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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger Wall news in The Media
    jobs as moth balled plant is revived Contruction Manager Is there a brick crisis or isn t there http www construction manager co uk news there brick crisis or isnt there Construction Enquirer Kilns fired up to ease UK brick shortages http www constructionenquirer com 2014 07 18 wienerberger to fire up production by 200m bricks The Construction Index Wienerberger ramps up UK brick production by 200 million a year http www theconstructionindex co uk news view wienerberger ramps up brick production by 200 million a year Link2 Portal Wienerberger cranks up brick production http www link2portal com wienerberger cranks brick production The Contruction Index Wienerberger ramps up UK brick production by 200 million a year http www theconstructionindex co uk news view wienerberger ramps up brick production by 200 million a year Builder and Engineer More bricks to be made in response to growing housing demand http www builderandengineer co uk news more bricks be made response growing housing demand Jewson Brick shortage eased thanks to reopened factories http www jewson co uk about us industry news brick shortage eased thanks to reopened factories Builders Merchants Journal Brick manufacturer Wienerberger is to significantly expand its manufacturing output http www buildersmerchantsjournal net news news asp id 10234 title Wienerberger to re 2Dopen brick factories Building Products Wienerberger to ramp up annual brick output by 200 million http www buildingproducts co uk news wienerberger to ramp up annual brick output by 200 million Specifinder com Wienerberger to create 120 jobs with 200 million annual brick capacity increase See more at http www specifinder com news products 8670 Wienerberger to create 120 jobs with 200 million annual brick capacityincrease html sthash bTAINlUA dpuf Masonary U K Brick Makers Ramp Up Production http www masonrymagazine com latest news 2169 uk brick makers ramp up production html OTHER POROTHERM AND TERCA WALL NEWS Specifinder com Student Accommodation University of Warwick http www specifinder com news products 8674 Student Accommodation University of Warwick html Specifinder com Porotherm to appear at East Midlands Housing Summit http www specifinder com news products 8624 Porotherm to appear at East Midlands Housing Summit html Chandlers new Brick Selector site stocks Wienerberger Bricks Building Construction Design Chandlers take Porotherm to Eco Show Building Products Journal New Porotherm Technical Manager Building Merchants Journal Two new yellow bricks launched CLICK HERE to find out more Porotherm used in Code 6 housing CLICK HERE to read more Wienerberger s Porotherm blocks to be used on 1 600 Barratt Homes CLICK HERE to read more Wienerberger and Barratt Developments PLC announce Porotherm deal CLICK HERE to read more Wienerberger and Barratt Developments PLC announce Porotherm partnership CLICK HERE to read more Wienerberger announce Barratt Homes partnership CLICK HERE to read more Wienerberger helps the BDA to achieve first Environmental Product Declaration EPD for building product in the UK CLICK HERE to read more Porotherm demonstrated at The BDA s Structural Masonry Day CLICK HERE to read more Brickmaker cements deal to help rebuild Coronation

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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger Landscape news in The Media
    News Events About us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home Wienerberger Landscape news in The Media A round up of our Landscape press coverage in the top industry websites Wienerberger in The Media New Paving National Sales Manager for Penter Landscaper Magazine Wienerberger s paving brand joins BALI Landscape Amenity CLICK HERE WIENERBERGER S PAVING BRAND JOINS BALI Bali org uk CLICK HERE back to top Our solutions Walls Roof Landscapes Professional

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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger Roof news in The Media
    www buildersmerchantsjournal net products index video asp The benefits of clay tiles from Wienerberger Building Products Cassius relaunch CLICK HERE to read more Sandtoft Calls for Roofing Industry to Remember the Importance of Dry Fix Systems CLICK HERE to read more CLICK HERE to read more Sandtoft expands its New Generation range to support the social housing market Sandtoft a Wienerberger brand has announced the expansion of its New Generation range of products in February 2014 With a superior interlocking finish and flexibility the range is perfect for a wide range of projects CLICK HERE to read more Sandtoft joins Trade Association The RTA will bring together the concrete and clay tile sectors for the first time in recognition of their joint interest in promoting the benefits of pitched roofs As a manufacturer of both clay and concrete roof tiles Wienerberger s Sandtoft brand has previously been part of both the Clay Roof Tile Council CRTC and the Concrete Tile Manufacturers Association CTMA but fully supports the unification of these two organisations into the newly created RTA Wienerberger will be looking to work closely with the RTA moving forwards and assist in ongoing efforts to communicate the many benefits of

