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  • 21 Years Exhibition Zoo Ceramics News November 2009
    cardboard boxes 2 Lots of white wooden boxes 3 Tidy white wooden boxes 4 Untidy brown cardboard boxes 5 Eventually all the work is on the white wooden boxes and the brown ones cleared away 6 Lions by Maggie Betley 7 Tiger by Maggie Betley 8 9 10 Large Animal Head Pots by Maggie Betley 11 Zebras and Tiger by Maggie Betley 12 13 Fish and Daisy Vases by Maggie Betley 14 Elephant Herd by Maggie Betley 15 16 17 Cats with Robins and Wrens by Tracy Wright 18 19 Dodos and Owls by Tracy Wright 20 Seagulls by Tracy Wright 21 22 23 Rats Crows and Vultures by Tracy Wright 24 25 Preview Night 26 Lincoln Castle Tower Thank you to all our many friends and family who came from far and wide to support us on our open evening It was also a great opportunity to introduce our work to a new audience and we met lots of new customers Many thanks to the Sam Scorer Gallery Committee for giving us the opportunity too exhibit at this wonderful exhibition hall especially the artist Peter Mongomery who gave us lots of valuable advice Thanks once again to Terry Mason

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  • Potters at the Living Heritage Craft Shows 2011
    WORK THEMED RAKU FEAST FAQ NEWS ARCHIVE Zoo Ceramics Tracy Carving an Owl Zoo Ceramics at the Living Heritage Craft Shows Whilst I was demonstrating sculpting and modelling techniques Maggie with the help of her daughter Emmeline were running the tile workshop for adults and children Maggie and Emmeline Betley running a Tile Workshop Judging by the results shown here there are some very talented individuals out there Examples of Tiles Sandra and Steve Smith brought their collection of wonderful thrown and modelled giftware whilst Steve diligently created an army of dragons I wonder what the collective noun is for a group of dragons Any ideas or suggestions are welcome Chris Dawes and Roy Clarke turned pot after pot on their wheels and Bob Emmett spent his time drilling holes into his designs Sandra Smith Ch ris D awes Roy Clarke Steve Smith Louise Salsbury David Salsbury Bob Emmett Julia Hulme Chris Rumsey Katherine Winfrey Julia Hulme used her fascinating slab process to create her lovely pig sculpture whilst Chris Rumsey used the coiling method to create his intriguing light vessels katherine Winfrey used traditional slip glazing techniques to paint her beautiful designs whilst Louise and David Salsbury delicately painted their pretty gift tags and large bowls David Pantling was also painting his pieces in a bold contemporary style whilst coil potter Shaynie Gash carefully blended together her finely coloured agate coils All round thrower slab builder and modeller John Hermansen created a dynamic warrier s helmet with dragon adornment on top David Pantling Shaynie Gash John Hermansen Potters at the Seaside After a hard days creating the potters were happy to spend a pleasant evening at the beach eating fish and chips and watching the sun go down Mark Marge and their Team work very hard to put on

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  • Zoo Ceramics News January 2012
    Lincoln Christmas Market in December Then disaster struck and like the old saying goes it never rains but it pours and it started tipping bucket loads on us Disaster No1 November 2010 three of our biggests orders from Harrogate cancelled at the same time due to the recession Disaster No 2 December 2010 It started to snow and it didn t stop When it got to two foot high the whole of the United Kingdom ground to a halt and one of the biggest set backs for Lincolnshire was the cancellation of the Lincoln Christmas Market For those of you that do not know this event is one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Europe and attracts over a quarter of a million visitors and we devote a large amount of our production time creating stock for this show Disaster No 3 January 2011 British Telecom engineers had erected a new communication pole outside our property and had inadvertently smashed through our sewerage pipe connection resulting in a garden full of well very bad stuff So we were left without a functioning toilet and washing facilities and a huge legal case that dragged on for a year before they finally settled in our favour So far no official from British Telecom has given us an apology for taking up a year of our time Thanks Guys Hanging on the Telephone British Telecom Disaster 1 Drainwise Investigates 2 Yellow BT Pole Killed our Sewerage Pipe 3 BT Notice Apologises to the Public 4 BT Workmen Removing the Pole So what do you do when you have a garden full of crap a gallery full of building materials because the snow had ground all building work to a halt and a workshop full of cancelled stock Answer You open up an Ebay Shop Zoo Ceramics Ebay Shop It did take me a lot of time learning how to successfully sell on Ebay but it was worth it and we are continuing to make some great sales and getting to know some lovely new customers Our very first customer was from Waco in America and they purchased a dodo We had not expected to go global so quickly but Ebay is like having a shop in every country in the world that is open 24 7 I had to learn how to create and list pages with programmes like Ebay Turbo Lister and Photobucket and enhance images in Photoshop Radio Ga Ga TV Interview Zoo Ceramics on the BBC News December 2010 Another thing that generated some interest was our accidental News Broadcast on BBC Look North As a result of the Lincoln Christmas Market being cancelled radio broadcasters in the area wanted to get a quotes from local sellers So I agreed to do an interview for the local radio and was therefore surprised when a cameraman turned up Maggie instantly disappeared and left me to do the interview I felt like a complete banana but it seemed to go well and

