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  • Yale University Press Search Results Listing
    of 1 Sort Results Filter Sort results by Please select Relevance Date published Date all books Title A Z Title Z A Database of Dreams The Lost Quest to Catalog Humanity Rebecca Lemov Format Hardback 368 pages ISBN 9780300209525 Published 05 Jan 2016 Price 25 00 Add to Basket book Available Buy this e Book Yale eBooks are available in a variety of formats including Kindle ePub and ePDF You

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  • Shaping Humanity by John Gurche - Yale University Press
    various paths of human evolution and humanity s stunning uniqueness in the history of life on Earth Award winning paleoartist John Gurche is artist in residence Museum of the Earth Paleontological Research Institute Ithaca NY His works have appeared frequently in National Geographic and similar publications and in major natural history museums This coffee table gem showcases and contextualises 15 of these finely judged creations representing a span of 6 million years Nature John Gurche brilliantly brings the long human past alive with his powerful reconstructions of our extinct precursors and skillfully explains just where the boundaries lie between art and science in his demanding profession Ian Tattersall author of Masters of the Planet The Search for Our Human Origins John Gurche brings a special and detailed understanding of human and comparative anatomy to his illustrations and sculptures of human relatives and ancestors What emerges from this very special fusion of science and art is a beautifully illustrated guide to human evolution through an accomplished artist s hands and eyes But it is more than that it also chronicles another uniquely human process one involving creativity and passion in making art The total package is an intellectual tour de force William Jungers SUNY Stony Brook There are many books written on human evolution Shaping Humanity is something different and unusual there is nothing like it Andrew Hill Yale University John Gurche is one of the great paleoartists of our time ÿIn this beautifully illustrated book Gurche s skills are on full display as he quite literally puts flesh on the bones of our extinct ancestors and relatives spanning the past seven million years Brian G Richmond The George Washington University John Gurche doesn t just sculpt the various species of early ancestors he channels them Shaping Humanity is authoritative yet gentle objective in and about a field that is not and beautifully written ÿ The illustrations are so breathtaking you will want to put the book on your coffee table yet its up to date and accessible science will be appreciated by anyone interested in the evolution of the human intellectual and creative spark Dean Falk author The Fossil Chronicles How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed Our View of Human Evolution Using gorgeous illustrations and photographs Gurche describes exactly how he draws from studies of modern day musculature and even his own facial features to turn crumbling skeletons into the evocative sculptures and images that have appeared in museums magazines journals and textbooks worldwide Rachel Feltman ÿ Scientific American Won an Honorable Mention for the 2013 New England Book Festival given by the JM Northern Media Family of Festivals in the General Non Fiction Category Paleoartist John Gurche crafts hyperrealistic sculptures of extinct hominins built up from casts or three dimensional models of their skeletons A coffee table gem Nature More like this Recently viewed titles prev next Does Altruism Exist David Sloan Wilson 12 99 Does Altruism Exist David Sloan Wilson 16 99 The Brain Rob DeSalle 12 99 Shaping

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/display.asp?K=9780300216844&kyt=ref_no&sort=sort_date/d&dtspan=25000:0&sqf=/1:mathematics_and_science&m=5&dc=130 (2016-02-16)
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  • Yale University Press Search Results Listing
    s Educational Computing Earth Sciences Economics Business Fashion Health Wellbeing History Humanities Language Law Literary Studies Mathematics Science Medicine Music Philosophy Politics Current Affairs Reference Religion Beliefs Society Social Sciences Technology Works in Translation Format Paperback 1 Hardback 1 Price 15 to 20 1 20 to 30 1 Search Results Summary Matching titles 1 to 2 of 2 Sort Results Filter Sort results by Please select Relevance Date published Date all books Title A Z Title Z A Shaping Humanity How Science Art and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins John Gurche Format Hardback 368 pages ISBN 9780300182026 Published 03 Jan 2014 Price 30 00 Add to Basket book Available Buy this e Book Yale eBooks are available in a variety of formats including Kindle ePub and ePDF You can purchase this title from a number of online retailers see below Amazon co uk Blackwell s Foyles Google eBooks Hive co uk iTunes Kobo Tesco eBooks WH Smith Visit our eBooks page for more details Shaping Humanity How Science Art and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins John Gurche Format Paperback 368 pages ISBN 9780300216844 Published 05 Jan 2016 Price 20 00 Add to Basket Pages Help and Advice FAQs

