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  • Wienerberger - A reflection of history - Birmingham Library pavers
    Brindled pavers Essen Red and Hannover Buff Brindled pavers Penter Pavers The scheme utilises clay pavers which has transformed Centenary Square the largest public square in the heart of Birmingham The design has co ordinated the square into three distinct realms monumental cultural and entertainment These palazzos illustrate important periods in the history of the city this is also articulated in the façade of overlapping aluminum rings on the building which reflects the artisan tradition of the jeweler within Birmingham Birmingham Library and Penter Pavers The pavers themselves chosen for their striking colours are in keeping with both the surrounding paved area and the building s aesthetic and are 200mm x 100mm x 62mm Dragfaced Chamfered Blue and Multi Brindled pavers Essen Red and the Hannover Buff Brindled paver This combination was used to create the red line to lead pedestrians into Centenary Square The use of clay to create this pattern means that the distinct colour will be retained for the life span of the paver and like other natural products the clay s colour will even be more vibrant when wet The paving has been flexibly laid using traditional methods in a variety of bonds including stretcher and herringbone Within the solidity of the overall structure the effect is to give the impression of one space flowing into the next contrasting the hustle and bustle of the outside streets with the serenity of the study spaces that overlook the surrounding paved area Browse our Natural Clay Paving Brochure in the Downloads tab above VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW Birmingham Library and Penter Pavers Penter Pavers Birmingham Library and Penter pavers Hannover Buff Brindle The Hannover Buff Brindle is available in the following sizes 200x100x62mm more Essen Red The Essen Red is available in the following sizes 200x100x62mm more Baggeridge

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/a-reflection-of-history-birmingham-library-pavers.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Sandtoft Heritage Service: Chideock Church roof renovation
    and attention to detail Every action would need to be sympathetic to that history and enhance rather than dilute the chapel s architectural integrity Even with that in mind this particular project represented a huge technical and aesthetic challenge The chapel s striking dome required replacement with something more in keeping with the original style of the building At some point in its history its original roof had been repaired or replaced with one that might have kept the rain out but certainly didn t do justice to the architecture of its construction Sandtoft bespoke tiles from the Heritage Service for Chideock Church The owner of the chapel Gaby Martelli teamed up with architect Andrew Stone and main contractors conservation specialists Magenta Building Repair to begin the careful process of restoring the church to its former glory in June 2013 The project was finished in July this year reflecting just how committed each of the involved parties were to the restoration of the dome However at the start of the project there were some major decisions to be made with material choices at the heart of many of them The challenge was to find a modern material that would not only have the durability and strength to last at least as long as the chapel has stood to date but also suit the building vernacular of the chapel itself Naturally building techniques and materials have changed hugely since the church was first created but wherever possible the architect and owners wanted materials and methods to echo the original design With that in mind and on the basis of a series of factory visits to meet the craftsmen and observe the traditional ways of working the architect specified Sandtoft Wienerberger s roof brand to supply clay roof tiles Making use of its specialist heritage expertise as part of its Heritage Service Sandtoft created two bespoke clay tiles for the dome The first was an interlocking spearhead tile specifically created to visually reference original old tiles recovered from the barn even before it became the chapel it is today These were manufactured in two colours red and black so as to provide a striking and complex zig zag pattern on the completed dome The second style was buff hip tile with a barley rub twist on the façade Taken together these choices have played a huge role in defining the character of the finished project Domes of this sort are unusual within the UK and of those that do exist there aren t many with the age and history of Chideock so it was important the project s design was worthy of its rarity With the bold red and black tiled roofing pattern the dome crowns a truly beautiful old building drawing the eye and yet framing the lovely detail and age of the ancient stonework building the supports it However the success of this project wasn t solely based on how the finished project looked even though that was the ultimate

