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  • Tools For A Web Trade! Part 1
    colours with the option to hold certain colours and then test them within an example The colour contrast analyser will test your colour combinations from an accessibility point of view in accordance with the w3 Color Tools A suite of tools including colour combining web safe colour picker text on background Adobe Kuler Create and share colour palette themes Color Combos Find the colours from any website input Search the colour combo library colour combos by tags Color Schemer Color schemer is a colour picker for the windows platform With a zoom feature for accuracy you can grab the colour of any pixel in all common formats including CMYK RGB and Hex Cheat Sheets Codes Cheat Sheet Index An index of cheat sheets ranging from Graphic design Programming and web development HTML Codes You never know when you might need a list of HTML special characters Cheet Sheets A complete A Z of cheat sheets reference guides and quick reference guides on one page Bookmarklets XRAY XRAY is a bookmarklet for Internet Explorer 6 and Webkit and Mozilla based browsers including Safari Firefox Camino or Mozilla Use it to see the box model for any element on any web page Design Design is a suite of measurement tools including a rule grid overlay cross hair which works on IE7 Firefox Safari 2 Opera 9 and Chrome Favelet Suite Complete list of tools at your service including a stylesheet tools and DOM tools Some features work in IE6 Bookmarklet Directory Not a tool as such but a directory of bookmarklets for all of your browsers needs Tags Apps Tools Powered by Shutterstock Christian Louboutin D orsay I really liked your article and I shared with my friends in my facebook account Tracy Ridge Search for Coding Linux Mobile Software Web Design

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  • Hot Stock, Icons and Graphics 4 Free!
    Tracy Ridge June 19th 2009 Graphics Inspiration 0 Here is a comprehensive list of web sites that provide free stock images icons and web graphics Feel free to comment on any you think I have missed Enjoy Stock Photography Stock xchng Free Photos Bank Free Digital Photos Open Photo Dreamstime 123rf com Free Pixels Free Media Go Can Stock Photo Foto Search Stock Photography Go Graph Image Graphics Gallery Canva Textures Texture Lovers Texture King grsites com 2textured Mayang com Background Labs Subtle Patterns Transparent Textures Texture Mate A Little Bit of Everything Bittbox Web Resource Depot Dezignus Deviant Art Designshard Web Design Ledger Dream CSS Noupe Six Revisions Naldz Graphics Smashing Magazine 1st Web Designer Instant Shift Icons Icon Finder Vista Icons Icon Factory Dry Icons Icon Drawer Icon Pot Iconspedia Mezzoblue Very Icon Icon Bulk Icons mysitemyway Have I missed your favourite Feel free to have your say Tags Graphics Inspiration Powered by Shutterstock Pingback Graphics 4free Farestrans ridgey28 Excellent Aureliot I have added it to the list Aureliot iconsetc mysitemyway com has a lot of free icons too Tracy Ridge Search for Coding Linux Mobile Software Web Design WordPress Latest Posts Display your WordPress Recent Posts FAQs CSV to Geochart Google Visualization Chart WordPress Tutorial WOW Weekly Sony Release PS2 Titles and Apple Open Source Swift WOW Weekly Dell Xbox Turns 10 WP App Release WOW Weekly Microsoft Embrace Open Source Sony goes Backwards WOW Weekly iPad Pro Xbox One and Google Self Drive WOW Weekly Facebook Empathy Twitter Heart WOW Weekly TalkTalk Trouble Ubuntu Turns 11 WOW Weekly Are LogMeIn at it Again Surely Not Infographic State of Piracy Security Report Popular Tags CSS Graphics jQuery PHP Review Social Tutorial Twitter Tools Ubuntu About WorldOWeb was initially designed to inform people on new software and security

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/hot-stock-icons-and-graphics-4-free (2016-02-13)
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  • Open Source Gems
    plays mp3 ogg wma wav flac and MP4 files VLC Windows Linux Mac VLC is a multimedia player that will play virtually any media source including DVDs Also has the ability to stream video across a network XBMC Media Center Windows Linux Mac XBMC Media Center is a multi platform media center to rival Windows Media Center software The perfect all in one media management software that is extensible with plugins and skins and can play and show a wide variety of formats Avidemux Windows Linux Mac Avidemux is a multi purpose multi platform video editing software To get you started they have a good selection of tutorials on their wiki that will get you editing your home movies in a flash TrueCrypt Windows Linux Mac TrueCrypt is encryption software which enables you to create a encrypted partition drive or a USB flash drive to store all of your sensitive data on which will inevitably prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands Peazip Windows Linux Mac PeaZip is a file archive manager can read write and extract a wide range of formats including ZIP TAR and 7Z and many more With a very easy to use interface you can ZIP and unZIP your files with ease Available as a portable edition KeePass Windows Linux Mac KeePass is a easy to use password manager which features are strong security import and export to many files multiple user keys Keep all of your passwords in one safe place Available as a portable edition aMSN Windows Linux Mac aMSN is an open source instant messenger to rival windows messenger formally MSN aMsn has all of the functions that are available to Windows Messenger such as custom emoticons offline messaging display pictures voice clips conferencing and full speed file transfer Ultra Defrag Windows Ultra Defrag is an open source disk defragmenter Start on boot function will speed up the process of your defragmentation dramatically and will also defragment all files including system files Can also defragment single files and folders InfraRecorder Windows Infra Recorder is a CD DVD burning software You can create audio data and mixed mode projects and record them as a disc image like ISO and BIN CUE or burn them to a CD Support for dual layer DVDS and MP3 encoder is available as a separate install Portable version available Eraser Windows Eraser is a secure file shredder that will delete all of your sensitive data such as cookies internet cache index dat and paging file and also adds an erase option to the context menu and recycle bin Portable version available Startup Manager Windows Startup Manager is a little program that enables you to disable programs that you don t want to start when you boot up your computer Portable version available Miro Windows Linux Mac Miro is an internet TV manager Browse through a large selection of channels and Videos from all the popular sites like YouTube and download the content to your hard drive Subscribe