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/results.asp?sf1=contributor&st1=%22John%20Gurche%22 (2016-02-16)
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  • Beautiful, Simple, Exact, Crazy by Dr. Apoorva Khare - Yale University Press
    and learning Apoorva Khare and Anna Lachowska explain the mathematics essential for understanding and appreciating our quantitative world They show with examples that mathematics is a key tool in the creation and appreciation of art music and literature not just science and technology The book covers basic mathematical topics from logarithms to statistics but the authors eschew mundane finance and probability problems Instead they explain how modular arithmetic helps keep our online transactions safe how logarithms justify the twelve tone scale commonly used in music and how transmissions by deep space probes are similar to knights serving as messengers for their traveling prince Ideal for coursework in introductory mathematics and requiring no knowledge of calculus Khare and Lachowska s enlightening mathematics tour will appeal to a wide audience Apoorva Khare is currently a research associate in mathematics and statistics at Stanford University Anna Lachowska is a lecturer in mathematics at Yale University A whirlwind tour through mathematics and its applications to the real world laced with stimulating exercises and fascinating historical insights Destined to become a classic of mathematical exposition Eli Maor author of e the Story of a Number and Trigonometric Delights Khare and Lachowska introduce bite size pieces of important math by surrounding them with interesting context from the Monty Hall problem for probability to a story by Dino Buzzati for velocity Math treated with seriousness and fun Michael Frame co author with Benoit Mandelbrot of Fractals Graphics and Mathematics Education It is an excellent book well suited for a thoughtful quantitatively rigorous Math for Humanists course William Goldbloom Bloch author of The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges Library of Babel The authors have assembled a fascinating group of very interesting topics Richard Bedient Hamilton College More like this Recently viewed titles prev next Disquisitiones Arithmeticae Carl Friedrich Gauss

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  • Yale University Press Search Results Listing
    Sort Results Filter Sort results by Please select Relevance Date published Date all books Title A Z Title Z A Beautiful Simple Exact Crazy Mathematics in the Real World Dr Apoorva Khare Prof Anna Lachowska Format Paperback 480 pages ISBN 9780300190892 Published 03 Nov 2015 Price 14 99 Add to Basket book Available Buy this e Book Yale eBooks are available in a variety of formats including Kindle ePub and

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/results.asp?sf1=contributor&st1=%22Dr%20Apoorva%20Khare%22 (2016-02-16)
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  • Neuroimmunity by Michal Schwartz - Yale University Press
    between immune system and brain Michal Schwartz with Anat London also explains the significance of the findings for future treatments of brain disorders and injuries spinal cord injuries glaucoma depression and other conditions such as brain aging and Alzheimer s and Parkinson s diseases Scientists physicians medical students and all readers with an interest in brain function and its relationship to the immune system in health and disease will find this book a valuable resource With general readers in mind the authors provide a useful primer to explain scientific terms and concepts discussed in the book Michal Schwartz is professor of neuroimmunology Department of Neurobiology Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot She has received numerous awards for her pioneering research and was recently elected president of the International Society of Neuroimmunology She lives in Rehovot Israel Anat London a former Ph D student of Professor Schwartz s is a science writer at the Weizmann Institute of Science and an intellectual property associate at Foamix Pharmaceuticals Israel She resides in Israel Professor Schwartz and her lab have addressed the relationship between the nervous and immune systems in a novel way providing significant new insights and perspectives in neuroimmunology Pablo Villoslada IDIBAPS and UCSF Dr Schwartz has written a compelling book focusing on her research into the immune brain connection She has made quantum leaps in many different fields of medicine C Jane Welsh Texas A M University This book gives us the opportunity to follow Michal Schwartz on her exciting scientific journey fifteen years of groundbreaking experimental studies always from the perspective of how her findings might be used in human disease From the Foreword by Olle Lindvall M D Ph D Lund University Michal Schwartz boldly and lucidly describes the interactions of the immune system and the brain A leader in the fields of neurobiology and immunology Schwartz describes the foundations of how these systems work together to prevent damage When the systems fail to cooperate we learn about clues that may lead to treatments for terrible diseases like Alzheimer s dementia motor neuron disease and Parkinson s Disease Larry Steinman Stanford University Quoting Primo Levi we could say that this book takes us one step closer to the most evanescent and desirous aspiration of a human being which is that of the human mind that understands itself Gianvito Martino San Raffaele Institute Michal Schwartz is a scientific leader who was unafraid to challenge prevailing views Her book brings to light an important and fascinating area of biology with major relevance to so many human diseases in an interesting and fascinating story Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell University of Manchester More like this Recently viewed titles prev next House of Lost Worlds Richard Conniff 25 00 Naturalists at Sea Glyn Williams 14 99 Black Hole Marcia Bartusiak 14 99 Birthright Stephen R Kellert 14 99 A Little History of Science William F Bynum 9 99 Truth or Beauty David Orrell 20 00 Birthright Stephen R Kellert 25 00 Elementary Particles Enrico Fermi