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/sandtoft-heritage-service-chideock-church-roof-renovation.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Sandtoft Barrow tiles + The Multiversal Ridge and Hip System & DryFix
    material and of the rich architectural history of clay brick in the UK However perhaps some of clay s other benefits are still too often overlooked Indeed clay has the potential to be an unsung material hero meeting most structural requirements while giving architects a variety of options in terms of product application and design The versatility of the material combined with its inherent properties makes it an extremely viable and attractive choice for specifiers and architects alike As a natural material its sustainability credentials are invariably strong while it also provides a winning combination of being low maintenance extremely durable and thermally efficient Clay also works beautifully with other common materials such as wood and glass both in terms of practical efficiency and kerb appeal Such is the durability of the product that it can be easily recycled even at the end of its building life while clay is also one of the easiest materials for modifying a building in the future Not only that it s comparatively cost effective against many other façade materials both in terms of total installed cost and whole life costs Barrow tiles and the Multiversal Ridge and Hip System As colour was an important part of Orchard s design the fact that clay keeps its strong beautiful colour for life made it an obvious choice and a Barrow Brindle Mix was selected as the perfect colour design for the three roofs Blending three stylish shades bay brown burnt oak and dark ruspa to create the perfect mix the tiles also incorporate a lightly sanded finish and a subtle form which creates the appearance of a traditional aged roof with character The Barrow is aimed at those wanting a traditional handmade appearance at an affordable price The manufacturing process ensures that a generous application of sand is embedded into every tile to create a rich look characteristic of a true handmade tile without the typical associated cost We wanted a great quality tile which would keep its colour for life whilst offering a great aesthetic for the three homes says Neil Binks Director at Orchard Developments Clay is the obvious choice if colour is an important part of the design of your homes and we knew that Sandtoft was able to provide the perfect plain tile for the job Barrow tiles and the Multiversal Ridge and Hip System With the new buildings sitting within the curtilage of a listed building the team had to work alongside a listed buildings officer in terms of the planning and design of the homes Another benefit of using clay is that it is a natural planning friendly material especially in areas where the material choice is important due to the local vernacular In addition Orchard also chose Sandtoft s universal ridge and hip system as its dry fix solution on all three roofs The Multiversal Ridge and Hip System uses a rigid ridge union the ridge ridge seal makes it much easier and faster to install than the

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/sandtoft-barrow-tiles-the-multiversal-ridge-and-hip-system-dryfix.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Sherbourne residences at the University of Warwick
    rooms themselves needed to be 10 square metres while there also needed to be tutor accommodation a management suite and an energy centre However despite the scale and detail of the requirements the architects Robothams Architecture were keen to give the project a distinct aesthetic not only to elevate the architectural integrity of the building but to make it a genuinely attractive placed to live To do so they aimed to ensure the building worked both in isolation and in the context of its surroundings University of Warwick Wienerberger Classic Blue and Chartham Multi brick The site itself was located in the northern part of the campus and therefore backed on to open farmland As a result the building design needed to suit both the campus itself and indeed the comparatively countrified landscape that it bordered This was a key reason why brick was chosen on one hand brick is a traditional urban building material and one that is synonymous with the British building vernacular on the other it represents naturally sourced clay and has a life cycle that weathers and will sustain itself over a 200 years plus lifecycle In this sense brick can be considered as very much in keeping with the permanence of the natural environment beyond The design itself utilises both the Chartham Red Multi and the Classic Blue on the outward face using the red in the main and the blue to create the greying brick base The effect is to break up the mass of the elevations and bring visual variety University of Warwick Wienerberger Classic Blue and Chartham Multi brick The roofs use curved Kalzip to lower the scale of the development and bedroom windows built were into the roof in order to make the most of the countryside views The architectural identity

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/sherbourne-residences-at-the-university-of-warwick.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - More than just another brick in the wall
    Innovative Use of Brick and Clay products awards at the 2013 Brick Development Association BDA Awards Description Gallery Products Downloads Terre Doree Project Gee Street London Client Durley Investment Corporation Architect Alfred Munkenbeck Partners Brickwork Contractor Precision Brickwork Product Terre Doree facing bricks Gee Street London Using Wienerberger s Terre Doree bricks provided a truly creative way to allow for natural ventilation with openable panels on the inside wall allowing for the air to flow in Alongside mechanical ventilation solutions it also means the building neither requires cooling or heating whilst the outside temperature is between 0 and 28 degrees Judges were impressed with the intricate style the perforations created and with the cream coloured brickwork extruding from the glass windows a striking and modern looking building has been born The façade concept for the building was clear Situated in the historic Clerkenwell warehouse district it needed to achieve horizontal continuity to emphasise the length and vertical discontinuity to reduce the appearance of height By taking this approach the building has created a visually pleasing and yet modest counterpoint to the existing older offices and residential units in the area Inside View Gee Street After much consideration Wienerberger s Terre Doree brick was chosen because of its resemblance to Mediterranean terra cotta wall blocks which in northern Italy are used to make perforated walls for feed drying barns They also preserved the aesthetic quality of the large sheets of glass without all the sliding ironmongery required to make glass openable The Gee Street building impressed the BDA Award judges in a number of ways By using perforated and extruded Terre Doree bricks this has created a beautiful looking façade and showcased the unique appeal of bricks for modern new builds Gee Street Gee Street London Close Up Terre Doree Inside