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/open-source-gems (2016-02-13)
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  • WordPress Twitip ID Light Reloaded
    1 label for author strong Name strong Required label input id email name email size 22 type text value php echo comment author email tabindex 2 label for email strong Email strong Required Will not be published label input id url name url size 22 type text value php echo comment author url tabindex 3 label for url strong Website strong label Now you want to enter the form field for the twitter id I entered mine underneath the URL field keeping to the same style as the previous fields XHTML input id atf twitter id name atf twitter id size 22 type text tabindex 4 label for atf twitter id strong Twitter strong label 1 2 input id atf twitter id name atf twitter id size 22 type text tabindex 4 label for atf twitter id strong Twitter strong label Now you want to add the function that will insert the users twitter id with their comment Now look for the similar in your comments php If you cant find it in that file check functions php as you might have custom comments PHP php echo get avatar comment size 75 default path to url php comment author link php comment date jS F Y php edit comment link Edit Twitter ID goes here 1 2 3 4 php echo get avatar comment size 75 default path to url php comment author link php comment date jS F Y php edit comment link Edit Twitter ID goes here As you can see in my comments section the twitter id is below the date which is line 3 in the above code Visualise where you would like your twitter id to be displayed within your theme and enter the following PHP php if function exists wp twitip id show wp twitip id show 1 php if function exists wp twitip id show wp twitip id show The only thing now left for you to do is style your form field using the following id within your stylesheet You may have the form id elements author email and url already defined and styled in your stylesheet Just add atf twitter id to make them all the same CSS author email url atf twitter id height 30px margin bottom 15px 1 2 3 4 5 author email url atf twitter id height 30px margin bottom 15px If you want to style the twitter id output then use the following class CSS twitter 1 twitter I hope you have found this tutorial straightforward Please let me know if you have any troubles Tags Plugins Social Twitter Powered by Shutterstock Andre Volmert great post thank you very much for sharing http www paulmurraydesign com Paul Murray Finally a solution that works I ve been trying to implement something like this for days Thanks for the guide louboutin shoes coooooooool post thank you for sharing Thorsten Peters thx good work i changed very cool Tracy dloose Registered users can log out first and then fill

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/wordpress-twitip-id-light-reloaded (2016-02-13)
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  • Windows 7, Vista Done Right?
    a lot of bloat which had no doubt crippled Vista The GUI looked very nice and the taskbar is uncluttered as icons have replaced windows Windows 7 Processes I checked out task manager and it seems that everything has been trimmed down to an impressive 39 processes without me even touching the service manager DWM which was responsible for all of those lovely aero transparency features in Vista is no longer a resource hog on memory and processor power Networking UAC User Account Control is no longer as obtrusive as it previously was The Networking and Sharing Center is less confusing and complicated has a much more simpler interface It s quite obvious that there is a lot less bloat with Microsoft finally giving you the option to download addons such as Windows Messenger and Movie Maker Internet To now compete with Firefox Internet Explorer is in version 8 and there seems to be fewer bugs when rendering web pages It does have compatibility mode which renders sites as it would in IE7 if you really want to Will IE 8 encourage people to finally ditch IE6 Maybe Would it encourage people to switch back from Firefox I don t think it will as Firefox s extensibility has no doubt got it where it is today Conclusion My conclusion is that Windows 7 is no doubt Vista done right The looks are amazing the speed is a big improvement lets just hope that security and stability is of a high standard If so it would be a worthy upgrade to Vista users but I feel that some sort of discount would be necessary Hopefully then Vista can be laid to rest Tags Review Windows Powered by Shutterstock Tracy Ridge Search for Coding Linux Mobile Software Web Design WordPress Latest Posts

