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  • Wienerberger - Terms of use
    about product and services can be found under the menu points news company history structure of the Group brands and products management of the Group and careers jobs on our website or in particular the eshot and newsletter sent to the customers or those who wish to recieve further information Data on the Wienerberger company which we wish to inform you of according to e commerce law can be found under the Editorial Editorial We take data protection very seriously more details are contained in our Privacy Statement Privacy Statement Liability All of the information on our web site any form of communication includes newsletter eshots PR is carefully compiled however no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the content Wienerberger particularly and expressly excludes all liability which may arise from incorrect information Wienerberger will try to ensure that the web site information is available at all times however users have no claim to this Wienerberger is entitled to limit or suspend the availability and use of the web site at our own discretion Wienerberger cannot be held liable for damages which may be incurred due to restricted use or unavailability of our web site or any

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  • Wienerberger - Sitemap
    Sitemap Walls Bricks Product search Photo References Case Studies Product News Literature Sample Service Technical Advice Contact Information Videos Brick Slips Clay Blocks Porotherm Products Using Porotherm Case Studies Literature Contact Information Façade Systems Roof Tiles from Wienerberger Products Roofing Systems Accessories Services Literature Sandtoft and Keymer contact information Keymer Handmade Clay Roof Tiles Keymer News Solar Panels from Wienerberger Landscapes Product Range Photo References Case studies Literature Literature Request Sample Service Contact Information Sales contact Architecture Technical Enquiries Pritesh Patel National Technical Manger Pavers Sales Contact Key Accounts Merchants Contact us via this website Professional Market Sectors e4 house What is the e4 brick house e4 Services and Tools e4 Case Studies e4 News e4 brick house information request form e4 Literature Case Studies Literature Download view online Literature Literature Request DreamHouse Builder Sustainability SUSTAINABILITY Home SUSTAINABILITY Products SUSTAINABILITY Production SUSTAINABILITY Practices SUSTAINABILITY People Sustainability news News Events Wienerberger News Hub Events Wienerberger Brick Awards 14 Wienerberger in The Media Blog Wienerberger Articles About us Contact Information Contact us Head Office Customer Service and Technical Help Our Showrooms Factory Locations Register for more info Wienerberger UK Wienerberger Group Facts Figures Mission Statement Milestones Investor Relations UK Vacancies Newsletter back

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  • Wienerberger - Refit to reduce costs – Sidlaw House is re-roofed
    builders Breyer without compromising on design The result of this was the specification of Sandtoft s Terracotta Concrete Double Roman roof tiles The tiles gave Victorian look whilst meeting British Standards In most instances it would be prudent for clay roof tiles to be specified for such a project however since the project was on such a huge scale with a broad range of financial demands it was necessary to keep costs low where possible without compromising on design or efficiency With this in mind Rob commented The Sidlaw House project presented us with some serious challenges the first of which was to ensure that the roof tiles corresponded with the local area whilst still being able to redevelop around it To resolve this we chose concrete roman tiles which were durable visually pleasing and cost effective Due to the redbrick nature of the Stamford Hill area the project had to meet strict design criteria to ensure it sat comfortably within its surroundings Due to the rich Victorian heritage of the area the Roman roof tiles synchronise the new roof with the local vernacular ensuring that the new roof does not look out of place That said Victorian roofs are not famed for their thermal efficiency so by working in tandem with the tile s manufacturer Sandtoft it was possible for the project to work on an aesthetic level whilst still bringing modern efficiencies derived from utilising modern building techniques This was by no means an easy feat issues which the project has overcome have included ventilation difficulties which can often affect a conflict between design possibilities and meeting British Standards The result of modernising the ventilation as part of the re roofing project has prevented the new roof insulation from causing condensation which could have lead to structural issues In addition to the renewal of the roof the design brief specified other complex redevelopment facets The dormers for example which are often found in buildings of Sidlaw House s pedigree had to be fully replaced When one considers these extrusions which drastically alter the roof s face the difficulties of installing a roof that achieves modern standards and architectural synergy soon become apparent That said the team from Breyer Group was able to over come these obstacles whilst marinating the feel of the properties roof Beyond the specification of the roof tiles Rob Jon Davies Contracts Manager at Breyer and Mark Mayatt Specification Manager at Sandtoft were in dialogue throughout the project Because of the technical issues involved it was vital for all parties to work closely together and Mark attended progress meetings and was on call for site visits where needed to assist the construction team as to how they could install the new roof as efficiently as possible which in turn reduced costs incurred from scaffolding rent and labour Mark was able to sign off work as it progressed helping to keep the project within time parameters Sandtoft now guarantees the roof for 15 years As London