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/display.asp?K=9780300203479&kyt=ref_no&sort=sort_date/d&dtspan=25000:0&sqf=/1:mathematics_and_science&m=7&dc=130 (2016-02-16)
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  • Naturalists at Sea by Glyn Williams - Yale University Press
    Joseph Banks John Reinhold Forster Captain Cook and Charles Darwin this book is a gripping account of a small group of scientific travelers whose voyages of discovery were to change perceptions of the natural world Glyn Williams is emeritus professor of history University of London He is the author of more than a dozen books on European voyages of exploration An erudite and beautifully illustrated work Naturalists at Sea wears its learning lightly and conveys to non specialists an array of fascinating details about explorers and naturalists familiar and not so familiar quoting judiciously from their journals and post voyage publications every page testifies to the indomitable vitality of both explorers and naturalists Andrew Robinson Nature This gripping account of scientific travellers in the 18th and 19th centuries reveals that despite the importance placed on their work by governments relations between boffins and crews were often fraught Christopher Hirst The Independent An extraordinary and entertaining catalog of maritime and scientific endeavor Michael Fathers The Wall Street Journal This fascinating tale is told across time ships captains and crews and the countries that sent or received these scientific travelers naturalists who brought their skills and weaknesses to documenting the natural world during the Enlightenment and beyond Williams does all the hard work of making these lives and adventures comprehensible Library Journal A fascinating work This well illustrated book will interest a wide audience Choice This book is pulp free the stories have been carefully reconstructed from journals and they recount genuinely important events the exploits of a crowd of important men Successfully filling in a historical blank makes this an important book Weekly Standard More like this Recently viewed titles prev next House of Lost Worlds Richard Conniff 25 00 Neuroimmunity Michal Schwartz 20 00 Black Hole Marcia Bartusiak 14 99

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/display.asp?K=9780300205404&kyt=ref_no&sort=sort_date/d&dtspan=25000:0&sqf=/1:mathematics_and_science&m=8&dc=130 (2016-02-16)
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  • Intelligence in the Flesh by Guy Claxton - Yale University Press
    our bodies are able to perform intelligent computations that we either overlook or wrongly attribute to our brains Embodied intelligence is one of the most exciting areas in contemporary philosophy and neuropsychology and Claxton shows how the privilege given to cerebral thinking has taken a toll on modern society resulting in too much screen time the diminishment of skilled craftsmanship and an overvaluing of white collar over blue collar labor Discussing techniques that will help us reconnect with our bodies Claxton shows how an appreciation of the body s intelligence will enrich all our lives Guy Claxton is Emeritus Professor of the Learning Sciences at the University of Winchester His many publications include Hare Brain Tortoise Mind Why Intelligence Increases When You Think Less He lives in the UK Intelligence in the Flesh is eloquently written refreshing and entertaining Elsbeth Stern Nature Guy Claxton is an articulate spokesman for the new field of embodied cognition He argues that shaking off our brain centered view will not only give us a better understanding of human biology but will also benefit society Clive Cookson Financial Times The best book on the topic of embodied intelligence that I know the most thorough as well as the most clearly thought out and the most readable It deserves to be very widely read and should become a classic work in the area Iain McGilchrist author of The Master and His Emissary Memory consciousness emotions abstractions the nature of the self our casual conceptions of all these are powerfully challenged as Intelligence in the Flesh examines the unity of mind and body with considerable wisdom and not a little wit David Perkins author of Future Wise Educating Our Children for a Changing World A lively balanced re examination of the traditional mind body issue in light

    Original URL path: http://yalebooks.co.uk/display.asp?K=9780300208825&kyt=ref_no&sort=sort_date/d&dtspan=25000:0&sqf=/1:mathematics_and_science&m=9&dc=130 (2016-02-16)
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