro3 SP models The Hope Pro2 4 2d rim offers More details Back to more brands in Wheels Rims Hope Hubs front rear Hope Pro 2 Wheels Hope Pro 3 Wheels Hope Wheels All

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Hope-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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  • Mavic Wheels and Wheelsets | Deals and Prices at the Top Cycle Shops
    hub and rim designs Next is the Elite in which some serious weight saving is put into operation by Mavic coming in at 1550g which is around 200g lighter giving significant inertia reduction Rim is ISM lightened front is low profile there s a wider wheel dish Isopulse lacing and optimised bearing position One of the Mavic wheels where serious performance is demanded The SL increases rigidity with an assymetric rear rim and weight is reduced with a carbon front hub body and Maxtal alloy rim exclusive to Mavic Rim height is changed to 22mm This gives a wheelset weight of 1485g Finally the Premium version of the SL is lightened with titanium to reduce weight to 1480g for the set while including all the benefits of the SL different rim heights carbon front hub optimised rear dish and assymetric rear rim Where to buy prices R Sys The R Sys wheel from Mavic is the top of the range performance road wheel and uses Carbon spokes in what Mavic call TraComp technology to prevent loss of spoke tension under high loads Carbon doesn t stretch as much as metal and this gives top stiffness to lightness ratio Also because the wheels have lower stress the rims are an extra light extrusion with maximised inter spoke milling to reduce weight Final wheelset weight is 1350g Where to buy prices Cosmic This range of wheels is designed mainly with aerodynamic performance in mind for acceleration and speed The main models are the Cosmic Elite which is at entry level followed by the SL and Ultimate models which are top end Mavic race wheels They have deeper rim profiles 20mm or 30mm a low spoke count bladed spoke profiles with radial lacing and the top models have carbon flanges and elliptical rim flanges Where to buy prices Mavic Wheels for MTB These are 5 models with different specifications depending on what sort of mountain biking you are doing They cover Cross Country Enduro Freeride and Downhill racers The price ranges for a wheelset are shown opposite approximately Here are some summary descriptions of the wheels Price ranges per wheelset Crossmax SL 500 Crossmax SLR 600 Crossmax ST 500 Crossride 150 Crosstrail 300 Deemax 400 Deetraks 280 Crossmax SL This was the previous version of Cross Country wheel the Crossmax before the SLR came out At 1520g its light and stiff thanks to Zicral spokes It also features low inertia rims at 21mm Where to buy prices Crossmax SLR This Mavic Wheel is a proven Cross Country winner in World Cup At 1420g a set it adds to the performance of the SL by using carbon front hub and extra light rear hub design Where to buy prices Crossmax ST This is really a versatile wheel from Mavic for all sorts of mountain bike riding taking up to a 2 3 inch tyre A wheelset weighs 1635g Where to buy prices Crossride This entry level wheel comes in at 1750g and is suitable

    Original URL path: http://www.wheelhub.co.uk/Wheels-Rims/Mavic-Wheels.cfm (2016-02-09)
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