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/refit-to-reduce-costs-sidlaw-house-is-re-roofed.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger products specified for award winning housing development
    used a combination of materials from Wienerberger The design team behind the project specified Wienerberger s Olde Ely Cream alongside the interlocking slate tile BritLock and the new generation clay plain tile 20 20 in Tuscan from Wienerberger s roof brand Sandtoft The combination of materials within the project has seen the development recognised as an NHBC Award Winner for two consecutive years alongside receiving the NHBC Seal of Excellence in 2014 Trumpington Meadows was also recognised as the London Evening Standard s Best Large Development in 2014 Ian Hamilton Construction Director at Barratt Homes Eastern Counties said We wanted to use a brick which would capture the superior feel of Trumpington Meadows suitable for our executive town houses The Wienerberger bricks at Trumpington Meadows form a key part of the look and style of the development thanks to their quality finish We have been able to use a band of different coloured bricks to create a distinguished look for each property and the bricks have been laid in the Flemish bond style to give a coherent feel as you move through the development Keith Barker Commercial Director at Wienerberger said We are delighted to see Barratt Homes development receive so many accolades and think its use of our Olde Ely Cream alongside the Sandtoft roof tiles has been visionary The development is still under construction and I look forward to hearing of more award successes as it nears completion Trumpington Meadows used a combination of materials from Wienerberger Trumpington Meadows used a combination of materials from Wienerberger Trumpington Meadows used a combination of materials from Wienerberger 20 20 Tuscan A New Generation interlocking clay plain tile that makes a plain tile roof more affordable through an innovative design that reduces labour and material costs and cuts completion times more

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/wienerberger-products-specified-for-award-winning-housing-development.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Altrincham Central Way
    landscaped environment and the surrounding area whilst still fitting within the harmonious design framework Auraton Vintage Tumbled Blue Pavers Altrincham The aim of the redevelopment was to make Altrincham the definitive modern market town and to secure the market and its surroundings in the heart of the community Before its redevelopment the public s perception of the space was broadly negative as the area was tired worn and lacking in appeal Creating an attractive urban landscaped environment has increased footfall which in turn has encouraged investment and opportunity for local businesses Now complete the redeveloped area consists of a series of both permanent and occasional tenancies for traders and producers whilst also forming a pivotal link between the high street retail space and the main market building David Butler Marketing Manager at Hardscape commented When we were approached by Planit ie and Stockley to provide pavers for this project we knew there would be several considerations beyond the look and feel of the materials Fortunately we knew that by working with Wienerberger we could find the correct pavers to meet the client s requirements Due to the predicted high levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic we knew the project would require blue clay pavers as they are inherently hardwearing and durable With this in mind plus the requirements of a product that would link the landscape with the local architecture it became increasingly obvious that Auraton Dutch and Baggeridge Vintage Tumbled clay pavers would best serve the project Beyond the demands to increase footfall and the broader commercial requirements of the redevelopment the design had to be in keeping with surrounding conservation areas many of which date from the closing years of the 19 th century The selected pavers worked well with the Victorian red brick surroundings due to their myriad of colours and textures By using high quality clay pavers with a worn patina the renovated area links to the broader landscape whilst also benefiting from the hardwearing nature of clay Joanne Roberts Category Marketing Manger for Penter commented The Altrincham Central Way project has presented some obstacles to overcome as the area is rich in heritage and traditional architecture and it s been great to see pavers used so imaginatively to ensure the redeveloped area works within the local vernacular Auraton Vintage Tumbled Blue Pavers Altrincham The pavers proved to be well suited for the project due to the innate characteristics of clay including colour retention which is expected to hold throughout the duration of the paver s lifespan and ease of maintenance over a period of up to two hundred years Beyond these inherent benefits of clay highly durable blue pavers were specified in preparation for high footfall and heavy goods vehicles which can easily take their toll on less durable or robust pavers made from inferior materials The specification of the pavers also had benefits during the planning stage of the project as clay pavers are easy to maintain and replace if needed When coupled with

