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  • Welcome to the XYZ Insurance Blog! – xyzinsurance
    in service XYZ Insurance are an innovative broker specialising in all types of insurance including taxi insurance minibus insurance courier insurance motor trade insurance private hire insurance public hire insurance motorcycle insurance van insurance chauffeur insurance limousine insurance breakdown insurance home insurance car insurance hgv insurance and travel insurance Based in Essex XYZ Insurance are proud to provide insurance services for people and businesses across the UK To get a free no obligation online quote simply visit our website and fill in the short forms One of XYZ Insurance s expert account handlers will scan our panel of insurers for example if it was a taxi insurance quote the dedicated account manager would scan the UK s finest taxi insurance companies finding you the cheapest and most suitable quotation We have tailor made specialist schemes for the following Taxi Insurance for 1st time Taxi Drivers Taxi Insurance for Experienced Taxi Drivers Taxi Insurance for Convicted Taxi Drivers Taxi Insurance for Reformed Accident Prone Drivers Taxi Insurance for Short Term Taxi Policies Taxi Insurance for Under 25 Year Old Taxi Drivers Fleet Taxi Insurance Private Hire Insurance Public Hire Insurance Added Benefits of using XYZ Insurance Flexible payment options Open 6 days a week Legal expenses cover Immediate cover Excellent claims service Excellent customer service We may be last in the alphabet but we come first in service Share the post Welcome to the XYZ Insurance Blog Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest LinkedIn E mail Uncategorized permalink Post navigation Cash threat to Leeds city centre taxi patrols Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Taxi Insurance Minibus Insurance Courier Insurance Motor Trade Insurance Car Insurance Home Insurance Van Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Chauffeur Insurance HGV Insurance Limousine Insurance Travel Insurance

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  • Tips When Comparing Taxi Insurance Quotes – xyzinsurance
    will be less clear or even assume you want a particular type of insurance The differences between these are similar to buying standard insurance and the differences between third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive for example Policy Only This is the most basic and cheapest type of cover Money is tight so this might be appealing but make sure you know what you re covered for Named Driver This means you re covered to drive your taxi and no one else is Depending on your insurance premium and whom you take out insurance with this policy might cover you to drive any taxi or vehicle for which you hold the applicable licence Any Driver Any Driver insurance means that anyone can drive your taxi and be covered If you re running a taxi business and your drivers don t have their own cars you ll need any driver cover Things to Look Out For No Claims The responsibility of carrying passengers is a big thing in the eyes of the insurance companies If you re buying your first taxi insurance don t be put off by a company that has a large premium if you re a safe responsible driver you ll start to enjoy substantial savings through the years particularly as you build your clean driving record Added Insurance Policies Some insurance companies offer public liability insurance cover within taxi insurance policies all taxi insurance will already have unlimited passenger cover built in If you were planning to take out public liability insurance on a separate schedule compare the cost as you ll probably find it is cheaper to combine the two as well as making it easier to deal with any claims you or your passengers need to make Extra Tips Go for the smallest car

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  • What’s the difference between public hire and private hire insurance? – xyzinsurance
    down in the road and always have a taxi light on top of the car Black cabs are public hire vehicles As you can see there are two forms of taxis that are regulated Driver must be over twenty one years old and been driving a minimum of twelve months with a clean licence Public hire taxis The Knowledge is what public hire taxi drivers in London famously have to master a gruelling test of their knowledge of all the landmarks and routes around the big smoke including short cuts and known traffic problem areas Private hire taxis Private hire taxi drivers are always pre booked at headquarters and do not have lights on top You cannot wave down a private hire driver If you need public or private hire then you can get an online quotation here Share the post What s the difference between public hire and private hire insurance Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest LinkedIn E mail Taxi Insurance permalink Post navigation Taxi Guide 5 Tips To Protect Yourself With Taxi Insurance Tips When Comparing Taxi Insurance Quotes Taxi Insurance Minibus Insurance Courier Insurance Motor Trade Insurance Car Insurance Home Insurance Van Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Chauffeur Insurance HGV

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  • Taxi Guide- 5 Tips To Protect Yourself With Taxi Insurance – xyzinsurance
    Drivers with Experience When employing drivers look for drivers with experience and with a good driver s abstract A taxi insurance company will offer a better policy to a business with experienced taxi drivers This is because your drivers will be deemed responsible due to their clean driving backgrounds Furthermore this will help ensure that all passengers will be safe with your drivers and will have a happy experience and want to use your taxi again Good for business too Tip 3 Research Before Purchasing To ensure you get the right protection with taxi insurance you need to research before settling on a policy and insurance company Personally I would research the different taxi insurance coverage available first and then decide which aspects you want need and make a list From there research by way of phone book and online to see which insurance company covers what you want need and for a reasonable price Always double check to make sure that everything you are looking for is stated in the insurance policy Tip 4 Keep Your Insurance Papers Safe Make sure you put all your insurance papers in a safe spot so if you need them you know exactly where they are This is very important In the case of a claim you will need these papers Tip 5 Obtain a Parking Garage or Parking Spaces Obtaining a parking garage or parking spaces can be an advantage to you and your taxi business For one your premiums for taxi insurance will be lower when you can hand the insurance company information about the parking garage and or parking spaces It is especially advantageous for those with a parking garage as it is a form of security and diminishes the chances of theft These 5 tips to protect yourself with

