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  • Wienerberger - THE GREEN DEAL
    the country s greenhouse gas emissions from energy usage within the existing housing stock It will offer home owners low interest loans for home insulation on the basis that the cost will be repaid over time by reductions in the energy bills for the property This is expected to result in 8 million properties across the country particularly those from the Victorian and Edwardian periods looking to improve the insulation of the external walls This will reduce the energy bills of those homes but there is concern that this will also significantly alter the appearance of the properties if not done using suitable materials which retain the visual characteristics of the property Wienerberger can offer some effective solutions to providing external insulation to such properties Wienerberger Corium innovative solutions WIENERBERGER OFFERS THREE ALTERNATIVES TO RENDER Corium Cladding System right brick slips mounted on a metal frame and can be used in conjunction with external insulation Bespoke brick slips made from any facing brick within the Wienerberger range giving a huge choice of colour size and textured finish including matches to heritage and reclaimed ranges Plain tiles clay roof tiles hung vertically in a similar style to the facades typical of

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    Walls Roof Landscapes Professional Market Sectors e4 house Case Studies Literature Sustainability News Events About us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING BIM WIENERBERGER SUSTAINABILITY A system used by arcitects and designers which makes information on our products available when modeling digitally Wienerberger Sustainability Digital models on the BIM system Building Information Modelling BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital models of the physical and functional characteristics of a building at the design stage It is a system expected to become more and more widely used by architects and designers particularly in relation to procurement for public buildings such as schools and hospitals Information on individual building components needs to be made available in a BIM compatible format The relationship to sustainability lies in the fact that ultimately BIM will seek to model the in use phase of the building with respect to energy performance etc This is likely to require more information to be provided at the building component level in order to allow the model to achieve this purpose Sustainability at Wienerberger back to top Our solutions Walls Roof Landscapes Professional Market Sectors Wienerberger UK e4 house Case Studies Literature Sustainability News Events

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  • Wienerberger - SANDTOFT SOLAR PANELS
    solar power Wienerberger Sandtoft PV48 Solar System Clay and concrete pitched roofs provide an ideal base for the installation of Photovoltaic PV panels which can generate renewable electricity from solar power This can be achieved using the Sandtoft PV 48 Solar System Sandtoft PV48 Solar panels for homes businesses are compatible for both commercial domestic applications CLICK HERE for more information on the Sandtoft PV 48 Solar System CLICK HERE

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    Case Studies Literature Sustainability News Events About us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home QUALITY AT WIENERBERGER WIENERBERGER SUSTAINABILITY All our products are manufactured in accordance with a Quality Management System meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 WIENERBERGER Productes are manufacturered to BS EN ISO 9001 requirements In the UK products are manufactured in accordance with the Wienerberger Ltd Quality Policy statement All UK factories are independently certified to ISO 9001 by CICS Ltd and the relevant certificates can be found by following the links below In addition all relevant products have CICS Shieldmark certification to demonstrate compliance with the relevant European Product Standard eg BS EN 771 1 for clay bricks Wienerberger Sustainability Clay facing and engineering bricks manufactured in the UK are classified as Category 1 HD units in accordance with BS EN 771 1 The relevant Certificates of Factory Production Control issued by CICS Ltd as the relevant notified body are found on the links below Sustainability at Wienerberger Related Links View our EC Certificates View our ISO 9001 Certificates View our CICS Shield Mark Licences Related Downloads Wienerberger Quality Policy 575 84KB back to top Our solutions Walls Roof Landscapes Professional Market Sectors Wienerberger UK e4

