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  • Zoo Ceramics Education Priory

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/educationschoolstrees.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • New Designs for 2013 Zoo Ceramics News
    Care Please Return All Keys Snow Flakes Keys and Butterflies with Eyes 1 August 2013 Is this some sort of secret code No they are new sprigs that Tracy will use to decorate her owls and cats Rat Royalty 29 July 2013 Tracy s Rats have now got thrones made to resemble twigs leaves and stones The King has a crown and a sword of steel The queen has an acorn cup and a scarf by Chanel It s not really Chanel but it rhymed with steel scarf made of clay too Maggie s Boxing Clever 23 July 2013 Maggie is certainly thinking outside the box with her new design for a large sculptural Daisy Tower Here she is adding daisy motifs to the first base box I wonder how tall it will grow and whether it will fit in the kiln Dodo Delight 3 July 2013 Tracy is delighted that her new Dodo and Alice survived the glaze firing It is always a tense time waiting for the kiln to cool down to view new designs and hoping that the new glaze combinations have come out well Crow Conundrum 18 June 2013 Tracy has finally got around to glazing these frost damaged crows that she made at an Easter show and is now wondering whether she should fire them at all Unfortunately the temperature went down to minus ten degrees and t he clay went very strange and fractured Will this murder of crows survive a glaze firing or will they explode in spectacular fashion Oh well only time will tell so into the kiln they go The Real Alice 11 June 2013 Tracy has been working on a series of Alice in Wonderland inspired Dodos and the latest design features the real Alice a little girl called Alice Pleasance Liddell On 4th July 1862 the young Alice asked Charles Dodgson for an entertaining story on a picnic outing with her sisters He came up with the idea of a little girl who fell down a rabbit hole and had a strange adventure The story was later published under his pen name Lewis Carroll Fantasy Animal Ride 5 June 2013 Tracy is busy sculpting Alice on a Dodo but would love to have a ride on one herself If they were a bit bigger and not extinct of course If you could have a fantasy ride on any creature what would it be Maggie s Dreaming of Daisies 5 June 2013 In the run up to our 25 Year Exhibition titled From Dodos to Daisies Maggie has the epic task of creating hundreds of daisies to decorate her pots hares clocks and these new tiles Forget about counting sheep Maggie will be dreaming of daisies Little Blue Tits have a Bob Marley Moment 23 April 2013 Just taken our first batch of blue tits out of the kiln and photographed them outside in the glorious April sunshine with a group of robins sitting in the heather Reminds me of

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/newsnewdesigns13.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • Cockerel Magnet by Zoo Ceramics
    large 3cm diameter disc held securely in place with epoxy glue These little hand made designs are also frost proof and water resistant and can be used safely outdoors in a mosaic or cemented into a water feature RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE PLEASE NOTE Price includes 1st class P P for small parcels to the UK mainland Medium parcels go by signed for service to the UK and Europe

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/animalmagnetcockerel.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • New Designs for 2014 Zoo Ceramics News
    range of blue turquoise and pink glazes Hello Hare 13 October 2014 Maggie has been carving a new sculptural hare wall plaque which will eventually form one of a pair The finished pieces will be decorated with daisy designs Going Bats 24 September 2014 Tracy has been busy carving some new bat designs The large Noctule Bat is jauntily hanging upside down and the little Pipistrelle Bat is striking a classic vampire pose Hopefully there will be a batch of bats ready for Halloween Glorious Glass 18 July 2014 Tracy has been experimenting with glass and has filled the wings of her new Dragonfly Plaque with varying shades of recycled glass fragments to create a colourful effect Tweet Tweet 27 June 2014 Tracy has been busy making lots of new owl light pulls They have now been released into the wild via our Etsy and Ebay shops Little Owl Oligarchs 10 March 2014 Tracy is decorating her new Little Owl Oligarch series in a Faberge meets Imperial Russian style The first batch will be shown at the Harding House Gallery in May for the A Little Imagination exhibition Bringing in the Sheaves 5 February 2014 Maggie is rejoicing that her

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/newsnewdesigns14.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • New Designs for 2009 Zoo Ceramics News
    A Bird In The Hand 29 May 2014 Our pottery students recently worked on a pattern and texture project where they designed an owl One of our favourites was this cute little bird by Lisa Pressing in the top of a felt tip pen created the delicate flower pattern on the body Lovely Landscape 1 May 2014 We love this slab pot created by Beattie on our pottery classes Great

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/potclubnews14.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • The Latest Zoo Ceramics News June 2012
    VISIT A Z LINKS SITE MAP CONTACT Follow Zoo Ceramics on facebook Click on the blue icon and then click the like button to get up to date news features and special offers NEWS EVENTS NEW WORK CLASSES NEWS WORK

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/news14joctdec.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • The Latest Zoo Ceramics News June 2012
    SITE MAP CONTACT Follow Zoo Ceramics on facebook Click on the blue icon and then click the like button to get up to date news features and special offers NEWS EVENTS NEW WORK CLASSES NEWS WORK THEMED RAKU FEAST FAQ NEWS ARCHIVE Maggie And The Spiders From Mars 1 July 2014 Maggie played with clay coiling legs and little fat bodies Making spiders from Mars She makes them left handed

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/news14julsep.htm (2016-05-02)
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  • The Latest Zoo Ceramics News June 2012
    of Traditional Crafts show It looks like the sun is going to shine on us at last so it promises to be a great day out with lots of free activities and stone carvers glass artists pottery weavers and tours around the castle Wondering Which Bird 28 May 2014 Tracy is wondering which birds to make at this weekend s 1000 Years of Traditional Crafts at the Lincoln Castle At the last show she managed to make a pair of Barn Owls so maybe some little Puffins and Penguins the odd Kiwi and probably a couple of Dodos Anything to distract her from the homemade fudge stalls Forget Sponge Bob This Is Sponge Buffalo 20 May 2014 Buffalo Head Pots are tricky things to make as Maggie has to pack the underneath of the horns with lots of sponge which helps the design to dry out slowly and keep well balanced A selection of these large head pot sculptures is featured in the African Week exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton Ceramics In Charnwood Crow and Daisy Pot Auctioned at Ceramics in Charnwood 17 May 2014 Maggie and Tracy will be exhibiting at the Ceramics in Charnwood pottery show held in the Loughborough Market Place this Sunday 18th May from 10 am 4pm This lovely one day show has created by Salsbury Ceramics potters Louise and David This year all the potters have been busy making charity plant pots with all the funds raised going to Cancer Research and Ataxia Crows at Calke 2 May 2014 Zoo Ceramics are exhibiting at the National Trust s Calke Abbey this Bank Holiday along with lots of Crows and Daisy Designs The grounds of Calke are wonderful and contain some of the oldest tress in England Maggie will be running a

    Original URL path: http://www.zooceramics.co.uk/news14aprjun.htm (2016-05-02)
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