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  • Woodwork Projects homepage
    page I find their very thin kerfs particularly useful They also appear to cut faster than Western saws and retain their sharpness for longer Furniture And Cabinet Making Magazine Reviewed in issue 147 My saw arrived safe and sound yesterday it s a thing of beauty Kier T H 240 Dozuki much more accurate than my table saw and such a smooth finish Rolphgo Free angle saw guide What can I say just Wow I bought the guide principally to help me scarf joints and I am not disappointed Alex S Free angle saw guide I can t recommend your saws enough in fact i wish I could afford a full set Tony V H 300 universal I use the saws for cutting shanks for my walking sticks They are brilliant Tony E P 210 coarse Awesome is not too strong a word for the way it cuts Daniel M Huntley Oak saw that saw has performed miracles and made me a God amongst ordinary people in that time Mick O S 265 universal I have received my saw this morning and it is amazing it is a pleasure to use Steve E S 250 double edged Kargoyu aldım Teşekkür

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/ (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodwork Projects shop
    of the page below is slow to open please click here for a lower graphics version My prices all include 20 VAT and postage and packing are free for customers in the UK Customers outside the UK should contact me

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/shop.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodwork Projects to inspire you
    William s stool Using the mini guide Geoff s magnificent jig for the saw guide Made for a free angle guide David s gates Made using pullsaws David s mammoth oak table Using a selection of pullsaws Geoff s display table Made using a free angle guide Tony Vowell s boat Using the H 300 universal saw David s curule chair Cut with pullsaws Still on the nautical theme Deek

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/projects.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Woodwork Projects at wood shows
    boat show The event in question is the BEALE PARK BOAT OUTDOOR SHOW 2016 on the River Thames near Pangbourne postcode RG8 9NW The show runs from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June I will also be at the woodcraft event at Harrold Odell Country Park on Sunday 19th June MK43 7DS Please come along to any of my events for a chat and a play with a wide range

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/shows.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • What my customers say
    right I have no doubt these will last a very long time free angle saw guide S 145 flush cut saw and H 250 universal saw I recently ordered one of your saw sets and it arrived today I want to tell you that I m very pleased with it The quality is excellent and the whole thing is reassuringly solid and substantial It s always a bit of a risk ordering this type of thing over the internet based on a few pictures on a monitor but I m entirely happy with the set you ve supplied I was surprised in a good way by how big the long handle is easily large enough for two hands The only drawback is that I will have to wait for my dad s birthday before I can borrow it from him woodworker saw set I want to let you know how much my father a proper craftsman has appreciated using the saw set I bought him last year with next order The saw and guide I recently purchased from you are astounding The accuracy and ease of use are a revelation The guide oozes quality and enables some interesting work The saw looks like a toy but its capacity for work confirms its status as a serious tool free angle saw guide I ve just received the blade and I tested it in a rip cut It is amazing It cuts very fast and precise with a small amount of effort S 250 double edged cross rip saw These are beautiful saws and such a great system for replacing blades Ultimate saw set mini saw guide S 175 Dozuki cross and hardwood blades H 240 Paiman saw S 90 compass blade and H 240 Dozuki saw I thought that I would drop you a line to say thank you for sending the Dozuki saw I am very pleased with the saw the accuracy and quality of finish is fantastic with Japanese saws I use no power tools and have always been some what of a purist only working with my old traditional British woodworking tools I do have to say now with the exception of Japanese saws which I have now completely gone over to H 240 Dozuki wide saw What an impressive piece of engineering mini saw guide I only got round to using the general purpose slightly convex edged blade later in the job but it was really excellent I used it for the shoulders of all the later tenons and if I managed to keep on my scribed lines I hardly had to touch up with a chisel at all Thanks for suggesting them H 300 cross convex saw Just ordered a replacement blade from you as well as a smaller saw My original 300 blade is still going strong having done all the work on my boat build I ve attached a photo of Sibrwd in build and yes I cut that ash cockpit coaming by hand

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/feedback.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • About / Contact Woodwork Projects
    and credit card details over the phone UK customers only and can also accept bank transfers or cheques drawn on UK financial institutions Since setting up the site I have had well over 1000 customers many of whom have placed one or more repeat orders I have also taken orders from more than 120 customers outside the UK including from these countries Australia Belgium Bermuda Brazil Brunei China Czech Republic

