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  • Wienerberger - Nevada Buff adds authority to new Criminal Justice Centre
    of them to create a structure that served a dual purpose of flexible working space and shortterm penal facility Description Gallery Products Downloads Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Client Northants Police Authority Architect Archial Group Brickwork Contractor Bliss Brickwork Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Now complete the project has balanced these criteria into a versatile yet commanding building To ensure that the building was welcoming for staff whilst remaining suitable for confining those subject to the legal process the project had to balance the internal availability of natural light with an interesting exterior that didn t detract from the building s austere purpose To achieve this equilibrium the centre s exterior makes efficient use of colour and scale as opposed to the intricate textural details seen in modern domestic architecture To secure this requirement the architects selected Wienerberger s Nevada Buff brick which is monochromatic in tone yet almost peach in colour The use of multistory narrow strips of external brickwork to frame large dark windows emphasises the police s safeguarding of society The office areas overlook the roof of the ground floor custody facilities which boasts interesting geometric patterns through the design of roof lights that allow light into the whole building Furthermore this allowed the architect to manifest a more imposing exterior when seen from street level With all the prerequisite demands considered the final project successfully married the dichotomy of the brief and whilst the building retains it s authoritative purpose it is also a welcoming and bright place to work Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton Nevada Buff Criminal Justice Centre Northampton class bigGalImg Nevada Buff Nevada Buff From the

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  • Wienerberger - Hollingworth Lakeside Home
    picturesque banks of Hollingworth Lake near Littleborough stands a testament to modern architecture Constructed around a series of sustainable considerations aimed to minimise the home s ecological impact the house which was designed by CJ Partnership in Rochdale has been created with nautical aesthetics in mind to tie it in with its locale which is home to several local rowing and sailing clubs A noticeable feature of the property s exterior is its creative use of Wienerberger s Loxley Red Multi bricks which envelop the insulated concrete formwork system employed as the mainstay of the wall s load bearing capacity and thermal efficiency The soft red patina of the brick cladding when offset against the grey roof and balcony edging cogently ties the building with its surroundings whilst the subtle variation between each brick makes the work interesting in its own right Loxley Red Multi Hollingworth Lake With energy conservation in mind the home has been designed as a passive solar house which includes utilisation of an air source heat pump to fuel the under floor heating alongside LED lighting and sustainably sourced glu lam timber columns which enable the walls to be constructed independently reducing build time and limiting wastage Beyond the home s sustainable credentials its exterior has been designed to grip the attention of passersby with the irregular angles found between the profiles of both the walls and roof The exterior timber columns and the acute angle of the roof have afforded the architects the ability to install a triangular balcony the hypotenuse of which runs perpendicular with the roof The house now stands as a local landmark which has come to divide opinion to both extremes and has opened the local debate on the direction modern architecture is taking Loxley Red Multi Hollingworth Lake Loxley Red

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/hollingworth-lakeside-home.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Lowmeade, Wilmslow
    elegance drawing inspiration from the 16th and 19th centuries has helped to safeguard the aesthetic composition of Lowmeade in Wilmslow as an incomparable example of brick architecture The striking X shape of the home coupled with the myriad textures and tones of the selected materials has been recognised as a forward thinking example of modern domestic architecture by Wienerberger the world s largest manufacturer of bricks and building solutions Several factors propelled the design of the two storey dwelling towards creating an overarching theme of the Arts and Crafts period The utilisation of gothic references such as those found in the turret flanking the front door alongside the three pointed Tudor arch located above the front door have tied together some of the finest assets of traditional design with the demands of building a functional family home Additional inspiration came in the guise of Ernest Barnsley s Rodmartin Manor near Cirencester which can be seen in the building s rectangular windows Kempley Antique Lowmeade Since historical referencing was integral to securing the pedigree of the project Wienerberger s Kempley Antique brick was the perfect choice for adding subtle beauty to the home s exterior Due to the variety offered by the brick with colors subtly ranging from sandy browns to almost black eye catching detail was achieved resulting in harmony between the stone surrounded windows and the somber roof tiles The ultimate objective of the project was to create an impressive and formal home but also to be practical and suited to relaxed family living when eventually familiarised with Now complete the project has certainly exceeded its goals and amalgamating the Kempley Antique brick with the other components of the structure has created a beautiful looking exterior and showcased the unique appeal of bricks for modern new builds Download or