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/windows-7-vista-done-right (2016-02-13)
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  • WP EduBlog WordPress Theme
    Description WP EduBlog Theme is a minimal design which is suitable for education school but can be used for other purposes It is Widget ready and includes search and RSS which has valid XHTML and CSS Pings are seperated from comments Can work with or without navi plugin Tags blue light two columns right sidebar fixed width Version 1 4 1 Author Tracy Ridge Author URI http worldoweb co uk and it works like butter FYI and thanks http www worldoweb co uk Tracy Ridge Thanks for letting me know I have updated the zip file I am currently updating WP Edublog to work with the latest version of WordPress Isabella May I ask how to activate the RSS feed Sorry for the dumb question I am new with WordPress and RSS Thanks in advance Isabella Tracy The RSS feed is already activated and will update each time you publish a post To subscribe all you have to do is click the image in the top right corner You can also add a widget to your sidebar using the widgets menu in Appearance in admin Alex Thank you very much Eveything works fine Thanks again for this theme Alex Hello Thanks a lot for this theme I d like to know if it is possible to make a little modification I want to use this theme for my blog but I only use the pages and no categories or posts I use sub pages and I d like the subpages to be displayed just under the parent page on mouse over like a drop down menu Is it possible to do that Could you help me please Thanks a lot Alex who hopes the message is understandable I m french http www schuelerschreck de blog Steffi Thank you very much

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/wp-edublog-wordpress-theme (2016-02-13)
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  • Is 2009 The Year Of Linux
    lightweight Linux has applications that you can find on Windows like Open Office Mozilla Firefox Gimp and Inkscape to name a few but has an excellent package management system in which you can choose from an extensive list of software which will download and automatically install unlike the tedious operation of having to install programs one at a time in Windows How Many Users Are there Nobody knows how many users they actually are but the Linux counter home page estimates it at around 29 Million Of course many would argue that everyone uses Linux as Google and Facebook are amongst the big names that use Linux servers and no doubt the introduction of the Linux friendly netbooks and dell distributing Ubuntu the world of Linux is spreading quicker Why I Chose Linux The table above speaks for itself Vista uses far more system resources even with all unnecessary services turned off The test was performed on my 2 year old ASUS F3f with 2GB RAM whilst the system was idle no programs running on both operating systems File transfer and loading of programs in Linux are much quicker and the overall start up time of Mandriva with KDE 4 1 is quicker Conclusion People have been frightened off in the past as it had a poor history of driver support for hardware and peripherals Linux has improved extremely in this department and companies are now distributing Linux drivers along with all others which no doubt has increased the popularity Linux is safe and secure and extremely user friendly If you can find the right distribution to cater for your needs then you will enjoy the experience Sources Wikipedia Linus Torvalds Distrowatch How many Linux Users are there really Linux Counter Tags Linux Mint Review Ubuntu Powered by Shutterstock Tracy

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/is-2009-the-year-of-linux (2016-02-13)
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  • Exclude WordPress Pages from Displaying In Search Page!
    and save the new page This will then assign your new default category to your page Now in our search php type the following under get header PHP php query posts query string cat 34 1 php query posts query string cat 34 Replace the number with the one you wrote down but keep the minus in there as this excludes the category from displaying Your custom pages will not show up in your search page again Tags Hacks PHP Tutorial Powered by Shutterstock Rick Sadly this doesn t seem to work in WP 3 0 1 http www StationStart com Jeff Hi Ridgey28 This clever technique absolutely works for taking certain pages out of my local WordPress search But I see now that it seems to have taken those pages out of the search engine searches also Actually this not the result I was looking for I want the pages to be hidden from my local WordPress search because they are irrelevant to the main objective of the blog but I would like them indexed by the search engines so that people can find them and go directly to those pages People finding the pages through a search engine would not care that the pages aren t related to the blog Any thought about how I might accomplish this objective Thanks Jeff Tracy I use Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin Then in the XML Sitemap settings in admin I unchecked the the excluded category in the excluded items box http www StationStart com Jeff This technique is exactly what I needed and I never would have figured it out on my own I have a main website to provide information about Washington DC I wanted to have some separate pages as a specialized and completely unrelated reference site for a particular type of pottery I thought I had solved the problem by hiding the pages in the bar menu at the top and in the left side menu Then I searched for Rhino looking for my entry about a bar by that name in DC and I was surprised when the page with information about the pottery rhino figure popped up Now with your useful and effective technique people looking for information about DC will never need to know about the unrelated pottery information People looking at the pottery reference pages can navigate to the main site if they want Main site with no access to unrelated reference pages http www StationStart com Tremar Pottery Reference Pages http www StationStart com tremar pottery Thanks for your help serge Exellent just genius stuff even a dummi like me could do this I have spent an hour to finally find out on google that there is no other solution but to put my nose into PHP using your tip and an hour more to get this thing working cause i do not have a SEARH PHP in my version of WP so at last i did IT I ve put your

    Original URL path: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2009/exclude-wordpress-pages-from-displaying-in-search-page (2016-02-13)
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