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  • Woodland Teddies Miniature Rosie Rabbit
    rabbit with hand painted feet and paws and my trade mark hand moulded nose with nostrils suede this time rather than leather as I couldn t find any suitable leather that was soft enough to mould into a nose this small Rosie was an experiment to see if I could make a furry this small she took a day to make which surprised me as I normally spend at least

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/wabbit.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies order form
    wish you can choose individual colours of items like the hair extensions or hand painted eyes that are not shown in the catalogue and that can usually be accommodated Please note postage has not been included in the prices and will be calculated according to the weight of your order Please look through the catalogue once you have decided what you want or if you want to discuss anything please contact me the fastest and easiest way is to send me an email click this envelope if you are using outlook otherwise we are UK based so if you prefer you can give me a call I work from home so I am usually there and don t object to phone calls at the weekend or in the evenings if that is easier for you my number is 01509 267597 drop the 0 and use 44 if overseas Once I know what you want I will check that everything is in stock calculate the postage and get back to you with a confirmation then we can sort out how you are going to pay At present I can accept cheques postal orders international money orders all in pounds sterling or

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/bssorder.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies Bearmaking Materials and Supplies noses teeth
    Ultrasuede Needle felting Kits Patterns Pay by credit card on order over 25 50 Hand M ade Noses Noses These are hand moulded then painted and varnished to give a realistic or wacky appearance Stock available in Brown Dark Brown or Black but other colours and sizes can be made to order All widths provided are approx Size A 10 14mm 1 00p Size C 20 24mm 1 50 Size

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/noses.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies hair extensions
    Click to see colour examples T Bone Amy There are times when a boring hairstyle just isn t good enough and when that happens what better than a bright new hair style with a few extensions to brighten up the day Whether you want a few dreadlocks like T Bone or a whole head job like Amy we can help I have stopped making bunches of hair extensions since with

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/hair.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies mohair dyes
    Noses Hair Extensions Mohair Dyes Dyed Mohair Fillings Ultrasuede Armature wire Needle felting Kits Patterns Prices shown do not include P P Cards accepted in the UK call if overseas Created for Mohair no fixing 39 colours that can be intermixed to create many many more A pot of dye will dye 1 kilo of dry fabric while each sachet will dye 250gms Bulk Discounts 5 or more sachets 2

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/dyes.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies kits and patterns
    Flame 43mm beautiful wavy semi string Evenstar 43mm Curlylocks Kid mohair Meadow Sweet 43mm Dense Schulte STF kid mohair Flower Power 25mm Schulte swirl mohair For more samples of what can be done click here iI you have a different colour requirement give me a call on 01509 267597 Despite escalating raw material and fuel prices our shorter hand dyed fabrics start at just 25 per fat quarter though the longest piles fabrics shown cost us 120 200 a metre before we dye them so if you wanted something like one of the beautiful pieces shown above they would be available from 45 for a fat quarter depending on the length and density of the pile We take the time to care for our fabrics and the results look and feel beautiful so pieces do tend to sell out very quickly but if you want something give me a call as I can usually produce something just for you quite quickly If you want me to dye your own mohair then the cost will depend on the complexity of what you want me to achieve and of course I need to recover the cost of the dyes gas and time

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/handdyed.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies and filling materials
    Dyes Dyed Mohair Fillings Ultrasuede Armature wire Needle felting Kits Patterns Debit cards accepted on UK sales Various Fillings Fillers 500gms 1kg 4kg 10kg 25kg Polyester 6 00 11 00 41 00 62 00 105 00 Elastomer 6 50 12 00 43 00 82 00 175 00 Steel Shot 3 50 6 50 24 00 35 00 58 00 3 9mm Steel Balls 4 00 7 00 25 00 39

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/fillings.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodland Teddies bearmaking supplies ultrasuede
    thicker upholstery grades designed for the automobile industry This fabric is easy to sew making it suitable for all hand or machine sewing applications you do not need special needles for either It is a wonderful manmade fabric stronger than suede so it won t tear or fray It is ideal for paw pads clothing beading jewellery purse making box lining camera lens bags for use as a back material and for many other purposes An important note about the colours We offer one of the largest ranges Ultrasuede colours but getting an accurate representation of each one whether here or in a colour chart is almost impossible because everything including lighting camera sensors graphics cards monitors the printer used and how it creates colours printing inks calibration whether you are in or out doors when you view it the type of screen used the age of the viewer and even the fact that we all perceive individual colours slightly differently anyway affects how each colour will be seen when we look at it So while every attempt has been made to match the colours of the individual Ultrasuede pieces in front of me to what I can see on my computer screen which is regularly calibrated to improve the accuracy I cannot guarantee they will look the same on another computer The colours are all beautiful and in most instances a slight difference shouldn t be a problem but while we are unable to offer a sample or try before you buy service without increasing the prices to cover the additional costs we do offer refunds if you change your mind about any colour you have received from us provided it is returned to us within 7 days of receipt but it must be received back in good unused

    Original URL path: http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/usuede.htm (2016-04-28)
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