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/more-than-just-another-brick-in-the-wall.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - New monastery in Liverpool strikes architectural high note
    material also serves to ensure the building is coherent and expresses a sense of community appropriate to the area Bell Tower Carmelite Monastery Of course in order to deliver the effect intended by the architects Austin Smith Lord the project required the brickwork to be delicately matched to the designs Wienerberger s Con Mosso brick was chosen for its soft and textured appearance which makes it equally suitable for internal as well as external use As such the brick was used internally most notably within the chapel and the cloister On the façade the appearance subtly changes according to the time of day and weather conditions the changing shape of the shadows deliberately exudes a sense of calmness and tranquility Whilst the building is modern in its expression it also showcases a traditional monastic design in its form and layout that has successfully created a striking but harmonious transition between internal and external living The garden is a wildlife haven which leads through to a kitchen garden and orchard that provides homegrown fruit and vegetables Within the chapel interior the headers project at a higher level in order to break up sound reflections and maintain the peaceful atmosphere In addition to the chapel and the cloister the building also has a refectory community room library workspaces guest house 24 cells two hermitage cells and six fully accessible infirmary cells As with everything on this project each space was made to the highest quality while being both comfortable and modest befitting the Carmelite philosophy Carmelite Monastery Inside View Beyond the brickwork the building was recognised for its minimal energy requirements By incorporating natural ventilation improved insulation maximised daylight and renewable energy such as ground source heating pumps and solar water heating it is able to function as a sustainable community For

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/new-monastery-in-liverpool-strikes-architectural-high-note.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger brick adds character to The Mac
    rigorous selection procedure Belfast based Hackett Hall McKnight was appointed to lead an integrated design team to deliver the flagship building Ian McKnight from Hackett Hall McKnight said We sought to create a building that reflects the heritage of the city s mills and warehouses not only in its resilience and constructional legibility but also in its warmth and texture and essential humanity The project is defined by two brick blocks The expression of each block is distinct due to minor adjustments to the architectural language One is a regular cuboid form expressed with a repeated elevational treatment reflecting the wrapping of large spaces with cellular accommodation The other is a less regular form with large individual openings offering into larger more volumetrically generous spaces The foyer occupies the tall voids between these two forms a space characterised by top light and defined by internal elevations of brick and concrete reflecting the typical streetscape of the area The foyer is dominated along one side by a four storey wall of brick piers a strong and dramatic element within the foyer and a main defining moment of the building As well as being used for the building s exterior a deep brick wall wraps the public spaces forms the cuts in the block and continues into the foyer creating an interior urban room In addition to an extensive use of structural in situ concrete the brick was used as an internal exposed finish In terms of both construction and materials the architect wished to continue to evoke the relationship between the new MAC and the city s historic landscape giving visitors a sense of moving easily from the building s surrounding streets and square into the world within Brick is the dominant finish externally and within the main foyer of the MAC and the choice of brick was critical to the project After much research the final brick selection was made because its character texture and warm colour tone were perfect for the MAC as it resembled the traditional red Belfast brick of the nearby buildings he said Mellowed Red Sovereign Stock is part of a range of high quality waterstruck bricks available from Wienerberger Other colours available are Oast Russet Sovereign Stock Reclaimed Shire Sovereign Stock Autumn Russet Sovereign Stock and Smoked Russet Sovereign Stock This attractive waterstruck style of brick has been widely used across Ireland for a number of years and is ideally suited to both traditional and contemporary buildings Ian added Brick selection was undertaken with great care we sought a colour and essential sense of clay to reflect traditional Belfast bricks We were also careful to avoid bricks that appeared too hard and sought a brick that reflected the regularity of those typically used in Belfast in the 19th and early 20th centuries whilst also contributing a sense of texture and softness The external brick brings a richness and depth to the elevations that are highly successful in reflecting a contemporary interpretation of traditional construction methods

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/wienerberger-brick-adds-character-to-the-mac.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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  • Wienerberger - Wienerberger checks-in at The Savoy
    used in transforming the hotel Strict planning restrictions on the Grade II listed building meant that all materials had to match the existing and adjoining buildings with original building practices replicated throughout Jim Ryan from ReardonSmith said The Savoy hotel is something of a national treasure and one of the most well known hotels in the world The restoration and refurbishment of such a landmark needed meticulous attention to detail and all building materials had to pass a number of stringent requirements Savoy Hotel London White Glazed The solution In order to meet these strict criteria Reardon Smith turned to Wienerberger to provide a brick which was coherent with the aesthetics of the building satisfied current building regulations and would last for generations to come The White Glazed Imperial brick from Wienerberger fitted the bill perfectly providing a unique aesthetic because of its reflective glossy facade and hardwearing nature The White Glazed Imperial is part of Wienerberger s Colour Fusion range of glazed bricks developed to give architects a huge variety of colours Available as standard in 215x102x65mm in 12 colours of brick the glazed surface can be ordered to match any RAL reference while bespoke sizes and shapes can be made to order making this a highly versatile product Jim continued The brick throughout the restoration of the building varied in glaze and base colour dependant on the area of the building and its original construction The original brickwork was also a specialist size and needed to be replicated Wienerberger demonstrated it was flexible and adaptive enough to cope with these challenges and supplied a product which met performance regulatory and aesthetic requirements Savoy Hotel London White Glazed The outcome The doors of the Savoy were reopened in October 2010 to a chorus of praise and excellent reviews Jim

    Original URL path: http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/wienerberger-checks-in-at-the-savoy.html?lpi=1366208062338& (2016-02-14)
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