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  • Charles Dickens by Michael Slater - Yale University Press
    his biography by dipping into Dickens writings aside from the novels John Carey Sunday Times Michael Slater s new Life has at its heart the ambition to see Dickens record steadily and whole It is twenty years since the last major biography so this is the first to draw on all of Dickens s surviving letters as well as Slater s own invaluable edition of his journalism John Bowen TLS This is a classic biography to last out a generation Iain Finlayson The Times Indispensable Slater assembles a million accumulated details minutely examining the genesis of each work insights abound He takes us compellingly through all the great shocks of Dickens s life but he doesn t dwell on them His quarry is the writing The novels are the tip of a vast iceberg and Slater introduces us to some miraculous pieces Dickens is an incomparable portrait of the writing life of Dickens Cumulatively it is profoundly moving chronicling the constant restless interaction between the life and work Simon Callow The Guardian There have been many lives of Dickens so what makes Slater s stand out First he has a matchless knowledge of all things Dickensian and second having edited four superbly informative volumes of Dickens s journalism he is ideally equipped to enrich his biography by dipping into the ocean of Dickens s writings aside from the novels this fine biography aligns life and works John Carey Sunday Times Culture A distinguished study the product of a lifetime s research What makes this biography fresh is its sensitivity to duality that drove Dickens s writing an authoritative account Dinah Birch The Independent Michael Slater is certainly something of an expert on his subject but despite his academic credentials this is no dry as dust exercise though it is scrupulously documented and includes much material that has only recently become available Only Peter Ackroyd s 1991 study equals this biography in delivering some impression of Dickens s kaleidoscopic life but the comparison falls short when it comes to the detail Reading Charles Dickens is rather like standing at the great man s shoulder as he juggles all the various aspects of his life Karl Dallas Morning Star One wonders at first what a new biographer has to bring Everything has been examined but Michael Slater s research is compendious and his judgments are clear eyed and his own It builds up to be a nuanced and interesting account of Dickens as a literary craftsman Sam Leith The Spectator The attention Mr Slater gives to Dickens s less familiar writings the short stories journalism and essays is one of the things that distinguish his excellent biography an authoritative and engaging biography The Economist No living person is a greater authority on the life and works of Charles Dickens than Michael Slater Claire Tomalin Michael Slater is the first biographer to have had unhampered access to the whole range of Dickens primary material in its final edited form Slater s will be

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  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy - Yale University Press
    TLS The translation is the most accurate Tolstoy we have in English Marian Schwartz has been a major force in bringing Russian literature into English for many years but this is her masterpiece Michael Holquist author of Dostoevsky and the Novel If there is a Tolstoyan out there who is interested in reading a translation that is exquisitely mindful of the book s complex texture or someone who has meant to get to Karenina but hasn t yet got around to this particular pleasure Schwartz s tribute to Tolstoy s craft and sensitivity should be at the top of the list Jim Kates Arts Fuse Tolstoy did not wish to please he wished to correct instruct inspire persuade And as Marian Schwartz notes he wholly intended to bend language to his will In her astonishing new translation she takes seriously Tolstoy s disgust with smooth Russian literary style setting a new standard in English for accuracy to Tolstoyan repetition sentence density and balance stripped down vocabulary and enhanced moral weight A rough powerful unromantic Anna that wakes the reader up and rings true Caryl Emerson Princeton University This new translation is clearly more fluent and more idiomatic than its predecessors while also conveying something of the distinctive edge of Tolstoy s style Gary Saul Morson s illuminating introduction is a vigorously argued dissent from the widespread view that Anna is a tragic heroine Robert Alter author of Imagined Cities Urban Experience and the Language of the Novel This new recreation of Anna Karenina is invisibly beautiful and lucid It contains no linguistic posturing no loony Nabokovian essay to mimic Russian syntax and verbal forms in English Permitting Leo Tolstoy to speak Schwartz uses with daring authority and impeccable elegance the Russian s often plain vulgate even rude speech with no flurry into decorative synonyms Jorge Luis Borges notes that sometimes the original is not faithful to the translation Marian Schwartz emboldens Borges s quip bequeathing us not a translation at all but Leo Tolstoy s English original A delicious feat and a monumental gift Willis Barnstone author of Poetics of Translation History Theory and Practice and Moonbook and Sunbook Finalist for the 2015 Read Russia Prize Longlisted for the 2015 American Literary Translators Asssociation National Translation Prize in Prose Finalist for the 2015 National Translation Award in Poetry and Prose Schwartz s version is not only more accurate but the language is clearer and more tuned to a twenty first century reader Schwartz s version has more punch An excellent translation like this one can only make the experience of reading Anna Karenina even more enjoyable Christopher Iacono Three Percent More like this In this series Recently viewed titles prev next In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower Volume 2 Marcel Proust 14 99 The Heroic Slave Frederick Douglass 7 99 Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy 20 00 The Kreutzer Sonata Variations Michael R Katz 25 00 Swann s Way Marcel Proust 12 99 The Golden Ass Apuleius 9 99

