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  • Sailing Yachts For Sale | Wooden Ships - International Yacht Brokers UK
    there in one piece Designer David Hillyard Builder Hillyards Ltd Littlehampton Year 1964 Location Devon Length on deck 40 Beam 11 6 Draft 5 6 Tonnage TM 18TM FULL DETAILS Cheverton Crusader Bermudan sloop 9 950 One of the best examples of the Crusader class that has had a major refit in present ownership The Crusader was a superb design because of the amount of space it offered for the length They were designed as safe yet competitive family cruising boats capable of taking some weather when necessary and offering comfortable accommodation for four people Full length berths lots of headroom throughout and a separate heads compartment Recent rigging and sails good engine and cosmetically very tidy a great way to get sailing without huge expense Designer David Cheverton Builder Cheverton Yachts Year 1960 Location Southampton Length on deck 27 6 Beam 8 2 Draft 4 3 Tonnage TM 6 8 TM FULL DETAILS 47 Bermudan cutter project 20 000 Tax A very robust and strong hull that has been professionally built in France to a design by Didier Presles Built with the intention of ocean cruising including voyages in Polar regions this is a large volume and spacious hull built to a high standard and ready to be completed Needs rig systems engine and coachroof Pattern for the ballast keel comes with the hull but the keel has not yet been cast Rare opportunity to take on a project where the really hard work has been done Designer Didier Presles Builder Chantier Nautique Pichavant Location France Length on deck 47 Beam 13 8 Draft 7 Tonnage TM 11 000kg disp FULL DETAILS 32 Robert Clark sloop 19 500 Built in 1966 to Lloyds 100A1 with teak planking on oak frames A slightly unusual design with raised topsides forward to increase the interior volume Laid teak deck with all varnished teak fittings and hatches A very deep and safe cockpit gives away her offshore sailing heritage she finished 6th overall in the 1968 Transat A very easily handled boat and eminently capable at sea she has good headroom throughout with full length berths and a separate heads Major rebuild of the bottom end in recent years plus an engine overhaul Designer Robert Clark Year 1966 Location Hants Length on deck 32 Beam 9 4 Draft 4 8 FULL DETAILS Bermudan sloop 12 000 Very tidy bermudan sloop built in 1973 Continually updated and well maintained in present 11 year ownership this is a very smart fast and capable little boat 4 berth accommodation and 6 headroom under the raised coachroof Massive inventory including good sails Very reliable original petrol engine which is quiet and smooth This is a great boat for the money ready to sail away and looks very smart indeed August 2014 survey available Designer F B R Brown Builder Robert Samson Year 1973 Location Scotland Length on deck 29 Beam 8 6 Draft 4 9 FULL DETAILS McGruer Bermudan Ketch 29 500 This yacht was formerly named

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  • Gaff schooner for Sale
    ships had done for centuries a huge tradition and industry which had developed and thrived for many years but was now on its last legs due to declining fish stocks In 1987 she was laid up and bought a few years later bought by the present owners who spent several years rebuilding the hull and converting her to a gaff schooner She first sailed in 1997 and has been used since then as a commercial ship carrying out film work and charter Her very experienced owners have had an ongoing and extensive maintenance regime which has seen the vessel upgraded year on year and we have a detailed list of the very thorough work which has been carried out in recent years Length on Deck 83 Length overall 100 Beam 20 Draft 10 Displacement 100 tonnes Sail Area 2971sqft Construction Hull Planked in oak all galvanised iron nail fastened to sawn oak frames Inner planking or ceiling also fastened with iron nails The underwater hull is sheathed in copper Decks Straight laid solid spruce deck caulked and payed and coated with non slip epoxy deck paint High bulwarks al round with an oak capping rail giving good security and protection to the crew working on deck Superstructure Deck house aft giving a comfortable deck saloon Coachroof just aft of the foremast with a skylight Rig Gaff schooner rig on keel stepped steel masts Varnished spruce booms gaffs and bowsprit Galvanised wire standing rigging parcelled and served in the traditional way to dead eyes and lanyards External steel chainplates Sails Mainsail foremain topsails staysail jib and flying jib Machinery Engine Catepillar 3206 B 215Hp 6 cylinder diesel Tanks Fuel in two separate steel tanks total of 1800 gallons Fresh water in a single 250 gallon stainless tank Black water in a

