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  • Health Issues by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    from a severe cold or flu The symptoms and how to differentiate between a cold and flu and how Food Hygiene The Law How the issue of food hygiene is extremely thorough and how this only covers the important basics Things you must do to comply with the law and what inspectors will Gas Carbon Monoxide Poisoning How employers need to take every precaution possible against carbon monoxide poisoning How it occurs and what the symptoms are and how they re treated Hospital Acquired Infections MRSA The causes prevention and treatment of MRSA Why it s so prevalent in hospitals and what can be done to reduce the number of cases Infections at Work The types of infectious diseases which can break out in workplaces How they are controlled and the legislation which is in place to minimise the risks Legionnaire s Disease Danger in the Workplace How legionnaire s disease manifests itself and what companies can do to minimise the risks of it affecting the workplace Identifying legionnaire s disease and how to Occupational Asthma Causes Prevention Occupational asthma What causes it what are the symptoms and what can be done to alleviate or prevent it occurring The Health

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  • High Risk Workplaces by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    a dangerous place to work in spite of increased levels of automation over the past few decades How a number of organisations combine How to Transport Cash and Valuables Safely Professional robbers look for an easy target so you can reduce your risk when banking cash or takings by following a few simple guidelines Landfill Waste Management Safety The scale of the number of fatalities and injuries suffered by those who work in the landfill and waste management sector compared to many other industries How Offshore Diving Safety How the diving at work regulations are in place to ensure that offshore diving projects follow a code of conduct when it comes to ensuring offshore divers safety How Oil Rig Safety How oil rigs and working offshore are subject to some of the most rigorous health and safety regulations of all industries which has resulted in them being some of the Safety in Nuclear Power Plants The safety of nuclear power plants and how they are governed by strict and vast amounts of legislation How the designs of nuclear reactors and the security Safety When Working in Mines How continuous efforts have reduced the number of workers who suffer from illness

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/HighRiskWorkplacesCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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  • HR Matters by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    and where to Dealing with Employee Theft Why employees steal and how to spot signs that an employee may be stealing from your company How it s vital that you obtain hard evidence and to seek legal advice Dealing with the Workplace Bully The types of behaviour that constitute workplace bullying What it costs both to the victim and to the workplace as a whole action you can take both within and Drug Testing in the Workplace How there is no legislation to enforce drug testing in the workplace How a company or organisation needs to seek the consent of the workforce in order to administer The Cost of Breaching Health and Safety Regulations Health and safety regulations exist to protect workers and the public and breaching the rules can lead to court action even if no one has been hurt Here we look at The Importance of Clear Instructions to Keep Safe Why it s important to give clear instructions in order to keep safe and the ways in which you can get your message across to your workforce which can help them stay The Role of the Occupational Health Manager What the role of an occupational health manager

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/HRMattersCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Safe Environment by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    damage and injury without the use of proper and appropriate safety protection equipment for the job you re doing Have Your Electrical Items Been PAT Tested There is widespread confusion about the rules surrounding PAT portable appliance testing Here we look at an employer s responsibilities and the laws about Kitchen Workplace Safety The most common causes of accident and injury in a commercial kitchen workplace and how to prevent them How the HSE is responsible for the safety aspects of Professional Window Cleaning Safety How falls are the most common form of injury suffered by professional window cleaners Advice on keeping safe and ladder safety tips Safety for Restaurant Workers Restaurant workers face a number of threats to workplace safety These include common problems that can be avoided with forethought and care Safety Preparation in the Event of Terrorism How terrorism can strike at the heart of any business at any time and how a company can help themselves and their staff by remaining vigilant and having safety and Safety When Working with Glass How legislation aims to reduce the risk of injury which can be caused by glass breakage in windows and doors within the workplace The new types of glass which help to Staying Safe When Handling Cash People who work with cash are vulnerable to thieves but you can make yourself less attractive as a target by following a few simple security precautions The Importance of Adequate Breaks Throughout a Working Day The importance of providing adequate work breaks in the workplace How it s important that workers breaks are correctly structured and are of sufficient frequency and The Risks to Hair Salon Workers Dermatitis If you work in a hair salon you are at high risk of developing severe dermatitis which could plague you for

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/SafeEnvironmentCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Transport by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    How to deal with road rage and how to avoid it How you should always acknowledge your own mistakes and how it s important not to overreact to other drivers errors Running a School Trip Safety Issues How school trips need to be planned with attention to health and safety issues at the top of the agenda How you need to carry out a risk assessment comply with the Transporting

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/TransportCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Work Safety Law by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    extinguishers but it s vital that you use the correct type to deal with different hazards It can be a little confusing so use our Expectant Mothers in the Workplace Businesses which employ women of child bearing age must make sure they have identified potential risks and when an employee becomes pregnant steps must be taken to First Aid Training for Work First aid at work all you need to know about first aid in the workplace and provision of first aid kits Health and Safety Management Systems Safety Management Systems are a legal requirement How to Carry Out a Safety Inspection Health and safety inspections are an ideal way to check the workplace so that the risk of injury can be reduced How to Investigate an Accident at Work Accidents at work should be thoroughly investigated so that lessons can be learned to prevent recurence Risk Assessment in the Workplace Risk assessment is a fundamental aspect of modern health and safety management Workplace Safety Representatives Safety representatives play an important role in workplace health and safety Workplace Safety Fines and Court Cases Every week companies are fined in court as a result of failing to put in place adequate

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/work-safety-law-category.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Work with Substances by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    the Working With Asthma Causing Agents Many people in everyday jobs are at risk from occupational asthma Common substances such as cleaning products wood shavings or spray paint can lead to a debilitating Working With Biocides The dangers and health implications of working with biocides The types of diseases they can cause and how it is important to follow safety regulations when working in Working With Dust If dust is

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/WorkwithSubstancesCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Working with People by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    kinds of incidents that can compromise a taxi driver s safety and what can be done to minimise the risks Staying Safe When Working Behind a Counter The importance of safety when working behind a shop counter How to handle irate customers and what to do in the event of a robbery Staying Safe When Working in the Community Health and safety issues when working in the community and how

    Original URL path: http://www.workplacesafetyadvice.co.uk/WorkingwithPeopleCategory.html (2016-02-16)
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