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  • Small Craft boats For Sale | Wooden Ships, Dartmouth, Devon, UK
    forgiving yet with good performance and easily sailed solo Gunter rig spars stow within the boat Good white terylene sails Only one owner from new very little used in nice condition with road trailer Designer Walker Builder Unknown Year 2000 Location Surrey Length on deck 12 Beam 5 Draft 6 3 Tonnage TM 275lb FULL DETAILS International 12 sailing dinghy 3 900 Originally designed in 1912 the popularity of the International 12 has endured to the present day and they are still raced enthusiastically in many countries This dinghy is mahogany on oak and is virtually unused Sails are as new Road trailer Designer George Cockshott Builder Dutch boatbuilder Year 2002 Location Cornwall Length on deck 12 FULL DETAILS Mylne sailing dinghy 4 250 12 1923 Gunter rigged sailing dinghy designed by Alfred Mylne and thought to have been destined for one of the big class yachts Fully restored and immaculate Varnished clinker spruce construction on oak timbers Recent galvanised road trailer A stunning dinghy in lovely condition a complete package ready to go sailing Designer Mylne Alfred Builder Mylne Year 1923 Location Clyde Length on deck 12 FULL DETAILS McGruer clinker tender 5 000 A very rare double ended clinker dinghy from the McGruer yard built sometime in the 1920 s then completely rebuilt by the Ardrishaig boat yard in 1992 Immaculate little boat and hardly used since the rebuild Fully varnished inside gloss white outside larch on oak frames with mahogany thwarts and sole boards Eye catching little dinghy that would be a compliment to any deck Designer McGruer Builder McGruer Year 1920 s Location Edinburgh Length on deck 10 FULL DETAILS Fairey Duckling sailing dinghy 1 650 A very nice example of the Fairey Marine built Fairey Duckling centreboard sailing dinghy Strong hot moulded construction in varnished

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  • Wooden Ships - Wooden Ships
    2 Lee Rogers Rigging All areas of yacht rigging specialising in traditional hand wire splicing and leatherwork We are also able to swage wire terminals up to 16mm supply and fit deck hardware furling gear modern rope splicing and much more Call or email us for friendly service and a competitive quote 01803 835912 lee leerogersrigging co uk Dartmouth Devon VISIT WEBSITE Pages 1 2 To find out how to

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/services/page/2/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Wooden Ships Yacht Brokers
    the use of vessels being offered for sale by Wooden Ships This will enable us to bring yachts to Dartmouth which are currently lying in obscure parts of the world or which have owners who are not able to look after them We will care for them carry out any necessary refit work and present them to the market enabling us to get clients aboard boats which otherwise might not

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2016/03/wooden-ships-commercial-mooring/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Blog - Benefits of shared ownership?
    spread the costs of the boat and to also ensure that she gets used properly throughout the season rather than leaving the mooring one weekend a month We have been approached by several people in recent months with the same idea so have decided to set up a data base of clients interested in shared ownership to try and bring people together and give them the opportunity to own a nice boat Match com for yachties if you will There are obviously many hurdles that present themselves when forming a syndicate to own a boat and the more owners involved the more potential problems that could develop First of all we have to find two people wanting to purchase a similar type of boat which is harder than it sounds because the majority of buyers who come to us do not actually know what they need or what boat will be most sensible It often takes long discussions before we are able to finally settle on a particular type of yacht for a client as they all too often start out looking for something either far too big or wholly inadequate for the sailing they have planned however once we have managed to cut to the chase and decipher the type of boat they want and the sort of sailing they are going to be doing we can start to put potential joint owners together Location is of course a major factor not only for people thinking of joint ownership but for any boat owner wishing to sell as buyers often have to be pushed to travel any sort of distance to view a boat When owning a boat its location relative to the owners home is very important as this will severely affect the amount of use the owner

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2015/07/benefits-of-shared-ownership/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Charter Sailing on a Traditional Ship Blog
    Bessie Ellen but also Irene another West Country trading ketch from the early part of the 20 th Century Nikki has been running Bessie for many years now doing everything from carrying cargo to sail training with disadvantaged youths however the majority of her time is spent taking people on sailing holidays and providing them with superb experiences and first hand knowledge of what it is like to sail a traditional vessel This is something that we are very passionate about and Richard has been involved with Bessie Ellen skippering her on quite a few occasions so if we can help bring in some more business through our web site then it can only be a good thing This year Nikki has taken over the management of Irene and will be offering berths aboard this magnificent gaff ketch throughout the year This will range from day sails to week long holidays but for a more detailed look at the itinerary it is best to follow the links through to the boats web site here you will details of costs dates and locations to suit everyone Sailing one of these superb vessels is an experience everyone should enjoy Even for the

