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  • HR Matters by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    and where to Dealing with Employee Theft Why employees steal and how to spot signs that an employee may be stealing from your company How it s vital that you obtain hard evidence and to seek legal advice Dealing with the Workplace Bully The types of behaviour that constitute workplace bullying What it costs both to the victim and to the workplace as a whole action you can take both within and Drug Testing in the Workplace How there is no legislation to enforce drug testing in the workplace How a company or organisation needs to seek the consent of the workforce in order to administer The Cost of Breaching Health and Safety Regulations Health and safety regulations exist to protect workers and the public and breaching the rules can lead to court action even if no one has been hurt Here we look at The Importance of Clear Instructions to Keep Safe Why it s important to give clear instructions in order to keep safe and the ways in which you can get your message across to your workforce which can help them stay The Role of the Occupational Health Manager What the role of an occupational health manager

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  • Safe Environment by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    damage and injury without the use of proper and appropriate safety protection equipment for the job you re doing Have Your Electrical Items Been PAT Tested There is widespread confusion about the rules surrounding PAT portable appliance testing Here we look at an employer s responsibilities and the laws about Kitchen Workplace Safety The most common causes of accident and injury in a commercial kitchen workplace and how to prevent them How the HSE is responsible for the safety aspects of Professional Window Cleaning Safety How falls are the most common form of injury suffered by professional window cleaners Advice on keeping safe and ladder safety tips Safety for Restaurant Workers Restaurant workers face a number of threats to workplace safety These include common problems that can be avoided with forethought and care Safety Preparation in the Event of Terrorism How terrorism can strike at the heart of any business at any time and how a company can help themselves and their staff by remaining vigilant and having safety and Safety When Working with Glass How legislation aims to reduce the risk of injury which can be caused by glass breakage in windows and doors within the workplace The new types of glass which help to Staying Safe When Handling Cash People who work with cash are vulnerable to thieves but you can make yourself less attractive as a target by following a few simple security precautions The Importance of Adequate Breaks Throughout a Working Day The importance of providing adequate work breaks in the workplace How it s important that workers breaks are correctly structured and are of sufficient frequency and The Risks to Hair Salon Workers Dermatitis If you work in a hair salon you are at high risk of developing severe dermatitis which could plague you for

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  • Transport by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    How to deal with road rage and how to avoid it How you should always acknowledge your own mistakes and how it s important not to overreact to other drivers errors Running a School Trip Safety Issues How school trips need to be planned with attention to health and safety issues at the top of the agenda How you need to carry out a risk assessment comply with the Transporting

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  • Work with Substances by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    the Working With Asthma Causing Agents Many people in everyday jobs are at risk from occupational asthma Common substances such as cleaning products wood shavings or spray paint can lead to a debilitating Working With Biocides The dangers and health implications of working with biocides The types of diseases they can cause and how it is important to follow safety regulations when working in Working With Dust If dust is

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  • Working with People by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    kinds of incidents that can compromise a taxi driver s safety and what can be done to minimise the risks Staying Safe When Working Behind a Counter The importance of safety when working behind a shop counter How to handle irate customers and what to do in the event of a robbery Staying Safe When Working in the Community Health and safety issues when working in the community and how

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  • Ask Our Experts by Workplace Safety Advice (UK)
    follow strict guidelines relating to food safety Food poisoning kills many people in the UK How Many Breaks am I Entitled to You are entitled to one rest break of 20 minutes if you are employed for more than six hours a day Therefore even on a 12 hour shift you would still only be legally Legal Minimum Temperature in a Warehouse Every employer must comply with health and safety

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  • The Health Risks of Shift Work
    some instances lead to headaches A study published in 2005 in America made a connection between irregular work hours and cluster headaches This type of headache is particularly unpleasant It affects around one in a thousand people and appears with little warning The sufferer is in severe pain for up to three hours or more Research from a study of 200 shift workers has also highlighted other potential health problems Among these are stress difficulty concentrating and poor sexual performance Such problems mainly occur in the short term Car Accidents Lack of sleep causes car accidents and shift work can be a contributory factor Research conducted in 2000 showed that driver tiredness leads to 45 000 serious injuries or deaths on the road This figure is as high as the number of alcohol related accidents Sleep Humans are not naturally nocturnal In normal circumstances most people function better during the day rather than at night But it is possible to adjust to working at night and thereby help reduce problems of tiredness and ill health The crucial factor according to doctors is to have sufficient sleep during any 24 hour period It s also important to have this sleep and to wake at about the same time every day or night This establishes a routine to which the body can adapt Medical experts recommend eight hours sleep per 24 hour period Individuals differ of course but the amount of sleep should fall somewhere between five to nine hours Staying Awake Even with sufficient sleep it can be hard to stay awake during a night shift Tried and tested techniques can help however Where possible avoid stimulants such as coffee A quick walk in the fresh air can be far more effective at refreshing the mind and body Take exercise before the shift starts This increases oxygen flow to the brain and enlivens the nerves Don t drink alcohol before starting a shift Alcohol can make the body and mind tired rather than stimulated When at work don t become too warm Ensure there s plenty of ventilation and light And either talk to colleagues or listen to music to help keep the brain active Next Page You might also like What to Expect When the Health Safety Inspector Calls Coping With Workplace Stress Food Hygiene The Law Hospital Acquired Infections MRSA Farming Foot Mouth Disease Share Your Story Join the Discussion or Seek Advice I work for an agency at one place where I work they do not pay me for my break am I allowed to have a sleep on my break their own workers are not allowed as they are paid for their breaks nette 22 Apr 15 6 48 AM Share Your Story Join the Discussion or Seek Advice Title Miss Ms Mrs Mr Dr Rev d Prof Other never shown Firstname never shown Surname never shown Email never shown Nickname shown Comment Validate Enter word Topics Work Safety Law Case Studies Ask Our Experts Avoiding Accidents