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/lowmeade-wilmslow.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Piccadilly Place, Manchester
    Echoing the earthy red tones of the industrial heritage of Manchester and the surrounding new build complex Piccadilly Place is the stunning central plaza of a landmark mixed use development The incorporation of Wienerberger s Dutch Clay paving enabled landscape architects Austin Smith Lord to complete the scheme with a pallet of complimentary colours and textures Masterplanned and conceptualised by award winning international architectural practice Austin Smith Lord on behalf of property developer Argent Piccadilly Place is regenerating and attracting investment to a vibrant and distinctive Manchester City district The mixed use development includes high quality public realm areas a hotel four office buildings residential accommodation and retail space Arrival within Piccadilly Place is celebrated by the sound of water as it cascades down a water wall and escapes into a broad rill which draws you into the piazza at the heart of the development With its simple layout devoid of any vertical elements the piazza emphasises the scale of surrounding colonnaded buildings with restaurants bars and shops spilling out across the space Austin Smith Lord understood that simplicity of layout places considerable emphasis upon the nature and quality of materials used The rich colours within the Eindhoven Mixed Red clay pavers add warmth to the main piazza complementing the contemporary use of porphyry and granite within the water feature as well as providing a link to the historic terracotta tile and red brick buildings in the vicinity The striking colour range available from this natural product will endure as the space matures over time The Wienerberger Dutch Clay pavers were also selected for their textural qualities from the fine grain of the surface through to the stretcher bond within a trapezoidal paving layout which highlights its elongated geometry Watch the video below Eindhoven Mixed Red Eindhoven Mixed Red Eindhoven

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/piccadilly-place-manchester.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Bishops Fold
    Contractor Beal Developments Brick Product used Hathersage Blend Bishops Fold Hathersage Blend Set in the picturesque surroundings of Nettleham a settlement once named Britain s Best Kept Village in Lincolnshire Bishop s Fold is a beautiful housing development which has overcome the challenge of creating 15 appealing and modern houses which seamlessly blend with the historically infused character of the village To ensure cohesion as one would expect in a village built from local limestone Beal Developments used Wienerberger s Hathersage Blend bricks throughout the development from the house exteriors to its enveloping walls The use of interconnecting walls between individual buildings in tandem with the external walls manifests a similarity with north European rural architecture from the Late Middle Ages such as the Hougoumont buildings near Waterloo in Belgium As the Hathersage Blend brick has a worn appearance alongside a vast spectrum of tonal qualities and hues it was the natural choice for a project such as Bishop s Fold Bishops Fold Hathersage Blend Conforming to the area s heritage was essential to the success of the project as the county has been a centre of cultural and religious importance for over 1 500 years In recognition of the importance of the development s setting the team from Beal Developments paid homage to the region s legacy by naming each building after a Bishop of Lincoln including Nicholas Bullingham the 16th century bishop formerly private Chaplin to Elizabeth I Furthermore by using a natural flush joint the complexion of the bricks was able to reciprocally enhance the color of the local limestone used in the much earlier construction of a now converted farm building By including roof tiles the color of which are reminiscent of the Florentine cityscape additional charm and interest has been secured for the project meaning