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  • Wienerberger - SUSTAINABILITY – at the heart of Production
    us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home SUSTAINABILITY at the heart of Production WIENERBERGER SUSTAINABILITY PRODUCTION introduction Wienerberger Sustainability Production UNRIVALLED SUSTAINABILITY At Wienerberger we strive to use the minimum amount of energy in the manufacture of clay building products and to minimise the emissions of CO2 from the production process Our emissions of CO2 from clay brick manufacture are 12 5 lower than the industry average We have always led the industry in energy efficiency and our record of production sustainability is unrivalled In 1996 we received the world s first ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification for a brickworks at our Denton factory while our Warnham site was the first clay building product manufacturing operation to achieve BES 6001 certification for Responsible Sourcing in 2009 Furthermore our recycled slates were the first roofing products to achieve Excellent status under BES 6001 Alongside our concept of reducing the weight of product per square metre we are committed to further reduce the usage of Raw materials Energy Water And at the same time increase usage of Recycled raw materials Renewable energy Non mains water Visit the rest of this section by clicking on the numbers below back to top Our solutions Walls Roof

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    Market Sectors e4 house Case Studies Literature Sustainability News Events About us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home CLAY IN SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING WIENERBERGER SUSTAINABILITY How clay bricks blocks pavers and tiles are made and why they make such excellent sustainable building materials Wienerberger Sustainability in clay tile manufacturing 5 000 years ago clay was already being used as a raw material for construction products due to being easy to mix and flexible to mould The basic stages in the manufacturing process include clay extraction and preparation product forming drying and firing in kilns to create a durable product followed by quality control and packaging Wienerberger Sustainability Over time the manufacturing process has become highly automated but the characteristics of the products have been retained The energy consumed in the drying and firing stages of the process have been progressively reduced by investment in more energy efficient kilns Click the links below to find out how bricks blocks pavers and tiles are made Sustainability at Wienerberger Related Links Wienerberger Clay in brick paver manufacture Wienerberger Clay in roof tile manufacture Wienerberger How Porotherm blocks are made back to top Our solutions Walls Roof Landscapes Professional Market Sectors Wienerberger UK e4 house Case Studies

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/clay-in-sustainable-manufacturing.html?lpi=1366208031275& (2016-02-14)
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    on the raw materials used and the specific characteristics of the production process Some of the factories are located at sites where manufacturing can be traced back nearly 200 years Wienerberger Sustainability On these sites there has been a continuing process of re investment in new technologies for example the main kiln at the Kingsbury site was rebuilt in 2011 Other factories have a shorter history and include recently built state of the art manufacturing facilities For example the most modern clay roof tile manufacturing facility at Broomfleet was installed in 2006 Bringing these sites together under the Wienerberger umbrella has allowed us to share best practice in all areas of sustainable manufacturing and this journey continues All UK manufacturing sites are certified to the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 and all UK manufactured products are certified to the Responsible Sourcing standard BES 6001 John Sandford Director for Sustainability Wienerberger Ltd The links below give a snapshot of the current situation and key sustainability points at each of the individual manufacturing sites for our bricks and roof tiles Sustainability at Wienerberger Related Links Wienerberger UK Factory Locations Wienerberger Sustainability Denton Works Wienerberger Sustainability Ewhurst Works Wienerberger Sustainability Hartlebury Works Wienerberger

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/sustainability-in-our-wienerberger-factories.html?lpi=1366208031275& (2016-02-14)
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    Home OPERATIONAL AND PERFORMANCE DATA WIENERBERGER SUSTAINABILITY How we strive to do more with less energy use and less waste of resources Wienerberger Making our Operational Data available Increasingly the manufacturing focus on sustainability is turning towards Resource Efficiency doing more with less We are working closely with the Waste and Resources Action Programme WRAP to establish Resource Efficiency Action Plans for clay bricks and blocks and for precast concrete roof tiles Tim Thompson Operations Director Wienerberger Ltd Wienerberger Sustainability In accordance with our overall Sustainability Key Performance Indicators the operational performance of our manufacturing operations is closely monitored and checked against our long term sustainability improvement targets In particular the annualised performance in the following eight parameters are set out in an aggregated version for our brick factories and our roofing factories namley Energy Efficiency Use of Renewable Energy Carbon Dioxide Emissions Use of Recycled Raw Materials Water usage Use of water from non mains sources Use of Packaging Materials Waste sent to landfill For more details on our Operational Data for UK Brick Factories see Related Links below Sustainability at Wienerberger Related Downloads Wienerberger Sustainability Data Summary 160 03KB Aggregated annual performance data roof tiles back to top

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