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2015/02/charter-sailing-traditional-ship/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Wooden Ships Yacht Brokers
    is that insurers have finally got around to realising that wooden boats are not just the preserve of the eccentric and not all wooden boats are festering old wrecks crewed by long haired drop outs with consequent high risk Celebrity ownership glamorous photos in the best magazines and huge well publicised classic boat regattas have all contributed to this very welcome change Labour costs are always a source of contention I often say to and about traditional boat builders that if they want to live in luxury and drive fast cars then take up banking although equally I also hear from many bankers who claim they would sacrifice their bonuses to lead the life of a traditional boat builder knee deep in wood shavings with the smell of pine resin and tar in their nostrils Talk is easy However if traditional boat builders want to practise and enjoy a way of life which allows them to exercise their skills at a time and a pace they choose then they will inevitably have to accept that they will never be in the big bucks league I have often heard claims that boat building is an art not dissimilar to that of a painter or a sculptor and few of those died rich men Far be it from me to deprive a craftsman of a fair living but in return I want a fair job We see some very skilled craftsmen doing wonderful work and these guys deserve to be paid accordingly but we also see the others who often don t deserve to be paid at all yet still offer their services It is noticeable that the best boat builders are also frequently the fastest so they earn their money twice over However I am not willing to pay for a young man just out of college taking an age to do what is often not even a decent job We all yearn for a return to the time when boatyards were able to take on apprentices and skills and permissible commercial short cuts were learnt on the job I and many others we speak to are willing to pay for that The welcome change we are seeing is the number of students enrolling at the boat building schools but school learning does not make a professional That only comes with experience On the subject of annual maintenance how many times do we hear that if there is a yacht on the tin then expect to pay double One day someone will explain to me why anti fouling paint has to be so expensive or why a tin of white paint with a yacht on it is twice the price of Dulux from the local builder s merchant I welcome all explanations and will willingly publish them but I want evidence from the technicians not from the marketing boys It is easy for yacht owners to moan about costs no doubt they always have and they always will I have read

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2014/12/2014-brief/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Half Price Pilot Cutter - a blog from Wooden Ships
    let s face it they are not at the cheap end of the market And rightly so these are incredible boats and there are only a handful of them left fortunately though the numbers are increasing because there are some people out there willing to take the plunge and rebuild the more run down boats and get them back sailing However the possibility of owning a BCPC has just opened itself up to a lot more people We have been advertising Carlotta now for a little while and although we have had a lot of interest nobody has come along with enough imagination desire and money to take over ownership and get her home She is currently on the west coast of Canada after sailing out there in the 1970 s This is again a fascinating story and largely untold although the tales of Carlotta s voyages have now been quite well documented Unfortunately the west coast is the wrong side of the continent as far as we here in the Uk are concerned and the logistics of getting the boat back to UK have proved too tiresome for most buyers There is however now a rather good incentive as the price of the boat has been reduced to a very low figure of 145 000 Bear in mind this is a rebuilt cutter from 1899 an absolute beauty of a boat very fast and with a well documented history Yes she needs a suit of sails and she is on the wrong side of Canada but so what this is a half price Pilot Cutter which ever you look at it The point is that this is not setting a precedent for the value of original Pilot Cutters The true value of the boat is a lot higher and if circumstances allowed she would be advertised and sold at a lot higher price however the two factors that are affecting this sale and affect all sales are location and the owners willingness to sell It is a great shame that after doing so much good work to the boat and putting so much into her the owners find themselves in the position where they need to move her on and because nobody here in the UK has been able to step up to the mark and buy her they will be opening her up to the north American market Because the history and significance of Carlotta is not fully understood or appreciated over there the asking price has to be significantly lower than it would be in UK hence the reason for bringing it down to this low level To my mind it would be a real shame if somebody did not take this opportunity to bring Carlotta home It would be a fantastic adventure to sail her home exploring the wilderness of western Canada and North America then down to the Panama Canal a season in the Caribbean and then home or alternatively she could simply be loaded

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2014/10/half-price-pilot-cutter/ (2016-04-26)
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  • March 2016 Archives - Wooden Ships
    12th 2016 Wooden Ships Commercial mooring on the River Dart We have recently had confirmation from Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority that our new commercial mooring on the river has been approved and will be in operation from 1st April 2016 This mooring will be a 30m pontoon berth solely for the use READ MORE Return to blog Archives by Month March 2016 July 2015 February 2015 December 2014 October

    Original URL path: http://www.woodenships.co.uk/2016/03/ (2016-04-26)
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