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  • Legal Minimum Temperature in a Warehouse?
    big laundrette as a cleaner and I m told I have to Wear a safety helmet at all times even in areas I don t have to wear one and as being a laundrette the tempture can get very hot in their I work 8 hours a day with one 30 minbreak I m only alould to remove my helmet on my break only and all I seem to get is headaches all the time in their because of it what type of rights do I have on this because its getting to the point when I m going to have to give the job up Davey 7 Jun 15 1 57 PM Hi I work for one of the UK s biggest diy chains I was on tge shop floor of the mini warehouse as a customer advisor Due to multiple knee surgeries three on the left knee for pvns with fourth impending and one on the right for osteoarthritis I have been put on the checkouts They have asked me to be at the front of the checkout to welcome the customer walk round to the checkout point scan the custoners items through which sometimes does require walking round thr trolley and sometimes lift objects to individually scan every item as the company requires I have obtained a stool that I sit on at the front of the checkout whilst waiting on customers I sometimes take the stool round to the checkout point to sit to I told my employers that I sometimes get too sore at the knees to walk round the checkout all the time which was met at some dismay by the deputy manager but I wouldnt back down The stool is uncomfortable and doing 8 hour shifts with 30 min breaks doesnt exactly ease things off any Sitting at the checkout which is at the exit when the doors open the wind can sometimes be ridiculous bringing in the cold You want customers to keep you busy but you dont want them to leave because it gets to cold I have a vest and ajumper under my uniform which is a long sleeve t shirt and a body warmer and I still feel the cold Thisis meant to be summer so I m certainly not looking forward to winter The cold does go for my knees causing sometimes significant ache Some days are a real struggle Is there anything I can do or someone I can speak to about help taking action as there is no union and HR is pointless in going too as if you complain you get the feeling you are getting looked down at for not being a company person Cheers in advance for any information Diycheckoutguy 1 Jun 15 9 02 PM Jim I m afraid not Under the Working Time Directive which applies to most adult workers you are entitled to one rest break of 20 minutes if you are employed for more than six hours a day Payment for these breaks is at the discretion of your employer There is no legal ruling to say your employer should have to pay you for your break You don t say what your work is but as specified in the article If you feel that the temperature in the warehouse is unacceptable then you have every right to ask for it to be raised Use the guidelines in the article as your basis and find out what the current temperature is If it is significantly less than 13 degrees Celsius then you will have a strong case for having it increased WorkplaceSafetyAdvice 18 May 15 11 45 AM I am a night shift worker and we were told by management years ago we were entitled to be paid for our tea breaks under European law then they just stopped paying us also our warehouse is very cold could you tell me if i am entitled to 10 Minutes break every hour thanks Jim 14 May 15 4 48 PM carlinha I have directed you to the HSE article chilled and frozen products workroom temperatures in places where food is handled here which should give you more information If you have any other queries you should give ACAS a call for some free advice on how to best approach the situation with your line manager I hope this helps WorkplaceSafetyAdvice 1 May 15 2 42 PM Hello I work in food factory and the temperature there its around 7 degrees and it s cold windy as well We work very fast on the lines but not moving anywhere How many breaks are we intitle Many thanks carlinha 30 Apr 15 3 06 PM AnnaC as specified in the article an employer has a duty of care towards their employees and the responsibility of making sure that the workplace is a comfortable environment to be in It also has to keep within the HSE guidelines listed in the article and if it doesn t then you will have cause to complain I hope this helps WorkplaceSafetyAdvice 20 Mar 15 12 06 PM I work in a warehouse and we are moving to a new warehouse soon the big manager wants to have an open warehouse which will be very cold in the winter and no office to get warm is this against the law AnnaC 18 Mar 15 1 25 PM juju I m afraid I cannot comment on this as you are in the US and as this is a UK based site we can only answer UK based questions regarding workplace law WorkplaceSafetyAdvice 17 Mar 15 11 21 AM I work in a warehouse and it is hot temperature is set for 75 degrees it s Uncomfortably hot and everybody complains a couple people felt like they were going to fall out and some people you know don t but the issue is that we turned it down And were told that we could get fired it s 70

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