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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger Sustainability News in The Media
    News Events About us UK Vacancies Newsletter Home Wienerberger Sustainability News in The Media A round up of our Sustainability press coverage in the top industry websites Wienerberger in The Media SUSTAINABILITY Wienerberger joins National Sustainability benchmarking group Specification online Sustainability Panel Sustainability Director at Wienerberger answers questions on an expert panel for Building Products CLICK HERE to read more back to top Our solutions Walls Roof Landscapes Professional Market

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  • Wienerberger - Laying the foundations
    other point in their 158 year history Naturally I m fully aware that the area was a product of empire developed by an omnipotent Hapsburg emperor but that does not detract from the timeless feeling of heritage class beauty and pride Ringstrasse is an important area of not only Vienna but of the architectural world as a whole Its Graeco Roman visage can be enjoyed by anyone the buildings including the Parliament building modelled on a Greek temple and the new section of the imperial residence which is based on a Roman forum make a statement of grandeur and importance for not only the city but also its population But the question remains why are areas such as this still viewed with affection and awe I think in a nutshell the question boils down to longevity and perspective In October we celebrated the guardianship of owning a brand like Keymer a beautiful hand made clay roof tile at an event in the Tower of London The venue itself is a shining example of varying architectural disciplines in an enclosed area From the windows beyond the pale grey stone of the White Tower and the fortifications I could also see a mass of glass and steel Naturally that combination has come to define a generation of architects with noticeable examples of The Gherkin and The Shard however I wonder if these materials may hold the structures back in future years Will the glass become dirty and the steel begin to rust or are these structures indeed timeless and ageless October also saw Back to the Future day 21 October 2015 was the day fans of the film Back to the Future Part 2 had been waiting for This was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled forward in time and

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  • Wienerberger - The skills shortage – how can it be overcome?
    that there isn t a particular problem with encouraging young people to explore vocational courses as colleges are only reporting problems at the level at which young people apply for an apprenticeship This problem results from the fact that in order to apply for an apprenticeship an individual needs to have a sponsoring employer The bottleneck it would seem is resulting from problems facing employers Due to uncertainty as to future work employers are anxious of taking on further responsibilities without the security of knowing they can afford them This approach however can be a bit of a double edged sword for employers as it is becoming an increasing trend for clients to require demonstration of commitment to apprentices during the tendering process So who will employ construction apprentices and how to ensure that the Government s intention to boost vocational training is funding qualifications and skills that we really need Rumblings from Whitehall Following a statement from the Commercial Secretary to the Treasury Lord O Neill in which he reinforced the importance of Government and industry collaboration to solve the problem there has been suggestion of a pan industry levy on all big firms to boost apprenticeship numbers which could spell the end of the current CITB system At the moment the consultation on the plans states The apprenticeship levy will be economy wide and larger employers in the construction and engineering construction industries will be in scope of the levy alongside all other larger employers in the UK economy Highlighted in a report published by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills the UK s hourly GDP is some 30 lower than Germany and America This discrepancy in productivity has been attributed to the skill shortage To challenge the current paradigm the Apprenticeship Levy will look to fund three million apprenticeships Although only in its consultation phase which is set to close in October the levy at least demonstrates the commitment the Government has to skills and its awareness of the overarching problems that will result from a skills shortage Following our continental cousins Sage advice could be for the UK s construction industry to extract the essence of how other developed countries are avoiding a skills shortage Germany a country renowned for its work ethic for example has an interesting attitude towards skilled workers In Germany bricklaying is taught as a vocational course in the same way engineering or a medical discipline is taught in the UK Germans are able to follow one of two educational routes academic or vocational which ensures there is always a strong talent pool of young people to recruit Naturally it would require a considerable amount of political will and technical upheaval to completely renovate the UK s education system but perhaps it could well be prudent to address the attitudes towards vocational courses and encourage people to explore them at a younger age Is there longevity in apprenticeships A key question which isn t receiving the attention it deserves is whether

