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  • Blog | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials - Part 3
    Enrolment Contact Blog Blog Back December 2nd 2014 No comments Famous Accounting Scandals Those who keep abreast of current affairs may have noticed over the past month or so that Tesco have been in the firing line Continue reading December 1st 2014 No comments Why Become A Bookkeeper A little while ago we looked at how to become a bookkeeper but perhaps we should address the question of WHY you may want Continue reading November 28th 2014 No comments The History of Accounting Part 2 Last time on our blog we took a brief walk through the history of accounting covering the years between the appearance of the very Continue reading November 27th 2014 No comments The History of Accounting Part 1 Here at Woodgrove Tutorials our distance IAB accounting courses are relied upon by numerous individuals when they re looking to break into the world of Continue reading November 11th 2014 No comments 4 Unlikely Celebrity Accountants If you read our previous blog on accountants in the movies then you ll probably have started to realise that even if it s not Continue reading Newer entries Blog 18 Uncategorized 4 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October

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  • Famous Accounting Scandals | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    if only they d taken accounting courses with us here at Woodgrove Tutorial maybe they wouldn t have made such a mess Let s take a look at the most famous ahem errors starting with Bernie Madoff The term pyramid scheme refers to a scam in which people pay sums of money on the promise of higher returns When those higher returns come in they re not really an investment it s just capital that the next sucker in line paid in and so it goes And at the top of this particular pyramid was Bernie Madoff Through the largest ever Ponzi scheme named after serial fraudster Charles Ponzi Madoff managed to swindle a colossal 65 billion from investors Enron Enron were the masters of creative accounting a term made famous in Mel Brooks The Producers The energy corporation maintained a suspiciously high stock price when all others were succumbing to the usual ups and downs that companies must navigate Eventually a whistle blower revealed the truth and shareholders lost almost 75 million CEOs Jeff Skilling and Kenneth Lay managed it by keeping those massive debts off the books and fooling investors into thinking the company was in fine shape Freddie Mac Freddie Mac was once a giant of the financial world And now it s synonymous with the recent financial crisis Pretty much everyone at the top was involved in the downfall of the federally backed Freddie Mac from the President CEOs CFO and vice Presidents of the company In total 5 billion in earnings was misstated or understated in order to make the company appear better than it really was If only these guys had taken a few lessons from us this wouldn t have happened They give good honest accountants a bad name Here at Woodgrove Tutorial

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  • Blog | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials - Part 2
    Blog Back November 27th 2014 No comments The History of Accounting Part 1 Here at Woodgrove Tutorials our distance IAB accounting courses are relied upon by numerous individuals when they re looking to break into the world of Continue reading November 11th 2014 No comments 4 Unlikely Celebrity Accountants If you read our previous blog on accountants in the movies then you ll probably have started to realise that even if it s not Continue reading November 3rd 2014 No comments Famous Movie Accountants At Woodgrove Tutorials we re one of the leading providers of accounting courses in the UK and we firmly believe that bookkeeping expertise is one Continue reading October 27th 2014 No comments Common Bookkeeping Mistakes In a number of our previous blogs we ve discussed not only importance of bookkeeping for businesses but also how bookkeeping can benefit your career Continue reading October 21st 2014 No comments How to Become a Bookkeeper Whether you re considering a career change or just fancy learning a new and desirable skill for the future bookkeeping is a great career path Continue reading October 3rd 2014 No comments The Advantages of Distance Learning At Woodgrove Tutorials one of the main advantages of our bookkeeping courses is that they can be studied over distance You ve very probably come Continue reading October 2nd 2014 No comments Best Practice Bookkeeping Last time we spoke about why bookkeeping was so important in business environments but of course bookkeeping is only effective if it is carried Continue reading September 25th 2014 No comments Why is Bookkeeping Important to Businesses Bookkeeping is an incredibly important string to have to your bow Of course this is an obvious assertion if your career actually requires you Continue reading Newer entries Blog 18 Uncategorized 4 February 2016 January

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  • Why Become A Bookkeeper? | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    a bookkeeper You re in demand All businesses small or large are required by law to keep records of their finances This means that as a bookkeeper there are always businesses looking for you In the current job market it is wise to be trained in a skill that makes you desirable and in demand and with only an estimated 3 000 registered bookkeepers in the UK there is a desperate need for those qualified to fill vacancies in numerous businesses Work where you want As a bookkeeper you have the opportunity to work with a huge range of businesses Whether you want to get involved with a charitable organisation a retail giant or a small local business there will be a role for you Move your way up There s a lot of room for career progression as a bookkeeper and a lot of room to increase your earnings As discussed when we looked at how to become a bookkeeper most will start out at an average salary of 20K With a bit of career progression you could be looking at up to 50k Job satisfaction Being a bookkeeper can be a highly rewarding career For those who love numbers organisation and working with others this career path can be particularly satisfying It s important to love the job you do and we feel that a career in bookkeeping can offer that all important job satisfaction If you feel that a career in bookkeeping is for you then we can help you make that dream a reality Here at Woodgrove Tutorials we offer a range of bookkeeping and accounting courses as an IAB Award Winning College Whether you re a beginner or already have experience we can offer excellent training that will get you to the places you want