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  • Zoo Ceramics News February 2012
    few gargoyles and pieces cemented into the wall and people love to find them hidden there NEWS EVENTS NEW WORK CLASSES NEWS WORK THEMED RAKU FEAST FAQ NEWS ARCHIVE The Fairy Castle on Waddington High Street In our village we do have a spectacular large hand built Fairy Castle on the High Street in Waddington opposite the Horse and Jockey pub A gentleman in the village spent years creating this whimsical piece and there are rumours that it has now been given listed building status Many locals believe that it is a real Fairy Castle and real fairies occupy it On the off chance that there could be a need to extend the Fairy accommodation facilities in the village I thought it prudent to offer them an alternative abode Winny making a fairy window Strange fairy babies by Bev and Helen Fairy keys by Alicia For this session our pottery class students were invited to bring along a friend or family member to design and make little fairy tiles As always I am amazed by the talent and enthusiasm that each person brought to the session and some lovely pieces were created Fairy Window and Fairy Doors There was lots

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  • Zoo Ceramics News March 2012
    Lincoln Artists Market Cathedral View Lincoln Artists Market Castle View Oskar Kinski Painter and Sculptor Gill Vines Painter Lea Goldberg had brought together a wonderful group of artists for the first show and here are featured a colourful selection Oskar Kinski s energetic action paintings contrasted well against the delicate landscapes of Gill Vine Paul Kemp brought his new body of prints featuring his delicate still life s and landscapes whilst Charlotte Kessler s dream like figurative designs added a scene of magic and mystery to the show Wayne Lockwood Printer Julie Willoughby from Zoomorphia Paul Kemp Painter As animal sculptor s Maggie and I particularly enjoyed the work of Wayne Lockwood with his symbolic representations of wildlife and with a name like Zoomorphia Zoo Ceramics highly rated the embroidered fabric delights of Julie Willoughby Listening to the Moon Charlotte Kessler Blown Away More fabric creations could be found in the stunning handbags of our good friend Irene Campsill who uses some of the most sumptuous fabrics to create her bags and karen Lockwood had a cute collection of contemporary and traditional designs within her Little Owl Nest Creations Irene Campsill Handbag Designer karen Lockwood Fabric Artist Celia Rose and Denise Popplewell Jewellery Designer It is always a pleasure to meet a first timer on a craft event and we wish newcomer Celia luck with her beautiful silver jewellery from the Celia Rose co collection A special mention must go to Celia s mum Denise who put together her daughter s first stand as Celia was making her way up from London Well done Mum Lea Goldberg Artist Potter and Show Coordinator A Game of Musical Chairs But with Shops A pproximately eighteen years ago three talented Lincolnshire artists took up resident on the Steep Hill in Lincoln Jeweller John