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/taxi-guide-5-tips-to-protect-yourself-with-taxi-insurance/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Starting a Private Hire Taxi and Finding Best Quote for Taxi Insurance – xyzinsurance
    This way you can ensure you get the coverage required and the lowest price possible There are three different types of taxi insurance to consider One is third party which covers an accident where another driver and or vehicle are damaged Another is third party fire and theft This covers someone stealing the taxi and if a fire occurs and damages the vehicle The other type of cover is comprehensive This type of taxi insurance essentially covers any major risk that could occur while operating a taxi Remember when accessing quotes for taxi insurance that you make sure what you need is stated in the coverage You need to ensure you are getting exactly the amount of coverage you want and need I thought since we are covering starting a private hire taxi business that an outline of the good and the bad should be covered Advantages The condition of your vehicle will remain intact as you will have a limited amount of customers and there will be less wear and tear on said vehicle Your taxi insurance quotes will be lower because between appointments you ll be parked and your taxi won t be on the streets as much which makes it deemed lower risk Because your taxi insurance will be lower you can charge less than public hire taxis which in turn will bring in more customers Disadvantages You might not get to choose the location for where the taxis will be parked when not driving to or from a booked appointment The insurance company will decide which locations you can park at You can t pull over for someone trying to hail a cab Private hire taxis are for booked appointments only There may be a deficiency of business depending on where the location is for you

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/starting-a-private-hire-taxi-business-and-finding-the-best-quote-for-taxi-insurance/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Taxi Insurance Quote UK – Click Here to Get Yours! – xyzinsurance
    a cv to hr xyzinsurance co uk for further info Taxi Insurance Quote UK Click Here to Get Yours February 15 2013 June 25 2015 admin If you click on the image or the link below you can get your free taxi insurance quote UK Click Here to Get the Taxi Insurance Quote UK Share the post Taxi Insurance Quote UK Click Here to Get Yours Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest LinkedIn E mail Taxi Insurance affordable taxi insurance getting quote for taxi insurance getting the taxi insurance permalink Post navigation Motorcycle Couriers And Cheap Courier Insurance for UK Members Starting a Private Hire Taxi and Finding Best Quote for Taxi Insurance Taxi Insurance Minibus Insurance Courier Insurance Motor Trade Insurance Car Insurance Home Insurance Van Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Chauffeur Insurance HGV Insurance Limousine Insurance Travel Insurance Breakdown Insurance XYZ Insurance Blog Search for Categories Car Insurance Chauffeur Insurance Courier Insurance Fun Games HGV Insurance Limousine Insurance Minibus Insurance Motor Trade Insurance Taxi Insurance Uncategorized XYZ Insurance Blog November 2013 October 2013 September 2013 August 2013 July 2013 February 2013 January 2013 September 2012 July 2012 June 2012 May 2012 April 2012 March 2012 February 2012 January 2012 December 2011 November

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  • Will Manganese Bronze, Makers of the London Black Cabs, Be Saved? – xyzinsurance
    read about the possible loss of London black cabs the more interested I was in gaining knowledge on this topic I was hoping to come across some article stating that somehow the factory that makes these cabs would be saved And low and behold there it was The headline was China in Black Cab Rescue I hurriedly read through the article at first I must admit I was really eager to see what new information can be told about this crisis While it doesn t say for certain that things will pull though with Manganese Bronze it did provide some hope that the London black cabs will remain Apparently Geely a Chinese car marker owns twenty percent of the black cabs factory currently Right now Geely is in final negotiations with saving the factory Hopefully by the end of January Geely will buy the last eighty percent of the company making it the full owners of Manganese Bronze Cross your fingers Little more information is available at this time Only that the factory is in big time debt Furthermore it was stated that the factory also hasn t shown a profit margin in the last five years The fact that four hundred vehicles had to be recalled as well pushed the factory over the edge and into administration Wow that is a difficult situation I sincerely hope that Geely can save the black cabs factory Can you imagine being in London with little to no black cabs It would definitely be strange and very heartbreaking too My heart also breaks for the one hundred and fifty people who were let go and the ones waiting to see if production will resume Here s hoping that in the near future there will be a news article stating that the Manganese Bronze

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/will-manganese-bronze-makers-of-the-london-black-cabs-be-saved/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Discovering the Right Taxi Insurance For You – xyzinsurance
    However there are other types of taxis insurance that can be used for said taxi cab company TAXI FLEET INSURANCE Taxi fleet insurance can be very useful for a cab company that runs more than two cabs This can actually be a cheaper option so it s a good type of taxi insurance to look into This is for any one owner or business that has multiple vehicles and would like them to be all covered in a single policy COMPREHENSIVE TAXI CAR INSURANCE Comprehensive taxi car insurance is basically coverage from A Z This type of taxis insurance covers fire and theft vandalism accidents damages and everything in between Even if the incident is completely the driver s fault it is still covered under this type of policy A comprehensive insurance policy is definitely something worth considering However it will be more costly due to the extent of coverage PRIVATE HIRE VS PUBLIC HIRE INSURANCE Private hire versus public hire depends on what type of taxi cab service you are running It is important to make sure you get the right coverage for your taxi service Private hire taxi car insurance is for taxis that are booked in advance When it comes to public hire insurance it allows cabs to be hired on the streets which means the cabs don t need to be booked in advance TAXI CAB INSURANCE Beyond the required taxi insurance it s up to you the owner to decide how much further you want to take your taxi cab insurance It is up to you to decide whether a higher premium is worth investing in to have better protection in potentially expensive situations or if you d rather have a lower premium and save money It s crucial to consider all options and think

    Original URL path: http://www.xyzinsurance.co.uk/discovering-the-right-taxi-insurance-for-your-taxi-company/ (2016-04-24)
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