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/the-skills-shortage-how-can-it-be-overcome.html?lpi=1366208014354& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - The warm up to Paris
    Act to reduce GHG emissions to 50 of 1990 levels by 2025 the UK is set to go further and faster than many other nations including the European Union s pledge to reduce emissions by 40 of 1990 levels by 2030 Given the UKGBC s estimate that the construction industry can influence almost 47 of the UK s total CO2 emissions our industry will play an important role in achieving a 50 reduction in emissions by 2025 However measuring the construction industry s CO2 emissions is notoriously difficult picture a mixing pot of multiple construction products numerous contractors and hauliers and the carbon audit trail becomes blurry to say the least The ability to accurately measure the CO2 emissions within the industry will be a significant hurdle to overcome A plan of action Even though there are hurdles in the path of progression there are actions on the horizon which will assist in the measurement and reduction of carbon emissions The first of these springboards is the growing prevalence of BIM Building Information Modelling as it will afford the industry a way to measure the total embodied carbon of a building and monitor the in use phase emissions heating lighting etc However BIM will not be a standalone solution to the industry s problems as the challenge of measurement during the construction process will still be present With BIM being a prerequisite to tender for government construction contracts from 2016 interest in the system and recognition of its importance has skyrocketed In time the use of BIM will become standard practice and when paired with an increasing market for products with eco labels our understanding of the lifecycle carbon impact of buildings will also grow Architects and principals have the opportunity to reduce emissions during a building s in use

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  • Wienerberger - Unexpected consequences of the introduction of the new BS 5534: 2014
    the roofer to leave out individual tiles or push tiles up under the course above to leave battens exposed for walking on as access over the completed tiling Once the roof work was completed the missing tiles could be inserted or pulled back into position These tiles would hang on the battens but would not be mechanically fixed Now that all tiles must be fixed this inability to remove or push up tiles leads to the risk of tiles being broken through foot traffic This leads me to my first point and one that I have dealt with in detail in previous articles roofers must take care to avoid damaging the tiles through foot traffic by either finding smarter ways of progressing the tiling work or using equipment such as work boards roof ladders etc to protect the laid tiles But assuming tiles have broken and need replacing just how can the roofer secure the replacement tiles Unfortunately it is not possible to fix a single tile within an existing array using the normal methods of a nail screw through the nail hole or by clipping at the tile In their efforts to provide solutions to this that fully comply with the requirements of BS 5534 tile manufacturers issue method statements describing different solutions to install individual mechanically fixed tiles These generally involve drilling the replacement tile through its lower portion in order to provide a screw or nail fixing into the timber structure below Of course this is not ideal because the fixing a remains visible and b introduces the risk of water ingress through the exposed nail hole either immediately or in time if the seal degrades through UV exposure and weathering Therefore I want to suggest an alternative fixing method adhesive This may not fully comply with the Standard s requirements for a full mechanical fix i e with the letter of the Standard but I feel that it is certainly in the spirit of the Standard Wienerberger has many years experience in the use of adhesives for roofing materials for use both in factory conditions and on site Indeed the Standard now recognises the use of adhesives on site albeit in combination with mechanical fixings It is important that all surrounding tiles be fully mechanically fixed It is normally possible to remove a single damaged tile without disturbing the surrounding tiles or their fixings Generally if an array of two or more tiles required replacing mid roof all but the last tile can be mechanically fixed so the use of adhesive is only ever required for a single isolated tile The use of adhesive to secure a single tile to its neighbouring tiles means that the wind load on the bonded tile has to be borne by the surrounding tiles Therefore there needs to be a sufficient safety factor built into the fixing specification calculation to allow for the extra uplift load of an unfixed tile on its neighbouring tiles this is certainly the case for

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