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  • What are the Benefits of Private Hire Taxi Insurance? – xyzinsurance
    taxis is that private hires will often be longer journeys owing to the nature of pre booking in advance On the other hand people taking short journeys more commonly hail a cab from the street One exception is probably public hire taxis at transport hubs such as rail stations and airports although these are unique cases Private Hire Insurance is Cheaper The added security a private hire taxi driver or firm has always knowing who they are collecting and where they are going means that insurance cover is often significantly cheaper for these vehicles This is why many new taxi drivers will start their own private hire business and operate as sole traders rather than seeking a public hire licence Not only is the private hire insurance cheaper already they can also get added discounts and help starting their firm Better Legal Cover We re not yet at a stage where it is compulsory around the world for all taxis to have CCTV installed This can cause something of a problem for public hire drivers if they are accused of committing an offence against a passenger In contrast because there will be or should be a record of everywhere a private hire vehicle has travelled even if a car doesn t have a sound recorder or CCTV they ll be able to protect themselves easier The big difference here is again seen in the cost as public liability cover for private hire taxis will usually be much cheaper Fleet Cover Options As private hire vehicles are likely to be part of a fleet taxi firms can take out one insurance policy to cover all of their vehicles making the whole process cheaper and more convenient Drivers with a clean record including no claims or driving convictions particularly when carrying passengers

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  • Tips for Finding the Cheapest Taxi Insurance Quote – xyzinsurance
    public hire insurance Your Taxi If you re licenced to collect customers without prior booking then you drive a public hire taxi A private hire taxi is one that can only pick up from a confirmed booking Insurance companies or brokers will usually be able to offer both types of cover Covering Your Taxi As with anything shopping around is going to find you the cheapest quote and by using an insurance broker you ll also be able to access the best possible range of deals Knowing the level of cover you need will also be beneficial Some insurers will only cover certain types of cars as taxis so be sure to enquire about this before starting the process of seeking a quote It is also worth seeking a taxi insurance policy that includes public liability cover as this will give a net saving against taking out individual cover on top of a basic taxi insurance policy Look at Your Circumstances There are many opportunities to reduce your taxi insurance premiums The obvious way is to ensure you build up a clean driving record After a few years of safe driving with no claims from yourself or passengers you can expect to see premiums drop dramatically Some insurance companies also give substantial discounts for driving low emission vehicles while new taxi drivers can also benefit from starter discounts if they ve started a business Cheap Taxi Insurance Make sure that your taxi insurance quote includes everything you require Once you ve found the providers that can cater for your needs do all you can to drive the price down as low as possible and ensure you re a safe and responsible taxi driver in the longer term in order to enjoy further discounts and even cheaper cover Share the post

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  • Impact of Congestion Charge Exemption on Taxis and Minicabs – xyzinsurance
    as the annual cost of doing so is much less than it would cost to drive into the congesting charging zone several times a week However to date there have been no notable cases of anyone being found to be and convicted of playing the system in this way What has the impact on the industry meant to taxi and minicab drivers and companies Added Opportunities Taxis and minicabs haven t always enjoyed an exemption meaning drivers were previously paying a daily fee in addition to their usual overheads such as fuel As a result many drivers operating outside and especially on the fringes of the congestion charging zone would find themselves turning down business because of not wanting to incur the additional charge Increased Business The congestion charge exemption represents a dual opportunity for minicab drivers in the surrounding areas Not only are they now able to drive into the congestion charging zone without paying their daily fee but as ever increasing numbers of people are finding cheap parking outside of the zone or taking other public transport to a certain location before then taking a cab the number of potential customers is also much higher Inside London The drivers that have now travelled into London are now able to pick up business in the congestion zone if they are a public hire vehicle which again has increased their opportunities to make a living At the same time while the numbers of cars overall has decreased the number of cabs has risen meaning being a taxi driver in London is more difficult and competitive than ever despite the increased opportunities to make a living Image Source zeerood Share the post Impact of Congestion Charge Exemption on Taxis and Minicabs Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest LinkedIn E mail Taxi Insurance permalink

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  • What are the Benefits of Public Hire Taxi Insurance? – xyzinsurance
    well as pick up custom from taxi ranks in the area where you operate This gives you a lot greater earnings potential compared to a private hire driver waiting for his minicab firm to receive passenger phone calls Wide Ranging Cover It is recommended that all taxi drivers take out public liability cover and legal expenses cover anyway and many public hire policies come with these includes so there s less for drivers to worry about when arranging their cover You ll often find that it s cheaper to find a policy with each element included rather than paying a separate premium for all three Passenger injury cover is included within all taxi insurance policies but it is worth checking to what extent they cover any potential claims Flexibility There is a range of options available depending on the range of cover you re looking for whether you want a comprehensive cover package or something smaller Ensure when looking for comprehensive taxi insurance that you re covered fully for any passenger damage and that your future premiums are protected against such events You can also find short term public hire taxi insurance and immediate cover deals so you re sure to be covered under whatever circumstances Driver Rewards Careful taxi drivers over a longer period will be rewarded when they take out public hire taxi insurance while experience driving a taxi and the age and condition of a vehicle will also be taken into account Public hire taxi insurance allows taxi drivers to be covered to whichever degree they wish and is perfect for getting drivers onto the road quicker with the best possible deal Image Source zeerood Share the post What are the Benefits of Public Hire Taxi Insurance Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest LinkedIn E mail Taxi Insurance permalink

