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  • What Should Motor Trade Insurance Policies Cover? – xyzinsurance
    a living Mechanics valets and even those who carry out basic servicing and MOT checks if they re not mechanics in their own right need to ensure they have third party insurance at the very least Liability Insurance Covering your liabilities could be the difference between keeping your business operating or having to close it down should anything happen Depending on the individual type of insurance it could also mean you stay out of court and avoid possible prosecution Employer s Liability If you employ anyone to work with you in the motor trade whether they re simply cleaning cars on your forecourt or are involved in the collection and transportation of vehicles then legally you have to have employer s liability cover This covers you should an employee become injured while working for you provided that you have all necessary health safety requirements in place and up to date You might not be covered if you have provided knowingly or not an unsafe working environment Public Liability This works in the same was as employer s liability insurance but covers members of the public on your business premises instead Product Liability Product liability covers you if you buy vehicles and commission repairs before selling them on For example if you buy a car and the electric windows don t work you re obviously going to fix it before putting up for sale If you sell the car and the windows then fail the customer will then return to you Product liability cover ensures you can then claim against the mechanic who fixed the electric windows as well as any further costs you might incur such as your customer s added expenses as a result Combined Insurance Combined insurance covers both road risk and liability cover all in one but

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  • Why is Car Insurance so Expensive for Young Drivers? – xyzinsurance
    only way you can do that is by taking high insurance costs on the chin and getting some experience under your belt However many people who drive without having an accident or getting caught speeding from the age of 17 or 18 still finds their insurance premiums high when they reach 21 or 22 The Power of Statistics This is where statistics come into play as there s a wide body of evidence pointing to the dangers associated with younger drivers Here are some of the starker 1 in 5 new drivers will have an accident within six months of passing their test An 18 year old is 300 more likely to have a crash than someone 30 years older is 20 of people killed in road accidents 2011 statistics most recent available are 17 24 years old The statistics keep stacking up against young drivers even if on an individual basis they re assumptions based on evidence from a group sample Even if you ve built up a few years of no claims discount you re still in the risk group so are still likely to pay a financial penalty However recent changes mean that car insurance for young people is becoming less reliant on these assumptions Beyond Year One Yes your initial insurance cost in year one is still likely to be high However the use of telematics could quickly bring costs down This involves plugging a small device into your car colloquially called a black box which measures everything from the distance you travel to when you travel how quickly you accelerate how sharply you brake and ultimately how safely you drive as an overall analysis This means that although insurance premiums for young drivers will remain higher than for other demographic groups young people now have

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  • How To Check If a Car Is Insured – xyzinsurance
    bank account is close unexpectedly It is more likely that you would need to check that a friend or family member s vehicle is insured for example if you have an accident and need to drive their car If you re planning to purchase a car but not from a registered car dealer you might also want to know the insurance status alongside a HPI check How to Check To check if a car is insured you can use the service at askMID com MID stands for Motor Insurance Database and holds details for every insured vehicle in the United Kingdom The police also use the service to carry out checks when they stop motorists or suspect a vehicle to be stolen Anyone can check the insurance status of their car by logging onto the website Note that you can be prosecuted for checking the insurance status of a car without a valid reason to do so Valid reasons on the site are given as You or your employer own insure or have the vehicle registered under your name You re permitted to drive the vehicle You re an insurer or broker acting on someone s behalf After Checking If you have taken out insurance in the last 48 hours then the MID might not have been updated If you still find your insurance hasn t been added check with your insurer to confirm there are no issues with your policy If you allow your insurance to expire and don t renew or complete SORN you ll be sent a letter explaining that your vehicles doesn t appear on MID If this happens you could be liable for a penalty so should make sure your vehicle is insured immediately Image Source Axion23 Share the post How To Check If a

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/how-to-check-if-a-car-is-insured/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Why Do Your Insurance Premiums Increase? – xyzinsurance
    claimant on your behalf as well as for your own vehicle damage After this you re then deemed more likely to have a future accident Bear in mind that even if you have an accident that isn t your fault you still have to tell your insurance company If you got hit five times in three years even if you weren t to blame you might still pay more because your probability of having an accident is clearly high The same is true for convictions If you got caught speeding or drink driving the probability is that it wasn t the first time you actually did it but the first time you got caught You re more likely to have an accident in future even if you have told yourself you ll never do it again Cover Insurers Costs As profit margins become squeezed insurance companies might increase premiums purely to remain profitable Of course they won t tell you the real reason but if you ask you can expect to get some stock reply about wanting to maintain the excellent service we offer as justification for increased premiums Renewal Increases You have a blemish free driving record and your insurance renewal lands on your doormat You open it and in astonishment you find your premium has increased Why does this happen In all honestly sometimes there s no other reason for it than insurance companies simply looking to take more money from you Many people don t bother to check a renewal or shop elsewhere as they took out the best deal in the first place they assume their existing provider will still be cheapest so just allow their renewal to carry over Changes in Personal Circumstances While moving house or changing jobs might seem a strange thing to