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  • The Ukrainians by Andrew Wilson - Yale University Press
    account of Ukraine and its people In this fourth edition Andrew Wilson refreshes his classic work with a new chapter covering Yanukovych s presidency the uprising on the Kiev Maidan the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea the rise of Petro Poroshenko and the challenges ahead An interesting and provocative read which will one hopes contribute to the Western understanding of what Ukraine is and why it matters Volodymyr Kulyk Harvard Ukrainian Studies A spirited and eminently learned investigation of who Ukranians say that they are how they came to be so and how others view them If you re add only one book of Ukraine this should probably be it Elizabeth Luchka Haigh H Net Reviews Andrew Wilson is reader in Ukrainian studies at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies University College London More like this Recently viewed titles prev next Hitler s Compromises Nathan Stoltzfus 25 00 Russia s Path Toward Enlightenment Gary M Hamburg 75 00 Scorched Earth Jorg Baberowski 25 00 The First Circumnavigators Harry Kelsey 25 00 Orthokosta Thanassis Valtinos 16 99 Reformations Carlos M N Eire 25 00 The Less You Know the Better You Sleep David Satter 20 00 Frederick Barbarossa John B Freed 30 00 Baroque Naples and the Industry of Painting Dr Christopher R Marshall 50 00 Hitler s Berlin Thomas Friedrich 12 99 Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice James K Galbraith 18 99 France Story of a Childhood Zahia Rahmani 10 99 The Dynamite Club John M Merriman 12 99 Hitler s Soldiers Ben H Shepherd 25 00 Stalin Oleg V Khlevniuk 14 99 Liberty or Death Peter McPhee 25 00 Classics for the Masses Pauline Fairclough 35 00 Passchendaele Robin Prior 12 99 Myth Memory Trauma Polly Jones 12 99 The Last Days of Stalin