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  • The Rise of Technology Products in Taxi Services – xyzinsurance
    platform in their office so they can see where their drivers are at all times and pass on fares to the driver best placed to fulfil a booking In Car Computers In addition to a GPS system the in car computer allowing a driver to press a button to say when a passenger has been picked up and dropped off helps a taxi firms operation to be that much smoother Many also have a button they press when they re approaching a pick up point so that an automated phone call or SMS is sent to the person being collected enabling them to be ready to get in the car These two features together have largely put an end to the days of people calling up a taxi company because their car is late and being told that he s at the end of your street when he clearly isn t Mobile Applications One of the biggest changes to taxi services in recent years has been the use of mobile applications While these have mainly been developed to allow people looking for a taxi to find a service or a vehicle easily taxi firms and drivers that have signed up to them have seen their business increase owing to the additional avenue from which they can now be discovered Various apps are available from those that can send an electronic message to a nearby cab to those that simply show you the taxi firms close by and provide a telephone number CCTV Some authorities won t issue a taxi or minicab licence if CCTV isn t installed in a taxi and that is likely to become a widespread trend in coming years Safety of both passengers and drivers is the thinking here with pictures being saved in the taxi firm

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  • What are the Benefits of Short Term Taxi Insurance? – xyzinsurance
    will often last up to three months However you can get month to month or even shorter periods of cover should you require them Flexibility While being a taxi driver represents a full time job and income for many people to others it is a second job or something to do part time while studying or a holiday job for example Short term insurance allows for greater flexibility if driving isn t what you do all the time Why pay for a full year of cover if you only need it for a number of weeks Seeking Specialist Cover Taxi and minicab insurance can be quite complex and difficult to organize particularly if a driver has driving convictions or a history of accidents Similar to how you would use short term cover while shopping around if you re looking for a company that specialises in offering competitive insurance deals to once accident prone but now reformed drivers for example then this is a great way to have the cover you need while not unnecessarily paying an expensive 12 month premium Changing Jobs If you drive for a taxi company using their vehicles and driving on their fleet insurance policy and leave without another job to go to you ll have an earnings gap that you need to fill So long as you ve registered your own car as a taxi or minicab you can use short term insurance to ensure you re still able to work while looking for another firm to work for you might even find you enjoy being your own boss and continue down this path Short term insurance can help taxi drivers in a variety of situations use it as and when you need it to avoid paying too much insurance and not being able to

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  • Taxi Insurance – Page 2 – xyzinsurance
    Continue reading Starting a Private Hire Taxi and Finding Best Quote for Taxi Insurance February 18 2013 June 25 2015 admin Taxi Insurance Starting a taxi business is challenging in general However starting a private hire taxi business may give you an edge above the competition as this type of taxi is preferred by many But what are private hire taxis how do you start a taxi company and where can you find the best quote for taxi insurance Continue reading Taxi Insurance Quote UK Click Here to Get Yours February 15 2013 June 25 2015 admin Taxi Insurance If you click on the image or the link below you can get your free taxi insurance quote UK Click Here to Get the Taxi Insurance Quote UK Continue reading Will Manganese Bronze Makers of the London Black Cabs Be Saved January 29 2013 June 23 2015 admin Taxi Insurance As most of you probably already know at the end of October 2012 the Manganese Bronze factory that makes the iconic London black cabs shut down Apparently the reason for the shut down was due to technical as well as financial problems Upon further investigation it is said that the reason for the shut down Continue reading Discovering the Right Taxi Insurance For You January 23 2013 June 23 2015 admin Taxi Insurance Taxi insurance is vital to any taxi cab company And in my previous post I covered how to get it cheap But what about those just starting a taxi company Yes you now know about how to find cheap insurance but what about the kinds of taxi car insurance that is available to cover your Continue reading Brick Lane Turned In To 8 Bit Lane January 13 2013 June 23 2015 admin Fun Games Taxi Insurance Brick Lane

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  • How Technology Has Helped Safety of Passengers Using Minicab Services – xyzinsurance
    when their taxi is due to arrive while some companies have even gone so far to start sending SMS messages that feature the taxi ID car registration and drivers name CCTV While the use of CCTV in taxi services is inconsistent some councils around the UK are looking at making it a mandatory licensing requirement more are starting to embrace the need for it CCTV is actually more of an initiative aimed at reducing abuse and violence towards the taxi drivers themselves but it will also put passengers at ease especially lone females and make them feel safer when travelling particularly at night Mobile Apps Anyone who has been to a busy city such as London and tried to hail a taxi will be familiar with the frustrations of doing so There are now a number of apps available allowing users to hail a taxi from their smartphone within a certain radius The great thing here is that if you re using them you have to do little more than press a button and a taxi will pick up your request mark your location and make its way to pick you up These apps also validate driver and licensing details so users can always be sure they re getting a safe and reliable service Other apps simply populate a map and tell you the phone numbers of nearby services just as effective but not nearly as flashy on the technological side of things Telephone Services The prelude to mobile apps was a telephone service that would help you to find a taxi or minicab and they re still popular today These range from numbers that you call before being redirected to a nearby taxi firm while others take your call organize the taxi for you and then send the details

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