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  • Norwegian Gaff ketch for sale
    safety plans layouts and copies of licences available upon request Length on Deck 76 6 Beam 19 Draft 10 Air Draft 76 Gross tonnage 76GT Construction Hull Planked in close grained resinous Pine as is typical for the Norwegian vessels on pine frames all trennel fastened Copper sheathing below the waterline applied in 2010 At the same time some planking was replaced below the water along with all new caulking Decks and cockpit Decks planked in straight laid pine caulked in cotton and payed with pitch in the traditional manner Raised coverboards all round with stanchions mounted through and fastened alongside the frame heads High bulwark with a varnished pin rail and capping rail Raised aft deck to increase head room below Superstructure One large cargo hatch between the masts of steel construction Main companion hatch by the mizzen mast for access below decks Rig Gaff ketch rig on solid keel stepped masts Varnished wooden booms gaffs and bowsprit A single square yard on the main mast sets a large coarse sail for down wind sailing Large manual winches at the base of the main mast take the halyard falls to aid setting the mainsail Sails of tan duradon with 300sqm in total Mainsail Mizzen Mizzen topsail Main topsail Staysail Inner jib Outer jib Flying jib Machinery Engine Volvo Penta TAMD122A 300hp diesel installed in 2011 after a complete rebuild Twin disc gearbox with a stainless shaft to a 3 blade Hundested variable pitch propeller Generator Paguro 3000 3Kva 220v generator with 900 running hours 2 inverters of 1000W and 300W Tanks Diesel 2 x 1000l Water 2 x 1000l Black 1 x 1000l Batteries The entire ship runs on 24v Start batteries of 180ah total Domestic bank consisting of 3 x 180ah batteries Accommodation The interior is mostly taken

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  • 65' Baltic Trader for sale
    massive sold pine The aftermost house over the aft cabin and engine room is stepped up aft and protects the helm Fixed boom crutch over The traditional teak spoked wheel is mounted on a steering mangle with chains and turning blocks to the iron tiller which penetrates the transom at deck level Boards over the chains give the helmsman clear view over the top of the deck house raised part The forward part of the after house is over the engine room with a separate entrance hatch in the fwd stbd corner Life rafts carried on this deck The midships house over the galley deck storage lockers each side The mizzen mast penetrates this house Steel main sheet horse across the roof Narrow gap to the forward deck house dropping to seat level forward close to the main mast Massive bronze rectangular ports in the seat part and one in the vertical forward face The narrow gap protects the cabin entrance hatch to stbd Sliding hatch top double folding door and high step These houses allow ease of handling the mainsail on the main boom Forward of the main mast is the forward entrance a modern Lewmar glazed aluminium hatch mounted on a raised coaming The massive windlass in mounted forward again against the Sampson post Wide clear fore deck allows easier handling of the headsails Gaff ketch rig This rig is usually described as a Galeas where the mizzen is larger than usual in a ketch Gaff topsails are carried on both masts 4 headsails Solid pine masts date from the 1974 refit and are stepped through the deck onto the keel Both mainmast and mizzen carry fidded topmasts on trestle trees and spreaders Galvanised wire standing rigging set up to external iron chain plates with galvanised rigging screws 3 lowers each side to the main mast set well aft Running back stays on tackles Cap shroud to the main mast topmast Twin lowers and cap shroud to the mizzen Triatic stays between the doublings and between the mast caps Ratlines up each side on both masts Solid pine slab reefed main boom on twin mast bands sheets to a traveller on a steel bar horse across the mid ships deck house Traveller control tackles Tufnol sheet blocks in a 4 part tackle to a bail on the boom Solid slab reef mizzen boom sheets to a horse on the transom with tufnol blocks in a 4 part tackle to a bail on the boom Both gaffs have wooden jaws Traditional wooden blocks to throat and peak halyards All falls lead to belay pins in the capping rail each side Fixed timber bowsprit heeled into the Sampson post with fixed guys each side to the catheads Chain bob stays round a dolphin striker split and lead back to the bulwarks Inner bob stay from the dolphin striker to the stem at the water line Bowsprit net and foot ropes Sails Mainsail with wooden hoops round the mast Mizzen with

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  • Topsail Schooner for sale in Cornwall
    of certification could easily be achieved once again by simply upgrading the equipment on board Length Overall 96 Length on Deck 65 Length Waterline 56 7 Beam 18 1 Draft 9 3 Air Draft 77 Construction Hull Planked in 3 oak all galvanise nail fastened to heavy sawn oak frames Inspected thoroughly in present and past ownership due to regulations of the commercial licence One plank replaced in 2008 otherwise the hull appears to be in very sound condition She has two water tight bulkheads making 3 separate compartments in the ship Decks Straight laid 2 5 Iroko deck fastened with galvanise dumps caulked in the traditional way and payed with pitch This deck was laid during the 91 refit She has a step in the deck at the aft to increase headroom in the aft cabin High bulwarks on oak stanchions mounted through the coverboards Pin rails for the running rigging are fixed to the inside of the bulwarks There is a well in the aft deck for the helmsman with the large varnished wheel mounted on a pedestal in this well When standing at deck level the helmsman has good visibility over the bow however he can also sit on the deck with feet in the well which is a safe and comfortable position for long night watches Superstructure Deck structures are all varnished teak and date from the 91 refit Large doghouse over the aft cabin with its own companionway Laid teak doghouse deck and bronze portholes The main entrance hatch is just forward of the main mast and is a wide and easy companionway into the boat Forward of this is a butterfly skylight with a heavy permanently mounted varnished teak table over it The table serves as table for alfresco dining but also as a safe and stable platform for packing the fore mainsail Storage boxes mounted to the deck serve as seats to the table Forehatch on the centreline in front of the fore mast gives access to the forward cabin usually the crew accommodation Rig Topsail schooner rig on solid keel stepped pine masts This is a rig design that offers a huge amount of flexibility with its fore and aft sails as well as square sails meaning she can be sailed comfortable on any point of sail The whole rig was removed in 2008 the spars stripped and all standing and running rigging replaced as well as all new varnish and paint work Standing rigging is galvanised wire parcelled and served in the traditional way and coated with black varnish Dead eyes and lanyards to external galvanised chain plates Ratlines for both masts to access the tops Square sail yards are hollow aluminium tubes which help to cut down the weight All lines to control the square topsail run to the deck so the topsail and the main coarse can be set from deck without the need for any crew to go aloft Sails Total sail area of 4027sqft 374sqm Mainsail Main