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  • The Maisky Diaries by Ivan Maisky - Yale University Press
    anyone remotely interested in understanding the history of humanity s darkest century S J D Green Standpoint Maisky s wonderful diary offers refreshing insights into the turbulent 1930s Sparkled amid his fascinating observations of momentous developments is some delightful gossip to which Maisky was addicted Maisky s painful reflections on the British character remind one of Samuel Pepys or Dr Johnson Gerard DeGroot The Times Maisky was clever cultured an exceptionally shrewd observer of Britain during his 11 years as ambassador in London from 1932 Maisky s diaries make a significant new contribution to the historiography of his time for which their editor deserves congratulations Max Hastings Sunday Times Gorodetsky s clear and precise commentary reminds us that Stalinist terror discouraged Soviet diplomats from writing too much especially from keeping a diary in the 1930s This makes Maisky s diaries on which Gorodetsky has worked for the last 15 years all the more precious in fact a unique document La Monde diplomatique This chronicle of his embassy before and during the Second World War abounds in interest It not only sheds fresh light on Anglo Soviet relations but also contains fascinating accounts of prominent British figures Gorodetsky deserves all credit for a masterly feat of original research and scholarly exposition Piers Brendon Literary Review With their dramatized accounts of British policies and society in the pre war world and later his diaries are a feast George Walden New Statesman Hitler s War produced some remarkable political diaries now essential evidence for historians To this select list we must now add the name of Maisky His vast diary is a fascinating and invaluable source on wartime relations between Moscow and London It s appearance in English is a triumph of meticulous scholarship and enlightened publishing Maisky s diary nearly cost him his life Now thanks to a skilled and sensitive editor it will earn him immortality David Reynolds Times Literary Supplement A gripping mixture of scholarship and gossip filled with uncensored sketches of Churchill Eden Chamberlain and Lloyd George Nicholas Shakespeare Daily Telegraph A marvellous find Marcus Tanner The Independent Anyone interested in this country s attempts to appease then defeat Nazi Germany now has a treasure trove in the secret diaries of Ivan Maisky Stalin s ambassador to London Maisky was brilliantly effective in forming relationships with leading British politicians such as Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George so the diaries are full of unforgettable personal insights into these giants Dominic Lawson Daily Mail Edited with scrupulous care by the historian Gabriel Gorodetsky his diaries offer captivating perspectives Maisky comes across as surprisingly humane wry and self aware and his conversations with Churchill are utterly gripping Nobody interested in the period will want to miss them Dominic Sandbrook Sunday Times Gorodetsky compares Maisky s diaries to Pepys s in their astute observations of the British political and social scene spiced with anecdotes and gossip The detailed and lively reports in Maisky s diaries of his many meetings with Churchill are

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  • Yale University Press - Yale Apps
    Economics Business Fashion Health Wellbeing History Humanities Language Law Literary Studies Mathematics Science Medicine Music Philosophy Politics Current Affairs Reference Religion Beliefs Society Social Sciences Technology Works in Translation News Special Offers Sign up to our eNewsletter Enter your email address Book of the Month Black Wind White Snow Critics Choice The Maisky Diaries Yale Books on Twitter yalebooks Tweets by YaleBooks Yale London Blog Recent Posts Request a Catalogue View download or request a Yale catalogue Request Inspection Copy Request an Inspection Copy Apps eBooks Apps Short eBooks Sign Up Retailers Interaction of Color iPad app The colour theory classic goes digital Read More Pevsner s Architectural Glossary app A digital companion to the acclaimed series Read More The Yale Book of Quotations app Including the Dictionary of Modern Proverbs Read More Take a look at a selection of our most recently released apps available now via the App Store Now you can enjoy a new selection of Yale titles in app format This page contains full details of all apps available from Yale trailers screenshots and more To keep up to date with our newly published apps Sign Up to our ebooks newsletter or follow us on Twitter

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  • Yale University Press - Yale Shorts
    or request a Yale catalogue Request Inspection Copy Request an Inspection Copy Short e Books eBooks Apps Short eBooks Sign Up Retailers Short lively ebooks by some of Yale s top authors addressing important issues in an accessible format Yale s short ebooks are priced at 99p r r p New Punching Below Our Weight How Inter Service Rivalry has Damaged the British Armed Forces By Frank Ledwidge available 18 June 2012 In this 5 000 word e book the author of the bestselling Losing Small Wars looks at the problem of rivalry between the top ranks of the Army Royal Navy and Royal Air Force He argues that senior generals admirals and air marshals have focused more on empire building within their own services rather than on the needs of the UK armed forces as a whole with enormously damaging results In particular the UK involvement in Libya was hampered by a total lack of aircraft carriers sacrificed to preserve the Typhoon a fighter jet designed for Cold War combat that never happened Written with Ledwidge s trademark insight and panache this is an incisive condemnation of the British armed forces at the very top and ending with some pertinent suggestions for how the UK could reorient its military priorities The Divided Brain and the Search for Meaning Why We Are So Unhappy By Iain McGilchrist available August 2012 In this 10 000 word essay written to complement Iain McGilchrist s acclaimed The Master and His Emissary the author asks why despite the vast increase in material well being people are less happy today than they were half a century ago and suggests that the division between the two hemispheres of the brain has a critical effect on how we see and understand the world around us In particular