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/why-do-your-insurance-premiums-increase/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Tips for Finding a HGV Insurance Broker – xyzinsurance
    you don t wish to the broker will take care of everything for you Brokers have a reputation for being helpful and for giving great advice rather than taking the sales orientated approach that many insurance companies are criticised for How to Find Your Broker Finding a broker in the strictest sense is easy Just by doing a Google search you ll find hundreds of brokers that can find insurance on your behalf Of course if only life were that simple we d never have anything worry about Like with any other industry there are great brokers out there and there are those who do very little except add a percentage onto your insurance premium to make a profit for themselves Some of the questions you ought to be asking are What are your best value deals and do they contain the most comprehensive and important aspects of HGV insurance cover Can you cover my vehicle at a good price for driving outside of the United Kingdom This is a must if your work sees you driving to Europe you should also ask about breakdown cover and assistance should anything happen to you while driving outside of the UK Can you offer a discount for insuring a whole fleet if applicable If your broker can give positive answers to these questions then you can be confident they re working in your best interests and are worth working with What to Look Out For Always work with a broker who talks in terms of the best insurance policy not in terms of the best price You ll find that the cheapest insurance isn t always the best and will involve paying a high voluntary excess or see you worse off somewhere else Your intuition will often tell you whether an insurance

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/tips-for-finding-a-hgv-insurance-broker/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Tips for Finding a Taxi Insurance Broker – xyzinsurance
    have the best taxi insurance deal is to find a broker that deals with this type of insurance Working with an insurance broker can be beneficial because they ll typically have access to the best deals on the market They ll also be able to provide you with excellent advice which is especially useful if you re unsure about the type of cover you need or the features it should include Finding a Broker There are some easy questions you can ask a broker that will help you decide whether they re what you re looking for including Do you offer cheap insurance deals Remember that you want a cheap deal that covers everything you want Anyone can get cheap insurance that doesn t actually cover anything you want cheap insurance because it s a great deal not because it will ultimately leave you out of pocket in the longer term What added insurance policy benefits can you offer Many brokers will offer something additional from themselves such as breakdown cover or legal expenses cover when you take out a policy Is your customer service claims management department open 24 7 If applicable do you offer risk management for taxi fleets What to Be Aware Of Often a broker will just tell you the price of the policy Ensure you continue to ask questions such as what is your excess amount as your excess might be higher to get lower premiums but not be something you can afford to have removed from any claim you might make You should also look for a broker that can secure public liability cover within a policy this is different from passenger cover which all taxi insurance policies will have and that protects your no claims discount especially in the event you change insurance

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/tips-for-finding-a-taxi-insurance-broker/ (2016-04-24)
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  • XYZ Insurance Blog – Page 3 – xyzinsurance
    types of taxis on the road are public hire and private hire vehicles As such the insurance policies of these vehicles differ in line with their contrasting demands and the ways in which a taxi driver attains Continue reading Tips for Finding the Cheapest Taxi Insurance Quote If you re a taxi driver then you need more than your regular car insurance policy in order to be able to carry passengers in your car legally as well as be covered for any accidents and injuries that you or they may suffer Taking out a taxi insurance policy is not as simple as merely Continue reading Impact of Congestion Charge Exemption on Taxis and Minicabs The London Congestion Charge despite being in existence now for over 10 years is still one of the most controversial charges anywhere in the world One industry where it has had a major impact is public transport and particularly on taxis and minicabs due to the exemption these vehicles have from the charge In recent Continue reading What are the Benefits of Public Hire Taxi Insurance If you re a taxi driver having the relevant insurance cover is one of the most important aspects of the job After all without it you re not legally able to drive your taxi and earn money from passengers Making Money Of course to enjoy the benefits of public hire taxi insurance you first need to be Continue reading The Rise of Technology Products in Taxi Services Technology is widely used in taxi services today to an extent far beyond the basic radio and fare meter that is a feature in all vehicles The primary use of various technologies has been with the safety of both passengers and the driver in mind At the same time we must remember that

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/blog/page/3/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Why You Might Rent A Limo, Hummer or A Holden Statesman – xyzinsurance
    usually a sliding glass window The partition is there so that any conversation between passengers can be kept confidential from the chauffeur The seat arrangement in these cars is forward facing for passengers with a considerable amount of foot room or foot space There are two jump seats that are mounted backward of the driver and they can be kept folded when not in use but in some modern versions of limousine cars this feature is not found any more A limo can carry seven passengers in addition to the driver Sometimes these cars hold items of entertainment for the passengers like audio players television video players and even bars along withrefrigerators Limousines have multiple doors Some of the popular limousine cars are Mercedes S600 Pullman BMW 74Il Holden Statesman Hummer H2 Jaguar XJ Maybach 62 Cadillac DTS Lincoln Town Car and others Though Limousine cars are considered to be a symbol of wealth and are thus thought to be owned by rich individuals but in most of the times it has been seen that only limousine service or rental companies own limos Even those rich people who include limos as their major means of transport do not always possess a limousine What they do is that they go for a contract with alimousine service or rental companies for a long term basis to get the availability of the vehicle on a lease agreement Apart from prosperous and well off persons anyone in need of these cars canhire it by making contact with any rental firm or organization which offers or provide limos on lease on a short term basis as going for long term could be very expensive for them to afford The most frequent necessities or demand for these limos are for going to airports balls proms weddings

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