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  • The History of Accounting – Part 2 | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    this timeframe the idea of a monetary economy became progressively more ingrained and bank loans now needed overseeing It was the medieval period that brought about an important development in the world of bookkeeping namely the system known as double entry Essentially this method of working recorded both debit and credit figures for each transaction and after its appearance in about the year 1300 it was widely used almost across the board The Accounting Renaissance The Renaissance had a profound impact on a great number of things but it certainly began to take accounting in a particularly curious direction During the Renaissance accounting began to be linked with moral and religious ideals which was certainly a new way of looking at things The theory was that bookkeeping had strong connotations with the audit of sin and the idea of judgement An interesting concept perhaps but one that we re fairly glad has now been left behind The Move Towards the Modern Colonial expansion brought about plenty of opportunities for accountancy procedures to flourish alongside the demand for overseas transactions Company stock began to be valued and dividends appeared for the first time in the 17 th century and these developments served to pave the way for the modern adoption of practices like stock exchange and investment The industrial revolution was also a significant stimulus to the accounting world as large scale manufacturing needed costs to be tracked very rigorously giving rise to discoveries like overhead costs and economies of scale The Modern Professional of Accounting Chartered accountants originated in 19 th century Scotland where they were regularly associated with solicitors and accounting institutes soon arose Demand for skilled accountants soared with the growth of company considerations like the limited liability structure and by the end of the century accountancy was

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  • Welcome to Woodgrove Tutorials New Blog | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    a handy and informal way for us to do so We specialise in teaching bookkeeping and accounts using a variety of distance bookkeeping courses and we provide a wide range of fully IAB accredited courses including our very own beginner intermediate and advanced level schemes The IAB is the leading regulatory body for professional bookkeepers in the UK and in the past 40 years a total of 150 000 students have attained IAB certified qualifications Bookkeeping is an extremely rewarding profession offering an array of attractive career opportunities so there are definitely plenty of reasons to study with us Attaining an IAB certified qualification at Woodgrove Tutorials will signify that you have been trained to the very highest of standards as our students have a proven track record for success in IAB exams The principle here at Woodgrove Tutorials Brian J Harford F C C A has previously received a Special award for Students Continued Outstanding Achievements in the IAB exams and he is the author of our highly successful home study course Brain has over 15 years of teaching experience plus an additional 20 years of expertise in the Financial Accounts business but all of our tutors can deliver the highest quality support using both telephone and online communication In the future you ll be able to find a variety of interesting and informative articles which will cover a range of topics You ll be able to find out a little more about our business and our services and we ll also be discussing news from our industry in a much wider sense as well Additionally we ll be able to furnish you with some tips and advice relating to the foundation of a career as a bookkeeper details about the industries that such skills would be useful in

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  • The History of Accounting – Part 1 | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    proud history so in this article the first in a two part series we ll be taking a look at accounting and bookkeeping over the years The Very First Accountant We have no idea who the very first accountant in history was but we re pretty sure that they probably hailed from ancient Mesopotamia Lists of expenditures and the like have been unearthed that appear to be an astonishing 7 000 years old and other primitive civilisations like the Assyrians and Babylonians appear to have used similar practices Accounting is fundamentally linked to the development of things like counting and money so wherever they appeared accounting followed Ancient Forms of Accounting Accounting soon began to develop and we know for a fact that peoples across the land that we now call Iran made use of cylinder tokens specifically for accounting purposes In the 1 st millennium BC other cultures like the Phoenicians began to implement new alphabets for bookkeeping purposes whilst offices and duties relating to consulting and auditing are attested by Egyptian and Biblical texts The famous Rosetta stone features a reference to a tax revolt so the need for accounting was obviously present What the Romans Did for Accounting As you might expect the Romans had a lot to say about accounting Intensively compiled financial details were available by the time of the Emperor Augustus and this information was apparently used by the Emperor himself as a vital component within decision making The Roman military were scrupulous when it came to the recording of cash commodities and transactions and we even have evidence that Roman forts could compute cash revenues on a daily basis Accounting archives were used by the Romans to better the economy so they clearly knew what they were doing We hope that you ll

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  • 4 Unlikely Celebrity Accountants | Learn With Woodgrove Tutorials
    few examples that should dispel the accountant stereotype for good Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard is one of the most popular British comedians of recent years but did you know that this comedy great was once destined to be an accountant Izzard s father was an accountant and so he initially attempted to study accounting himself at Sheffield University Fortunately for the world of comedy Izzard unanimously failed his exams so decided to stick with the comedy D Lo Brown If you were searching for an accountant we re guessing that the world of professional wrestling wouldn t be your first port of call D Lo Brown born Accie Julius Connor was a pretty well known wrestling name in the 90s but before he was winning wrestling accolades he actually graduated as an accountant from the University of Maine even spending some active time in the field Who knew John Grisham John Grisham perhaps fits the expected mould of an accountant more than the previously mentioned celebrities on this list but many people still don t realise that this celebrated author holds a degree in accounting Grisham originally planned to transfer this accounting aptitude to the world of tax but instead branched out to criminal law a decision that gave birth to his hugely popular legal thrillers Mick Jagger Legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger doesn t scream out accountant when you look at him but numerous sources attest that he studied accounting and finance in London This time of Jagger s life was also the period that saw him being inevitably sucked into the world of music alongside the rest of the Stones so the way we see it Jagger s accounting studies paved the way for the formation of the band Sort of Hopefully the above list has convinced

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