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  • Yale University Press - eBook Retailers
    Humanities Language Law Literary Studies Mathematics Science Medicine Music Philosophy Politics Current Affairs Reference Religion Beliefs Society Social Sciences Technology Works in Translation News Special Offers Sign up to our eNewsletter Enter your email address Book of the Month Black Wind White Snow Critics Choice The Maisky Diaries Yale Books on Twitter yalebooks Tweets by YaleBooks Yale London Blog Recent Posts Request a Catalogue View download or request a Yale catalogue Request Inspection Copy Request an Inspection Copy e Book Retailers eBooks Apps Short eBooks Sign Up Retailers Yale ebooks are available from a variety of online retailers including Amazon and Kobo This list is growing all the time so please let us know if you would like to see Yale ebooks being sold at a particular online vendor At the moment Amazon has the most comprehensive selection of Yale ebooks on sale However we aim to make our digital titles available in as many retailers as possible and are selling more title through vendors such as Kobo and Hive co uk We also plan to begin selling Yale ebooks directly through this website before the end of 2012 so watch this space for more developments Click the links below

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  • A Little History of the World by Ernst H. Gombrich - Yale University Press
    s achievements and an acute witness to its frailties The product of a generous and humane sensibility this timeless account makes intelligible the full span of human history More about this title More Little Histories at LittleHistory org Like A Little History of the World on Facebook Follow Little Histories on Twitter E H Gombrich author of the international classic The Story of Art was born in Vienna in 1909 He moved to London in 1936 where he later became Director of the Warburg Institute and Professor of the History of the Classical Tradition at London University Winner of the Erasmus Prize the Hegel Prize the Wittgenstein Prize and the Goethe Prize he was admitted to Britain s highest honour the Order of Merit in 1988 If you are on a Gombrich spree you might like also to get hold of his A Little History of the World which will make you and any children you have handy writhe ripple and froth with pleasure Stephen Fry His enthusiasm for his subject is irresistible With Gombrich s Little History at last available in English there will be many generations of future historians who will attribute to it their lifelong passion for history and for truth Lisa Jardine The Times A sophisticated narrative by the art historian which runs up to the First World War written in language any child can understand Lorna Bradbury Daily Telegraph the book charms amuses and informs superbly In A Little History Gombrich triumphantly proves he is as much a story teller as a professor Andrew Roberts Daily Express The publishers tell us that Philip Pullman calls it irresistible So it is as an outline of how we have come to be where we are I doubt it could be bettered a perfect birthday present for a child with an enquiring mind I wish it had been available when I was young Allan Massie Literary Review Another charming work of history for children which is shortly to be published by Yale and first appeared in 1935 It s as fresh now as it was then If I were Ruth Kelly the Education Secretary I d order a copy for myself Then I d make it prescribed reading for every primary school in the country Melanie McDonagh The Evening Standard Written for children this book is a source of entertainment and revision for adults too Devoid of pretension and condescension it demonstrates how fluid communication between the generations can be Without resorting to technical jargon or a raft of dates Gombrich has produced a text that appeals to all ages and inspires further reading Entertaining information and enlightening it will send the reader on a voyage of re discovery of the great story of our world Elizabeth Reid Kensington Magazine Listen to the podcast Related links A Little History of the World on Facebook More like this Recently viewed titles prev next Revolutions Without Borders Janet Polasky 12 99 Homintern Gregory Woods 25 00 Family Politics Paul Ginsborg

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