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/altrincham-central-way.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Anglesey Weathered Buff used in residential mental health facility
    not for profit provider in social housing and care support services and has been designed to provide an ultra modern facility which is sympathetic to the local residential habitation As one might expect of the architecture of southern Wales the facility has been designed to have a pale exterior reminiscent of the local sandstone To achieve this balance the architect specified Wienerberger s Anglesey Weathered Buff brick as its patina and worn nature generate harmony with the local area The selected brick reinforces the tactile nature of the whole project particularly in the courtyard The buff tones provide a lightness that is not overbearing but is welcoming and attractive Further detailing to the brick façade is provided by the incorporation of a number of soldier course bands detailed at high level and the introduction of deep pre cast stone cills to the punched holed windows Anglesey Weathered Buff The Anglesey Weathered Buff part of Wienerberger s Terca brick range is a 65mm machine made clay brick which due to the inherent properties of clay carries a range of benefits A key benefit of using clay is the colour retentive nature of the material by employing clay bricks the exterior s colour will last far beyond the lifespan of the facility cementing the overall aesthetic of the building for many years to come By ensuring the facility sits within the local community as opposed to contrasting with it the architects have met a primary objective that not only means the building looks appealing to those on the outside but meets the highest therapeutic standards which create an environment that is secluded up to the point of comfort but no further Anglesey Weathered Buff OMI Architects commented We are delighted with the building When one considers the demands placed on creating a

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/anglesey-weathered-buff-used-in-residential-mental-health-facility.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Staffordshire Smooth bricks used in innovative school development
    in terms of design and conducive to learning as set by Northamptonshire County Council architects Rock Townsend envisioned a facility that fulfilled these requirements whilst paying homage to the area s industrial past Now complete the structure s brickwork goes beyond the manifestation of an appealing exterior but also provides tangible benefits to those learning within Resulting from its close proximity to a main road the brickwork had to be designed with noise reduction in mind The north west façade of the school was therefore designed as a protective brick elevation curving in line with the site s boundary and terminating at the canopy overhanging the school s entrance By employing a strategically curved exterior the activities taking place in the interior can be undertaken in a respectful and scholarly environment Staffordshire Smooth Blue and Red Little Stanion School The brickwork which has been fashioned from Wienerberger s Staffordshire Smooth Red and Staffordshire Smooth Blue a product that has a blue grey patina has a tertiary role in highlighting the site s previous utility The brickwork is predominantly red whilst interjected with two meandering longitudinal bands of grey a tribute to the site s former role as an ironstone quarry Internal considerations see the school s classrooms arranged in a chevron format forming three identifiably distinct areas representing the three key stages of education The design also allows the associated circulation to form a series of relaxation areas for peers to socialise during free time The deliberations undertaken in the school s design have not only met the council s original brief but have surpassed it via ingenious use of brickwork creating an attractive establishment with which to promote local academia Download the case study leaflet and view more images from the tab above Staffordshire Smooth Blue and Red Little

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/staffordshire-smooth-bricks-used-in-innovative-school-development.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger’s Platinum White used in edgy villa project
    Client Ms C Granier Architect CSK Architects Brickwork Contractor RJ Clyde Builders ltd Bricks used Platinum White Platinum White Tovara Maidenhead Built in the semi rural outskirts of Maidenhead in Berkshire Tovara a detached villa set comfortably within the Green Belt has been designed by CSK Architects with contemporary aesthetics and ease of maintenance in mind The villa which gives the impression of being built in a series of distinct rectangular sections features multi level flat roofs that overhang from differing heights due to the irregular summits of each individual section The dark humble roofs beautifully offset the external brickwork which has been intricately designed to present a pale and modern visage To secure this the architect selected Wienerberger s Platinum White a clay brick that interacts beautifully with natural daylight Platinum White Tovara Maidenhead To enhance the exterior design the architects employed a matching mortar which established the principal monolithic plane into which openings were punched Due to the villa s setting within very flat topography the building s distinct square format and level roofs produced cohesion between the home and its surroundings Tovara which was inspired by the Arts Crafts tradition presents two very different fronts between its public and private facades An austere visage faces the street with sheer planes of brickwork and small window openings These considerations ensure both privacy and protection Conversely the opposite façade which overlooks the southern and eastern elevations features a dazzling array of windows which not only let in an abundance of light to the hosting and private quarters of the villa but also allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful local landscape The finished project by virtue of the symbiosis with its locale is a stunning example of how a building can truly fit with its surroundings whilst being both edgy

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/wienerbergers-platinum-white-used-in-edgy-villa-project.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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