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/bishops-fold.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Southwater One, Telford
    The project situated on green belt waterside land represented a serious aesthetic challenge for the developers at Morgan Sindall Careful selection of building materials was of paramount importance to the design and Wienerberger was chosen to provide clay pavers Hague Cream Mastiek Auraton pavers Southwater One Telford There was a clear requirement for the paving to provide Southwater One with a physical and symbolic link between the bold unapologetically modernist external appearance of the development and its natural surroundings The Sienna Hague Cream pavers addressed that specification the warm sandy tones blending with the surrounding natural landscape In addition the use of Wienerberger s Mastiek and Auraton pavers with their clean grey finishes created a crisp waterfront patina The finished development is intended to create an exciting commercial space while also providing a sense of tranquility and solidity The use of clay paving has helped to realise this with its natural durability addressing the latter while the laying pattern and colouration contribute to the former With both the rigid Stretcher pattern and the more sporadic Herringbone technique being employed the retail scape is afforded both consistency and variety Ultimately the project s architectural ambition promises to provide a high functioning retailscape from which Telford can develop its business retail commerce and public facilities Southwater One stands as a testament to the vision of urban planners and the intelligent application of building materials and techniques Keith Barker Commercial Director at Wienerberger commented This was a scheme with a great deal of considerations from material performance and local environment right down to the smallest design spec but it s that sort of attention to detail that defined this project and made it something that we were so very keen to contribute to Browse our Natural Clay Paving Brochure in the Downloads tab

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/southwater-one-telford.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - The Beech House
    to ensure that the aesthetic composition of Beech House in Cheshire is a peerless example of brick architecture The striking shape of the home coupled with the intricate textures of the selected materials has been recognised as a shining example of modern domestic architecture by Wienerberger the world s largest manufacturer of bricks and building solutions The stylistically symbiotic relationship between Wienerberger s Hathaway Brindled brick and the beautiful stone surrounds which envelop the elegantly proportioned timber framed windows defines the aesthetic of the exquisite family home The myriad shades and textures of the carefully selected bricks have safeguarded against a potentially harsh juxtaposition between the pale stone features and the austere grey roof tiles To strengthen the harmonious exterior of the project architect Peter Darlington and his team chose 3 4mm recessed brushed pointing which subtly complimented the weathered patina of the brickwork Both product and technique have created a beautifully consistent quality of finish Hathaway Brindled brick The Beech House Due to the substantial scale of the building Peter identified a key objective early on in the project It was imperative to make the home appear both friendly and inviting as it is all too easy for a large building to look intimidating As such the house is not only warm in its material façade but the configuration conjures an image of the home embracing its occupants upon entry The building occupies the centre of a large triangular plot with the principal two story houseblock being orientated from east to west The eye catching shape is fashioned by two additional single story wings extending from the central structure The additional wings support the main structure by providing supplementary family quarters and adequate space for entertaining guests The amalgamation of the Hathaway Brindled brick with the other components of

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/the-beech-house.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - University of Hull – Allam Building
    initial design brief described a need for lab and office space spread over three floors with an area for horticultural work on the fourth With much of the university s biomedical research requiring specific conditions dual functionality with regards to solar exposure was crucial in making the project a success Despite the clear functional requirements the architects at Wilson Mason were keen to give the building the aesthetic presence desired by the university Naturally the choice of materials would play a major role in defining that aesthetic Perhaps the most important material choice was that of Wienerberger s Ashington Red Multi brick not only lending a distinctive mottled clay hue to vast swathes of the façade but also providing a counterpoint to all of the other materials on show While giant glass panels and ceramic stone effect rain screens offer the crisp sheen that accents the design the brick creates the solid monolithic feel that both contrasts and compliments the other elements Furthermore by using brick the building was able to create a clear link with the construction vernacular of the campus As a connecting building literally linking the biology and chemistry departments it was important to ensure that the Allam Building remained distinctive rather than misplaced and the common usage of clay brick was able to ensure that was the case Ashington Red Multi School Lane Didsbury Of course aside from the visual and architectural impacts that the building delivers using brick as a core material naturally delivers genuine longevity to the project meaning that architect and client were all able to work on the principle that they were building for the long term establishing a building that would truly stand the test of time Ultimately the project has triumphed by meeting both of its key objectives simultaneously On

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/university-of-hull-allam-building.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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