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/contact.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Saw data
    that specific blade or handle Pages devoted to a blade also identify all the handles which it will fit and pages about handles list the blades which will fit them If you already know the name of a blade you can click on its underlined name in the list below to go to its dedicated page Hook fitting saws 50128 Panel Piercing H 150 Video 50129 Dozuki H 150 50130 Bamboo H 150 50131 Panel Narrow H 240 50134 Panel Wide H 240 50135 Panel Piercing H 240 Video 50136 Dozuki H 240 50139 Dozuki Wide H 240 50152 Cross H 225 50237 Handy Utility H 200 50162 Rip H 250 50163 Hardwood H 250 50164 Cross H 250 50165 Universal H 250 50185 Cross H 265 50186 Cross Convex H 265 50187 Universal H 265 50188 Huntley Oak Saw H 265 50193 Bamboo H 270 50170 Siding H 120 50174 Utility Tapered H 180 50177 Utility H 240 50178 Utility Tapered H 240 50181 Paiman H 240 50244 HSS Paiman H 240 50179 Utility Flush H 240 50194 Utility H 300 50198 Rip H 300 50213 Cross Convex H 300 50214 Universal H 300 50236 Framing H 333 50230 Framing H 273 50221 Oricco Pruning H 210 50223 Oricco Pruning H 240 50224 Oricco Pruning H 270 Screw fitting saws 50011 Flush S 145 single Video 50034 Universal S 175 50041 Double edged S 250 50065 Universal S 265 50107 Compass S 80 50108 Compass S 90 50109 Compass S 150 50110 Compass S 210 8118 P24 Universal S 225 8808 B15 Flush S 145 double Video 50031 Pruning PS 170 50061 Pruning Fine PS 200 50084 Pruning Medium PS 200 50100 Pruning Coarse PS 230 Pin fitting saws 50121 Tuck in fine P 210 50122 Tuck in coarse

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/documentation.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • Answers to your questions
    Dozuki blades are essentially crosscut but the difference between crosscut and universal blurs into insignificance when you get into the ultra fine teeth like these What is the best ripsaw for hardwood I m afraid I don t actually have a dedicated hardwood ripsaw as yet Some time ago I sent a 50 kilo section of oak to the factory for development testing as customers had given me feedback that the standard ripsaws can lose set and follow the grain rather than the cutting line when working extensively in oak and similar hardwoods The Z saw factory had no experience of such a dense timber Japanese hardwoods are much lighter and planned to develop a suitable saw or saws Everything changed with the retirement of the previous CEO as his successors do not seem interested in any new development unless it is likely to lead to volume sales Hello I need help to be sure I order the correct saw I paint and my husband makes my stretchers for the canvas using lap joints and has been looking at conventional rip saws approx 12 long Can you advise me which of your Japanese saws would be suitable for this job please I presume your husband needs the ripsaw for the cut shown here with the red arrow and a crosscut saw for the shorter cut with the blue arrow If your paintings are not huge I would have thought that any of the ripsaws I sell would do the job the H 300 has a 12 blade and the other 2 have 10 blades so are by no means too small for the job The bottom saw with the double edged blade would also save your husband changing saws for the second cut although the double edged saw would not be my first choice largely from a safety perspective These are very sharp saws scary sharp according to one customer and I am not overly keen on the idea of using a saw blade with another set of teeth upward Having bought elsewhere a Japanese Pull Saw with an 11 inch blade of 18 TPI I then started using it for trimming the sides of my new kitchen cabinet carcasses where it has been necessary to trim the back edge to accommodate varying wall dimensions Having marked the cabinet with a pencil cutting line I firmly clamped the 2 9 long panel onto a worktable After I started sawing I found it difficult to maintain a straight cut because the sawdust from the cut constantly covered the pencil cutting line because as you well know these saws cut on the pull My only solution was to stop every inch or so wipe away the sawdust and see how the cut was in relation to the pencil cutting line The result was that my cut was smooth because of the fine bladed saw but it was wavy along its length probably not much more than 2mm deviation but that is bad

    Original URL path: http://www.woodworkprojects.co.uk/faq.htm (2016-04-28)
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