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  • Zoo Ceramics News May 2012
    the railway tunnel to suddenly come across a wall of Loughborough s Victorian industrial heritage was such a dramatic contrast Almost as dramatic a contrast to the weather today which has been warm and sunny unlike our pottery fair which to put it mildly was freezing and we were in charge of the pottery workshop It is a well know fact that biting cold winds and working with cold wet clay are not usually happy partnerships but the Loughborians are made of very stern stuff and gamely took part in our workshop to produce some lovely tiles NEWS EVENTS NEW WORK CLASSES NEWS WORK THEMED RAKU FEAST FAQ NEWS ARCHIVE Zoo Ceramics at Charnwood It is quite an impressive site to come across forty of the regions finest potters all in one place and lots of the locals supported us once again having enjoyed it so much the previous year It is also a great opportunity to talk pots glazes and techniques with all of our colleagues and a chance to buy or swop work with some of our favourites Val from Shelton Pottery Kath from SapArt Jean Blood with Cat Michael Richmond with Birds Lynn Hazel Nita Rao Platters by Sue Barton Birds by Paul Gibson Chris Cox Geoff Cox This show provides a great opportunity to educate the public on the wide variety of designs and functions that can be achieved with such a versatile material as clay We received lots of great feedback from our customers on what a stunning body of work was on show throughout the event and how enthusiastic all the potters were about their work James Faulkner Nicholas Marsh Veronica and Pete Ballan Lesley Nason On a personal level it was lovely to have a chat and a laugh with old friends and

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  • The Latest Zoo Ceramics News June 2012
    Hall on the Queen s Diamond Jubilee Eastern Events Craft Show The exhibitors and the public were keen to embrace the tri coloured theme of the event and many people sported their patriotic designs and even incorporated them into the edible delights like Charlotte below Many thanks to John and Charlotte Wootten of Eastern Events for putting on another brilliant show and the lovely Jubilee Feast Maggie Tracy and Emmeline at Blickling Charlotte with Jubilee Cakes at Blickling Dodo and Little Owls with Crowns Seagulls and Robins with Crowns Puffer Fish with Crowns Egg Cups with Crowns Barn Owl Tiger Zebra Vulture Maggie and her daughter Emmeline were kept busy running a tile workshop The theme of this event was obviously the Jubilee and some right royal creations were produced by the children and their eager parents who were very welcome to have ago too Maggie and Emmeline Betley doing a Royal Jubilee Tile Workshop at Eastern Event s Blickling Hall Craft Show Union Jack Flag Royal Carriage Corgi Dog Royal Jubilee Crown For more details on this and other Eastern Events Shows visit www easternevents co uk ALFORD POTTERY CELEBRATES 40 YEARS Michel and Heather Ducos Her Majesty the Queen was not the only one with an important anniversary this year as potters Michel and Heather Ducos were also celebrating 40 forty years in business and had created a programme of events to honour the occasion Potters from all over the region were invited to submit a plate to be exhibited at their Potter s Feast and Maggie designed a Fish Dish Michel Ducos carving a Vessel Alford Pottery 40 Years Heather Ducos Throwing a Pot Alford Pottery Feast Exhibition Maggie Betley Fish Dish Don Johnson Pigs head Many congratulations to Heather and Michel for 40 forty years in

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  • The Latest Zoo Ceramics News June 2012
    local outlets and one of our favourite places is the Manor Stables Craft Centre in Fulbeck run by Jane and Gary Watmore Manor Stables Craft Centre and Workshops in Fulbeck Lincolnshire This is a very pretty place to visit especially when the sun is shining on a perfect spring day and all the snowdrops and aconite are in flower Aconites at Manor Stables Snowdrops at Manor Stables Manor Stables has been stocking our ceramics for over twenty four years and Jane has been established here for the last dozen Jane is very supportive of local Lincolnshire talent and was keen to show us the beautiful rush work chairs by Peter Austin Jane will also take the time and trouble to get to know artists from further a field and promote their designs in the spacious gallery section at the stables A bold and creative selection of work is evident at Manor Stables and traditional crafts are happily placed alongside more contemporary abstract art work like the colourful creations by Michelle Luter Jane Watmore takes a tour around the Manor Stables Craft Centre Maggie and I brought a varied range of old and new designs to the stables and our usual practice is to empty all the work out all over the floor and shelves ready for Jane to display later Maggie has been working on a new collection of fish and daisy plaques designs and some new little birds whilst I left Jane with a new pack of rats and mice We placed some kiwi egg cups on the counter left baskets of light pulls on the chair and a little gang of spiders running around the carpet It will keep Jane amused for the rest of the day but she told us that she loves displaying a fresh body

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