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  • Danish Gaff ketch for sale
    the cover board in the normal fashion Heavy oak capping rail with pine bulwark planking and large freeing ports at the base Superstructure Deck house aft constructed of pine planking with a sheathed marine plywood roof Helm position aft of this with seating for the helmsman Entrance to the deckhouse in aft starboard corner Heads compartment across the aft end with sea toilet and shower Galley to port with seating and table to starboard Switch board located on the bulkhead by the galley Companionway steps on the centreline at the forward end giving access below Small lifting hatch forward providing light and ventilation to the below decks area Forehatch forward of the mainmast for access to the below decks area Rig Gaff ketch rig on solid keel stepped masts Solid varnished pine booms gaffs and bowsprit Galvanised wire standing rigging parcelled and served with dead eyes and lanyards to external chainplates Lifting bowsprit to aid handling in confined marinas and harbours Sails 2 mainsails 1 mizzen Staysail Jib 2 riding mizzens a small triangular sail used for steadying the boat at anchor and also as a Storm mizzen All sails in Duradon mains and mizzen in tan the rest in white Machinery Engine and machinery Gardner 6LX 110hp Traditional Gardner wheel controlled gearbox with shaft to large fixed 3 blade propeller Offers quiet and economical cruising no better than a Gardner 7 5kva installed generator provides more than enough power for the boat Hot water immersion tank heated with a 220v immersion provides pressurised hot water throughout the boat Batteries and electrics Large battery bank with ship domestics and engine start running on 24v and navigation equipment running on 12v 2 x 12v engine start batteries with total 180ah 24v domestic bank with total 200ah 4 x 12v battery bank

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  • Replica ancient Greek sailing vessel for sale
    TM 6 5 tons Offers Invited REF 6948 Full Specification Built in 2011 as a film prop she was used for two separate films and has since been laid up Planked in larch fastened to sawn Douglas Fir frames with a laid fir deck Complete with spars and rigging although there are no longer any sails Several pairs of large oars made to go with the boat She is powered

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/sailing-yachts/replica-ancient-greek-sailing-vessel/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Danish Gaff Ketch for sale
    working as a commercial charter vessel since 2015 survey available Construction Hull Carvel 2 oak planking on 5 x 6 sawn oak frames alternate frames are doubled Iron fastened Copper sheathed around the waterline 2001 2007 over 400 metres of planking was replaced The old concrete ballast was removed and replaced with concrete and iron punchings 15 tons New transom post rudder trunk and stock Decks New 2001 2007 Larch planking on 2 x 18mm ply Existing deck beams used Bulwarks all round Superstructure Coachroof coamings in painted pine Bronze portholes Coachroof deck teak on ply Hydraulic wheel steering Rig Gaff ketch Keel stepped solid timber masts oiled Booms and spars solid timber oiled Slab reefing Retractable bowsprit Standing rigging in galvanised wire parcelled and served 2006 Galvanised rigging screws external galvanised chainplates Sails Total sail area 180 sqm New 2007 in Duradon Mainsail boomed staysail jib In good condition Mizzen 2013 Gaff topsail 2006 Machinery Engine Mercedes Benz OM403 320hp 10 cylinder 1976 Rentjes 5 1 reduction gearbox single lever control Centreline shaft to 3 blade propeller This engine was completely rebuilt in 2000 and serviced in January 2015 Cruising speed 7 kts max 10 kts Fuel consumption 12 litres hour Generator Yanmar Standford 8KVA diesel in the engine room new 2006 Tanks Fuel Stainless steel tanks in engine room Total 1200 litres 1x800L 2x300L Day tank for generator x 22L Fresh Water Stainless steel tank 1200 litres Grey water 100L hand pumped Batteries Generator 1 x 80ah Engine Start 2 x 12v 50ah Domestic 2x12v batteries on 24v circuits Battery charger Mobitronic 24v 25A Inverter Mobitronic 1500w 24v 220v Shore power connection Bilge pumps 2 x 24v 2 x manual Accommodation 10 berths Berths Layout plan to follow Headroom 2 05 cm approx 6 9 Forecabin with 3

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/sailing-yachts/danish-gaff-ketch-2/ (2016-04-26)
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